A declared atheist, he styled his reddish hair in dreadlocks and favored jeans with 50-inch leg openings...

this anglin profile is comedy gold

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No wonder he shaved his head

What went wrong?


Fucking cucked lmao

Holla Forums chads, Holla Forums beta cucks confirmed


That's not funny, what is this trash journalism?

My fucking lord

It's funny as fuck you idiot

Not if you are an adult you stupid skank.


This man went into the jungle to read about UFOs and later became a white nationalist people listen to if you don't think this is funny then you're stupid

what the fuck am I reading


the real takeaway from all of this is that he only started being a nazi in 2013

he's been doing this for under 5 years



Normal Mentally Healthy High Autism Level

Who is this cute anime




Damn he picked the wrong girl to become infatuated with.

Yeah he definitely chose the wrong girl if he got so upset he began diving head first into the walls of his own home until he got a concussion

is hoochie min a tranny? i'm only here because 4chan banned me for this exact same thread

wait maybe only Holla Forums banned me

shut up anglin

I'm Anglin

is anglin a tranny? he's only 5 foot 4 so i wouldn't rule out him being a FtM

This shit is hilarious good find OP.



This isnt surprising.

You will never defeat pols true master, kantbot 2000

what the fuck


Eww, I used to live near there. Glad I don't know these people.

I fucking hate how weak the alt-right is. Emotionally, physically. Having a bunch of autistic beta cuck manlets prancing around, spouting off how 'strong' they are… it's fucking embarrassing to have as a political opponent. It's like we're punching out the downs syndrome kid in class. Nobody feels good about that.


So Anglin is just a normal man with a normal life who does normal things. All of his friends through high school who had eye witness testimony to his behavior, including his parents, are just lying lefties. He didn't bust holes into the wall with his head and he never cut or did any self harm.

I don't believe you at all and I don't think anyone has any reason to.

I blame GG. It brought a lot of social rejects and other undiserables and "empowered" them to fight against an ethereal Jewish boogeyman.

Okay, I'll take that at face value, people are bullying the mother and father of this piece of shit. How does that change the fact that he's a piece of shit? Where are the 'leftist lies'?

he's hardly worse than goebbels or even stalin was in terms of how crippled he is

I never heard of Stalin or Goebbels sincerely crying, weeping, putting his knees to his chest while rocking back and forth, bursting into tears at random intervals, and violently jumping into walls until his head started to bleed and holes were everywhere; and he possibly could have suffered a concussion.

How does that excuse Tanya Gersh's mob tactics?

Everything else he did excuses it. He should have been shoved into inpatient in high school when he started threatening people he would cut himself if they didn't listen to his bs, or repeatedly smashing his head into concrete. That's not normal behavior.

So you're basically admitting that Tanya Gersh also deserves the straitjacket.

To be fair this was before the internet, where all this minute shit is preserved through easy access to historical record like childhood acquaintances for interviews (sure, someone COULD have tracked down Stalin's school chums, but would they go through the effort just to learn he had a hissy fit because his girlfriend left him?), plus real time documenting on facebook and twitter and shit.

I'm willing to be Goebbels especially was a whiny little piece of teary eyed manbitch in his personal, undocumented life. He's cut entirely from the same cloth as this Anglin guy. Not even the other nazis liked him, he was that much of a little piece of shit. Plus he killed himself instead of facing a world without hitler, which echoes this guy tantruming that he couldn't live in a world without his shitty ass website.


Nobody gives half a fuck about tanya gersh, approximately 1/10th of the article is about her. Trust a Holla Forumsyp to abhor the idea of reading an article past the first few lines.

Inpatient isn't a straight jacket. Though certainly Anglin has done more damage to more people and should be legally accountable for his actions or at the very least be unsurprised they have blow back.

Don't say "WAAH THEN SHE SHOULD EXPECT IT TOO" stop having crocodile tears over Anglin right now. We both know he's a mentally disturbed shit head who somehow got an audience and is extremely irresponsible, I don't care what shuts him up really. Judicially or extrajudicially.

In any other civilized nation he would have have gotten help the moment he started busting cracks into walls of his parents' home with his head and gouging holes into his ears and threatening women he liked that he may cut himself if they didn't listen to him, before heel turning and calling them sluts who only exist to get pregnant, and running away to read about UFOs and Bigfoot before getting an audience on a neo nazi podcast.

I mean just get this fucking guy some xanax at least god damn

There's a lot of useless people in the left too, you know the ones that think building muscle, learning how to fight or how to shoot a gun is "toxic masculinity" or "discrimination against the disabled."

Yes, those are radlibs, but they're more often than not the ones that represent the corpse like "Left" that exists nowadays.

If we want to ever become relevant, we have to build a movement that purposefully distances itself away from those people; from the college activists and from the identitarians.

Because right now, we're looking pretty fucking pathetic ourselves boyos. Let's not grow complacent because the other camp is no better off.

