Thoughts on marriage

I know marriage isn't exactly as big a deal with most people here and to others it's a giant fucking spook but what's the thoughts on marriage across the board?
Personally as I see it I kinda wanna pop the question for a non-socialist loved one who sees the idea as much more extravagant compared to me who's kinda "it's important but it's nothing to get too worked over about".
Anyway, I have to get back to work so see you.

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Seems unrepairably stupid. "Hey fellow citizen come spend thousands of dollars to certify with the state that you and a love one are exempt from some taxes". Wow clearly a tradition born out of the purity of love and the innate, good qualities of life.
I'm not very optimistic right now

I thought it cost like $50 for a marriage license.

I'll probably marry my SO someday bit it will be purely for taxes/insurance or whatever. Otherwise we couldn't care less about it.

I don't think it matters. It's up to you.

That's talking about having a big dumb cunt wedding. Going to the court house and picking up a marriage license is what I'm talking about.

I am aware that marriage certificates are cheap, at least in burgerland, but try to marry most women with just the certificate. I don't think it will work, so the real, actual cost of "cementing your eternal bond" is in the thousands. I'm happy you and your girlfriend are like this. Is she a leftist? Lucky if so.

This is exactly what I was talking about.

Then you would be right, but I don't really think this is what OP was getting at.

Nah we're both guys. I'm just pretty sure we'll be together for a very long time so it would be convenient to get the certificate.

Funny though I actually got my ex gf to stop thinking marriage means anything which probably made her more lefty in the end.

You would know best, I hope you and him enjoy being married. Do you get any benefits from being married though? Don't one of you have have a pussy to get those sick tax cuts?

Non-materialistic by its very nature. People are shaped by their material conditions and material conditions change constantly over time. A different you in the past made a commitment to a different significant other in the past and now you're both obligated to each other even though you're entirely different people. It only works if you assume people are static through their entire lives, which can only happen with some sort of magic, like with a soul.

Nah the whole point of legalizing fag marriage was so that gay couples could get those benefits too. I'm not even thinking about it until I get a decent job though so there's still research to do of course.

Oh. Cool.

spent 24 euros for the certificate.
345 k for everything else, including alimony that I'm still paying. Marriages are a racket.
If it's true love you don't need it. Buy her a ring and make a cerimony. The rest is just buisness talk.

Oh shit that sucks. Should've gotten a prenup bro.

Marriage is a property and legal contract, nothing more nothing less. Capitalism is built on the protection of private property and the transfer of estates. Therefore, the government uses legal laws to uphold the legality of marriage and divorce, while the state uses violence to enforce property rights. Both legal and juridical systems work hand-in-hand to maintain law and order. The criminal-justice makes a huge racket from divorce cases which goes to fund the court system, the judges, the cops etc. etc. That pretentious shit being said, I want to be a father one day and monogamy is fine BUT you don't need to be married to achieve that happiness, it's all a social construct from a bygone era. Also I have no problem with a marriage-like celebration where the couple invites there families where they all drink, and have fun festivities. These types of mating and bonding ceremonies have been part of human society and culture before capitalism, and I assume they'll continue to exist in one form or another

As I should put out the only reason I'm thinking about it as important at all is because I got in a car accident a few years back, my ex (we're good friends still which is nice) wasn't allowed to see me since marriage by law makes her "part of the family" since I hadn't popped the question for her it resulted in her being locked out from seeing me till like a day later when I was out of intensive care since when someone is in intensive care "only family is allowed". I understand marriage is kinda pointless but that invent pretty much has had me thinking of marriage in the first place. Since we both have financial constraints I doubt my significant other would force a big wedding, probably making it a family/friend only event and at most spending idk, a thousand dollars

edgy take but marriage is just expensive foreplay you do before the honeymoon. There are zero reasons to actually marry someone other than tax breaks.

I'm engaged currently. Fortunately though my GF isn't some basic bitch who wants all the frills. We plan on simply have a kickass BBQ, low key venue. No religion, no ceremonies.

I'm personally not necessarily a big fan of the whole marriage concept, think its very situational and most people shouldn't marry. But my GF pulled my out of a crippling heroin addiction, the shit she went through man. So with a real girl like that, that would stick with me and make me a whole person again IMO is worth sticking with.
Generally I see modern marriage as something of a parade, a show in which you display your "love" to the audience.
So while I am against the idea of marriage as an institution, as some sort of spectacle, I do feel like having a celebration in which we bring the family together is a good thing. We can celebrate family and friends, and do things we like, like grilling seafood and drinking

This is the biggest bullshit tbh. I can't imagine not being able to see my SO after they've gotten horribly fucked up. I kind of understand the reasoning though since it's to keep random ass people from coming in seeing you.

Oh shit. I remember anarcho/BBQ user. It's cool you're still going with that idea.

Gulf Coast? bro-tier as fuck tho. would-hang/10

Ooh, a mutualist poster
You should check by at 0ch when you have the time:
- pnxjrdveck6dx4qf.onion/
Rn we're mostly libcoms, annils and post-leftists. Would love to have a mutualist input on social theory side of things.

Are you an egoist as well?

bourgeois bull shit. has no place in a communist society.

Oh no I've been doxxed! Yea I think going through with it next summer. Nobody's putting a gun to our heads though

New England, but the idea was inspired by relatives on both sides of the family from the Gulf-coast (Florida and Louisiana).
Reality of the situation is I just love cooking cajun-style, and its an excuse to dump 1000s of dollars having a massive dope feast. Bro-tier or not cooking is my ultimate pastime

And what about with communists in the capitalist world?

Our numbers have dwindled here, granted mutualist presence was never big here. I'll check out your weird imageboard. Also I nee

Louisianabro here, glad to see people love cajun cooking and southern BBQ. I assumed you were from the south since you do the stuff me and my friends do. I've never been to New England but I'm going this December to stay with a friend and we're gonna take a trip to Montreal. J'ai enthousiaste

The majority of married people I know just got a license, working class people dont fuck with that ceremonial shit anymore
The fuck are you some kind of upper middle class? Or just blinded by thinking everythings a thot?

I'm disappointed in my fellow Southern anarchists.

I think marriage is a fun little thing but I don't see any point in huge marriage celebrations in today's society. I know that monogamy is a spook and all but in the current world, I don't see my future in any other way other than to eventually become engaged with my future gf and raise a family. Maybe when revolution comes along or enough time goes by, it becomes easy to imagine a more communal way of living that doesn't involve monogamy.

Abolish legal marriage, it only serves to transmit and consolidate personal capital holdings, and to pay less in taxes. It is total discrimination of single people that marriage is legally recognized and rewarded. said it better.