Willing to die for the cause?

Would you be willing to die for your ideology and or the cause you are trying to achieve? I know an obvious answer might be "yes", but what I think makes this so much more tragic is how hard it has been for socialism to succeed in history. So when you are there, fighting for the cause you truly believe in, and you die trying to achieve it, it really depresses me just thinking about it. Working so hard to see your goal, only to die and never see the fruits of your victory

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No. Why would I want to die for something I'll never be able to experience? I don't have a death wish.

Primarily because if you happen to succeed, you know people will benefit from your sacrifice

I wouldn't "know", I'd be dead.

Tbh yes, because I know I would be wall'ed in the counterrevolution anyways so I might as well.

Communism isn't an ideology its the real movement to abolish the present state of things. And yes.

I'm not sacrificing myself for any cause. If I happen to die doing something in my self interest however that's a different story.

Not necessarily communism, just any type of socialism you feel identified with

I actually want to die.
I'd like some way to put that to use.
The unfortunate thing is that my ideology is pretty moderate and doesn't have that many followers, so a related deed would probably have no positive effect.

'Cept I do hate cops, though. But I don't wanna do something ineffectual.

Which ideology? Socdem?

although you would eventually be dead as a result of your action, you would 'know' NOW, in the present, that your decision would help people in the future, which could motivate you to act in a self-sacrificial manner, if your conscience feels the weight of moral imperatives.

I would guess that yours doesn't, though. fucking Stirnerites, I swear. if you're really so self-interested, just go ahead and play along with the capitalist system and perpetuate the cycle of exploitation to your own benefit. the system has a few good decades left in it before it completely collapses, and the environment won't be completely destroyed until after you die, so why not? God knows it's easier to get rich than to implement socialism.

Read Stirner.

if i knew we were guaranteed to win after i died, yes.

I'd rather make the other guy die for his tbh.

Yes. But only if I don't got shit to lose and trust the people who I'm fighting with.
Right now I wouldn't even get a nail hurt for communism

That is more or less impossible to tell. I have no idea if I would sacrifice myself for socialism. Possibly, but I'm not certain of it. Most things in life don't force you to die or lose, it is just risky for your health. For example, just because you fight against impossible odds doesn't necessarily mean you lose. Did you risk your life for your beliefs? Yes, but it can be argued you were never in danger to skill/the situation. I can't think of a time where me dying=socialism.


I didn't say anything about Stirner's philosophy. I was talking about the person who I was replying to. If your only desires in life are material gain, then your time is wasted pursuing socialism. I'm saying, if you've got any wits about you, you'll be much better served by using the existing hierarchical systems to amass material unto yourself.

You know, for being a staunched anticommunist, Patton still has some nice quotes


yeah, I know it's a spook. you don't have to tell me. so is sympathy for human suffering or any other kind of subjectively derived morality that could possibly serve as an impetus for a socialist revolution, which was the topic of the board last time I checked.



Yes. I'd rather die fighting for a cause I believe in than die an old age pathetically.



but also this

No, I'd let other people go ahead and sacrifice, and I'll gain from the spoils.

you'll die of old age, first.

Do you refer to Lenin?

Depends on the situation. Die fighting a revolutionary war sure but I'm not going to kill myself for some minor objective that won't make a significant difference one way or another.

Only if I'm to 100% convinced that I'm doing the right thing.

Well, no duh!

why should you? regardless of how long you stay alive, the oblivion at the end is equally eternal. may as well die doing the right thing.

also I'm glad we have flags back.

t. Klandlord Grand Klizard Person

turns out, martial valor doesn't really discriminate between ideologies.

That's a zapata quote. Bring your americanism out of here


your movement consists almost entirely of people with this very mindset and that is why it will never prevail

Maybe it's because i'm a christian and not an atheist but yes, I would obviously give my life for others as have many communist leaders and soldiers before me. And for the egoist among us if i survive any class war i'll make sure that your names are made into streets and the best among you will have a statue in a city center commemorating you.

I think what saddens my heart more than anything is to think of all the Russian soldiers who died during the revolution. Who died to implement what they thought would be complete liberation, a free world for their children. Only to have this glimmer of hope snuffed out by global capitalist forces 80 or so years later.
Every comrade of any tendency that has fallen for the struggle deserves the upmost respect and highest honor. They made the true ultimate sacrifice hoping for a better world for us


Basically this, If i felt I could live an alright existence, even in a capitalist shithole, I'd go for it. If life was unbearable revolutionary suicide would be the only option.

Nice spooks friendo.

Depends on whether I know I'll be actually helping the cause in the process. But the cause won't come back to life within my lifetime anyway.