You are responsible for this insanity

time to own it
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I could not be more proud of myself


imagine my shock

Am I bad that I wish there was a socialist version of PJW? I mean despite the retard he is, he as good at what he does, sharp, succinct agitprop videos designed for the casual consumer.

this anti identity politics board is to blame for identity politics.

Nope, capitalism (the individualist, muh freedoms, muh property, muh general muhhh muhh muhhh ideology) is responsible for identity politics (your ideology, you despicable liberal) capitalism at its inception broke down collective and mutual aid networks such as the family and the wider community structure, in favour of an atomised, individualised culture where individuals freedumbs is valued over community interest. This is your fault, always has been

muh freedoms = transracialism?

Also literally the only people who are more gullible and easily led than people who believe in Alex Jones are people who believe in PJW and they don't have the excuse of being stupid burgers either

isn't that the unruh guy?

Unruhe's are not creative or sharpish enough to compete. He just recites news articles. Not enough hot takes, not preachy enough.

Unruhe's videos*

As far as I can tell I'm not responsible for what grown white women being ridiculous that's just your problem. But if I'm somehow responsible for Dolezal or whatever her name is I would be really proud of myself because that would be really funny.

Dude literally no fucking socialist state ever had this kind of americanism/cultural capitalism under it

Theoretically if I was a head of state I would make Dolezal my secretary of defense

Actually America is to blame. No leftist theory or M-L country supported this and would have wanted it gone.

There's a really good reaction face in this video

That's why you are good only at flaming Holla Forumsips and little else. You are no different from a liberal. Like every american you think that socialism is a reaction to nazism, instead of a movment that fights capitalism

I mean, to be certain I think that the whole trans thing is pretty silly identity politics. But I don't understand people who think transgenderism is a thing, but transracialism is not. Adolph Reed has a really good critique of this:
This brings me to the most important point that this affair throws into relief. It has outed the essentialism on which those identitarian discourses rest. Garcia asks "So why don’t we just accept Dolezal as black? Because she’s not." But why is she not black in Garcia’s view? Well, "Her parents say she’s not even close to being black." But what would that mean — that she has no known black ancestry? Is blackness, then, a matter of hypodescent after all? But, if that’s what it is, then what politically significant meaning does the category have? Dolezal no doubt has her issues and idiosyncrasies, but, especially if the judgment of the NAACP counts for anything in the matter, I’m pretty sure I’d take her in a trade for Clarence Thomas, Cory Booker, Condi Rice, and five TFA pimps to be named later. Or would Dolezal’s "not even close to being black" mean that she was raised outside of "authentic" black idiom or cultural experience? But whose black idiom or cultural experience would that be? Is there really an irreducible, definitive one? If so, on which Racial Voice blog or Ivy League campus might we find it?

The essentialism cuts in odd ways in this saga. Sometimes race is real in a way that sex is not – you’re black only if you meet the biological criteria (whatever they’re supposed to be) for blackness. And sometimes, as in Talusan’s failure to distinguish gender from sex typing, gender is "real" in a way that race is not. "Doctors don’t announce our race or color when we are born; they announce our gender." I assume Talusan is referring to the stereotypical moment in the delivery room. Technically, though, the doctor announces the child’s sex type, not its culturally constructed gender roles. And when exactly does Talusan presume race is determined and by whom? I’m pretty sure that in most of the United States it’s still marked on one’s birth certificate. That’s not the delivery room, but it’s pretty damn close.

She looks good with a spray tan. Maybe she lost weight? I wish she could feel comfortable being herself. I think whites should help create new local cultures (because being white isn't a culture) or get in touch with their european cultures (by living/studying there for a period of time). For instance, Texas has a local culture that whites and everyone have in common to some degree. It's mainly food culture (tex-mex, bbq). Then there are rodeos, a renaissance fair, local festivals with rides. Recently there's been a push for local alcohol. Making multi-racial cultures that include everyone should be the goal of society. Some user posted an interview with a German dj or something who said that culture is something that changes over time, and that we try to define it along racial & geographic lines without understanding that it's a living/changing entity. I agree to the extent that race doesn't shape culture, as much as the material circumstances of local people, and in this sense I would argue that all art is reactionary to some degree. Clearly black culture offered a sense of belonging and community life that she found fulfilling. The goal of society should be to create these cultures through good design and social policies (public healthcare, public transport, public schooling) that meet human needs and give people the feeling of that something.

i found the chinese.

So you're saying you wouldn't give her a position of power

power is the last thing that woman should have. she needs therapy

We don't want americans in europe. We don't think by coluor here but by culture. You have none.

I'm positive mainstream meat-eyore said he was fucking off and not making youtube videos anymore. Why is he still here?

