United front

Let's face it: In the whole world are fascists gainig more and more power. I'm not sure about you, but I'm ready to team up with other kinds of leftists to prevent the next holocaust. Perhaps we all have different views on socialism, but in the question of fascism we pretty much agree, I guess.

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We should just fight fascism along side anyone who wants to fight it.

You are a fucking idiot.
No. Absolutley no. Liberals are no different.

Follow comrade Corbyn's example at broadfrontism:
DemSocs, Trotskyists, Syndicalists, Eurocommunists, Leninists and more all united under his banner.

Well, historically, on many occasions liberals have chosen to team up with socialists instead of fascists. Besides, that's the point of a united front, fight fascism. And if anyone is willing to help, we should be more than willing to colaborate, even if they're liberals


Like spd in germany?

I don't know much about that, my first thoughts go to the spanish and chilean popular fronts

The swing masses are the exact people we need to convince. Y'know, the working people. Fuckface

All I want for Christmas is a United Left.

Can't make this up

organize with your local communists, go out and actually help people, try and link up other socialists groups to work together for a common goal(while still maintaining control of their own group).

That makes two of us, Elf-Striner.

United left would be fucking orgasmic.

Holy fucking shit, is OP for real or is this just a Holla Forums false flag to rub it in our faces that most people here are just LARPing or circle jerking about books without actually contributing to any cause? Are we really at this point where this thread is real and not mocked by the whole board? Serious question.

Anarchists are black,
Communists are red,
Childish bickering can wait
'til the fash is dead.

I'll join a narchie or stalinist organisation if they are the most competent and organised anticapitalist and antifascist group in whatever critical moment
time for pickiness is over, comrades

lel, this has to be a Holla Forums false flag

Crowned heads wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite! -Otto von Bismarck


This is your brain on antifascism.


lol, how do you know the same people are saying both those things

yo, why do you faggots hate facism so much as opposed to capitalism?
do you believe they're all but the same, like Holla Forums believes communism and capitalism to be; different sides of the same Jewish coin.?


Antifascism implies a focus on Fascism as something distinct and more important than Capitalism and it ultimately just amounts to a violent defense of neoliberalism.

You realize that means theoretical and practical unity, not just symbolic, right?
Look into libertarian Marxism.

I said unity to kill fascists and implement some form of Socialism, I didn't say implement anarchism cause we had a alliance to stop fascists

Fascists are capitalists, one need only look at their economic policies.

So you're saying we should join forces with Keynesian cucks?

For the millionth time, there is not "rising fascism" in the world, and all these reactions against it are puerile. Recently converted young liberals need to stop losing their shit because the veneer came off after Obama and a handful of unconventional right-wingers are voted into power. The world isn't going to end tomorrow, the bourgeoisie is the same as it ever was and nobody with power really gives a shit about the small outcroppings of alt-right autists.

The Left has a ton of problems right now, chiefly among them incoherence and disagreement over what they actually want. Asking for a 'united front' is absurd. Read theory, understand what you want and what your allies are, and then you can organize with your fellow leftists.


Please tell me your trolling or else you are embarrassingly misread.

just sit down and relax.
we will act by doing our max.
so just follow ours tracks.
until the climax.

>tfw you just want a nuclear holocaust


Who would you rather have as president, Hitler or Hillary Clinton? Don't be an idiot.


That worked out wonderfully in Germany, didn't it?


yeah i know hitler wasn't called president but it really doesn't matter for the point made.


still doesn't have anything to do with the argument. the basis for the posters point was that there is no difference between fascism and neoliberalism and that is simply not true.

Is that why every liberal democracy ditched the Republicans? And why USSR was protecting India from US-backed Pakistan?

Socialist republics support liberal democracies, liberal democracies support dictatorships. Not coincidentally, dictatorships collapse into liberal democracies, and liberal democracies collapse into socialist republics. It's a pecking order.

I don't really care about the holocaust, there is nothing special about it

Alright, but it simply seems like the current day fascists are simply 18~30 somethings LARPing.

I do not believe they hold any power whatsoever, even Golden Dawn, one of the biggest facist parties in Europe, is still fringe as fuck.

So why do you believe they're worth the attention?
Isn't it better to focus on improving your lives and the lives of the people around you without supporting the bourgeoise(current system) ?

Btw, I understand that you hate their ideology, but they seem like a waste of energy.

Rising of:
Just to name a few examples.

Fascism isn't "rising" you morons, you guys spend way too much time on fringe internet sites like chans if you really believe that.

The enemy still is late-capitalism.


Bruv, go back to Reddit.

When Red and Black unite, we'll be unstoppable.

Kurdistan Failed.
Rhodesia is coming back.
Iran is stepping on israel door.


Bruv what?


Yeah fam, the general responsable for kicking the Rhodies arse is going to rebuild an apartheid state. Ofc fam, defo, 100%.

The absolute state of polyp "trolling".

It's the same ban evading Holla Forumscuck that shitposts everyday. Mods won't do anything about him.