Ironically this type of tank-circling is what got him an audience.
What color to paint Tanya's straitjacket? How big should her bouncy house be? Does she get Xanax too?

Something doesn't add up.

behind the laughs this is the sad truth in the matter. if he had access to mental help when he was growing up he might have turned out halfway normal and leading a decent life

Nobody here is pathetic as Anglin. Nobody here actually bashes their head against the curb of a sidewalk begging them to be stopped, screaming.

No it wasn't. I mean possibly yes, perpetual victomhood for being alienated for being so clearly mentally ill gave him a similar audience, that doesn't change things. If anything I want the poor bastard to get help.

I mean most people as online as most online people are need xanax

I was talking about the Alt-right in general. And while maybe not on leftypol, this is definitively applicable to the Leftovers of the "New Left".

Regardless. We have to be better. In our message, in our appearence, in our tactics. Like I said, let's not be complacent.

100 years after October and we have to start from scratch. We may not see Socialism within our lifetimes but we can atleast build towards it.

Are you an atheist?

No wonder he's such a bitch.

This thread isn't about us, it's about the dipshit who got cucked so hard he bashed his head on a sidewalk and fled to the Philippines to marry two 16 year old girls before becoming an alcoholic blabbering about alien abduction and leaving deciding, ever so cynically his years spent there were hopeless for them, and not vice versa, they were hopeless for him.

I honestly hate how we get distracted from discussing the alt right and mental illness with WHATABOUTUS-ISM. Yes, we have some fairly crazy people but none of them are as in control of their own politics as Anglin is.

Nobody here does what he has done. Nobody here just breaks up their parents home with their own fucking skull and non stop calls people when he was in high school. If it was this insane, we would have heard about it by now. This has been known about Anglin for a while, I just didn't know much of the juicier details, like how he forced himself on black men.

I can guarantee you that ignoring the problem with the mentally ill youth finding community with people like Anglin is a bad fucking idea.

That's probably the least retarded thing you've ever posted. Bravo.

The dude wrote a response. He thinks he's a star now.

It seems we know where to hit them.

pic of him after one of his headbutt sessions

soooo basically what i´ve gathered from his response is:
yeah i have mental health issues but that makes me badass right guys?
like you wouldn´t fuck with a 5"4"" guy that beats himself right?
I would never kiss a black guy cause you know that i hate blacks right guys? also why bring it up u dirty joos like it when whites kiss black guys
also anything illegal i supposedly did was made up by jews and if these sources were friends of mine they were also jews
also the story of me being a cuck is true but i´m an alpha because i called her a slut

oh and btw isn´t 5"7"" still pretty small by american standards?

Yes, the average height for non-Hispanic white americans is 5'10".

Every paragraph is a new revelation of some level of "degeneracy" . Hes probably a pedophile.

Also he literally got cucked and that seems to be right around the start of his issues.

He IS literally everything that he hates. Jesus

Not sure if real, bit

He picked up a 14 year old Fillipino girl fam, he is a pedo.

There's too many memes in this article for it to be true.

jesus, that's literally me

She's qt, I bet she cheated on him with an ethnic and that's what turned him fash.

Was this nigga bipolar or something? He flip flops between an idealized SJW to a fucking Nazi multiple times.

how the hell is this dude allowed within 200 meters of minors
never mind the shit he did in the Philippines, he was out the moment he showed violent self-harm behavior

Modest Mouse is pussy music so this doesn't surprise me actually.

None of this is funny. This is more or less the story of a mentally deranged man fumbling through life, this is at most creepy, if not just pitiable. Imagine being this damaged, but because we are all super rad socialists and he is the big bad Nazi man we have to hate him. He obviously isn't very loyal, he kissed black boys, clearly a very confused individual. I can't hold someone like this accountable for their actions. Has he done anything to anyone actually? Other than be a dick head to a girl? A girl who it sounds like cheated on him? Sad story.

All of this isn’t funny. Being mentally ill doesn’t excuse stupid shit.
Didn’t you read? He’s five foot four.
Yes, I have a great distaste for fash trash, and rightfully so.
I’ll hold someone like this accountable for their actions, even ducking children are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. Anglin is most definitely not a child.
He’s done plenty of people wrong, his parents (yes, I know, but Anglin is Anglin), his friends, and people especially by having The Daily Memer up.
I wonder how many people have gotten injured, killed, or maimed because of Anglin’s stupid bullshit.
I personally don’t care if a girl kissed someone else and he cried. He could’ve simply left her and that’d be the end of that.
I know what you are.

Also of note: he emphasizes that the interviewer shouldn't mess with him because he has nothing to lose. The kid would have gone Columbine already if he weren't a complete coward.

who are you talking to, duckling?