Wrong. Encourage her.

Because he's an insecure attention whore, like much of the alt-right/alt-lite

You don't get it. I'm saying that adopting a culture, or creating a better culture should be the focus of Americans with the goal of bettering themselves. This lady had ancestors from Europe, and could have gone to whichever region they were from to do that. I don't necessarily want anyone to expatriate to Europe (I think it's be a cop-out). So I would advocate the creation of better circumstance to achieve the goal of an inclusive cultural narratives. Americans have to make the political moves to unify beyond race, to create social services that everyone has access to and which alleviate social conflict.

Also, Europeans do see "color". The French hate the Algiers and the muslims (tons of anti-muslim policies in France); the Spanish hate the Moroccans; the Italians & Greeks hate migrants. And everybody hates the gypsies.


And everyone hates americans too. Even if they are white. That's what I was saying when I'm saying we don't see colour.
You want a culture that is good for a melting pot and multicultural nation?
Neoliberalism and consumerism

Is there any proof of any leftists who are actually anti-identity politics, besides the nameless, faceless, possibly not-even-real anons on this board? You guys never act anti-identity politics in real life.

Second question, for everyone ITT:

Why does PJW shoot videos with the camera above his head so he has to look up at it?

Yuropoor superiority complex is pathetic.

nobody here gives a fuck about cultural appropriation you fucking sperg

If you unironically believe cultural appropriation is a problem, you should be shot. If you unironically transracial, you should be put in a labor camp since you're likely just mentally ill.

I see the United States breaking up into smaller political units, so I would like to see inclusive (multiracial) cultures. I would like the future of these regions to be less about neoliberalism/globalization and more about socialist policies and urban planning. I'd like a place where people walk around and enjoy their lives, where they grow their food close to where they live and share services like public transport and education. I'd like everyone to have access to an economy which is bent to the needs of the people, and for those people to create a culture which reflects the value of these programs which are the manifestation of the collective transcending the individual.

The fact that we're the only ones who are materialists?

Is there any proof of any rightists who are actually anti-identity politics?

lol get real dog

I'd fuck her

Mental disorder. These people need help that they won't get in the US.

We are less obssed with race than americans because we value other stuff as national identity.
This is a fact.
The ultra nationalist reactionary candidate in czech republic is a fucking hapa


What's wrong with Rachel Dolezal? Good for her for gaming the system. being a professional black is a nice job nowadays. Not as based as that pajeet who pretended to be black to get into med school with affirmative action, though.

why should anyone be anti-identity politics?

This is why I support anuddah shoah.


All caucasoids on this board: press F if you'd rather trade places with a Black person

This makes a lot of good points and reminds me that idpol is nonsense.

His point at the end is all I particularly agree with about this - many seem to have no grasp on how gender and sex differ, and this ought to be a foremost concern when the relationship between the two is at the root of trans issues.

But this stupidity aside, I don't agree that "transracialism" is as valid as transsexuality. Essentially, race is a cultural product - pretty much entirely. As it exists today, it has come from archaic theories and legal procedures and the ebb and flow of various xenophobias.

The difference, to me, between "transracialism" and transexuality/transgender/dysphoria/whatever isn't that a person like Dolezal simply isn't black. It's that gender and sexuality can be affected by hormones and genetics, whereas there is no inherent individual genetic inclination towards race any more than towards being furrydom or something. Ie, there are male and female characteristics - there is no equivalent "black" or "white" characteristic that isn't superficial. Sex cuts across the entirety of humanity, and the rare inbetweens are "intersex." Compare to a man who's the "inbetween" or white and black - he's pretty much just black to everybody. Or he can go to an African country and he won't have to be black.

Transracialism isn't nonsense because race is set in stone - it's nonsense because race is fickle.

Also, sorry I forgot my sage.

Dolezal has more to do with thinkpiece culture rewarding idpol bullshit than it does with us. Take your grievance to Buzzfeed or something.

If someone models themselves black, white, Asian, whatever, I see no reason why they shouldn't be treated as trans racial. If someone truly wishes to take on the physical qualities of another race, how are they not now that race? Sure they don't have the genetics, but let's be honest, no one identifies race by genetics. No one whips out the swab to check if someone's Asian. Its purely physical traits, and if someone adopts them how are they not that race for practical, everyday purposes?>>2251495
I wouldn't, I'm happy as whitey. I've bought several thousand toothbrushes to perpeare for CommissarJamal.
INB4 newfag mods have no idea what I'm talking about

Why should I care? How does it effect my life? If someone decides they want to be "black" or "white", that's their own business; I'm not about telling people how to define themselves.

They never are.