1) Hes a pedophile 2) Hes a fascist. 3) He personally says himself that you should attack individuals and ridicule them 4) Somebody came to him saying they had been raped and he just called them a slut. 5) Its yet another alt-right fall from grace, now him and Milo are both pedos, its like a thing for them now, child molestation,

Since when is it wrong to mock lolcowws on the internet?

Andrew anglin is based

Mocking lolcows just makes them stronger. The real losers are the ones who laugh at them.

WEW! The Army of Ha-shem showed up in full force.

Same. I'm deeply concerned

I get that he is 5'4, he is by all rights a tiny man. I'm happy that you have easy justification for hating him. It must be nice hating people like that. I know I don't like hating people.
That isn't sensible, he is clearly more damaged psychologically than the average child. This is not a man of stable mind, this is not a child of stable mind. I see no reason why this man shouldn't be counted as disabled, or something similar.
Can you not separate speech from action? Writing the Daily Stormed isn't the same as directly hurting someone, I'm going to need to see an argument for that.
No one, he seems to be very nonviolent. From what I've read in this thread Ive seen no violence.
He did leave her, and called her a slut I believe. Not really evil conduct.
A highly intelligent dog?

1.) 14 year olds, that is legal in many countries. Definitely fucked, that part slipped my mind. Sure that makes him bad. Not really the focus of this thread, his more sad adventures are what people are laughing about.
2.) So? Has he instituted fascist action? Has he supported a fascist cause successfully? If not then he is just an idiot, not dangerous. I'm not going to tow the line in this rp game of based socialists VS dingy fascists.
3.) Is this not a board that believes in the armed revolution wherein the proletariat suppose their will upon the bourgeoisie? I think it is only fair that others use force in the pursuit of their beliefs. Why should they tie their hands while we wring their necks?
4.) That's messed up, sure, but doesn't make him suddenly unpitiable. Just a sad man lashing out at someone who cheated on him, who's to say how much of the story we know? Why do we trust her source, or this source for that matter? It is impossible to know ow how much of the situation he understood, or even if she was telling the truth. I'm not trying to deny rape, but are there proofs to believe it?
5.) I don't care for how public figures rise and fall in the spectacle.

Not the same thing to me. If he was of stable mind, yes this would be funny. Maybe it shouldn't matter to me that he is unstable, feel free to make an argument.
Have a blog post bois

He's 5'2"


you really think that's a conspiracy?

Kikes get the gas

The real joke is that anyone of us could have ended up like him given the correct circumstances. After all, we are all on Holla Forums here; what makes you think we are any more "normal" than he is? Norms are what are enforced, and I believe he is enforcing norms that he believes in much more effectively than we are.

You're a really shitty person, Hoochie, then again, you are just like him, you only hate him because he is better than you at being a manipulative sociopath. The proof is in the fact that you find his symptoms amusing instead of concerning.

People like him would be our best boosters if they would be able to grasp their enjoyment in working towards a freer, safer, more enjoyable world for the common man. Sad, really


Holla Forums this is a shitty attempt to damage control, google cutting off reflected failure . Hes a spoiled brat

Aren't lefties supposed to circle the tanks over "opportunism?"

What never ceases to amaze me about Holla Forumsluters is the complete absence of self-reflection and humility. They always assume they are right in both goals and tactics, and call anyone who suggests otherwise a kike shill. Just look at how everyone except Trump is a Zionist shill. He sourrounds himself with jews and zionists, yet it's all part of the 1488d chess game. Somehow, they expect Trump to keep winning even when he gets nothing done. Holla Forums is for all intents and purposes a Trump cult.

Guide us moral leader into telling us who not to laugh at, when they fuck up like this

Tell us oh mighty moral Christian why I am laughing so hard at your vanity

Please stop laughing at the tiny man who bashed his head on the ground, cracked his head open busting holes in his parents house, and believed in alien abduction, and that bigfoot was an extraterrestrial entity, who later became the #1 fash podcast


Not even Johnny Marr could save that band tbh.

Holla Forums please, just for a moment, have self reflection on the tiny spoiled mental midget you're defending and spending time defending instead of fundraising to get fucking help

What I find the most funny is that he's saying over and over that his followers have nothing to lose. I guess it follows in his Radio Rwanda hyperviolent rhetoric that he bluff about how his army of trolls is just one micro aggression away from breaking out the kalashnikovs and semtex.

But every time these guys get themselves doxxed, they're almost always comfortably middle class and doughy as fuck. I wonder how many of them could run a 4 1/2 minute mile without collapsing.

Well I don't know, Anglin is pretty good at launching his fucking skull into a wall hard enough to break through. He must be somewhat fit.

I'd actually be mad about the way the journalist went around gathering info except "this guy who I haven't talked to in 10 years and has no political affiliation with me went immediately to Daily Stormer to report these unethical threats and nowhere else" has… some plot holes lol

I mean punching through a wall is hard enough for most people. Imagine breaking through it with your head, multiple times in your life.

To be honest, this has been going around since before this. This just revealed extra details.

Literal Jewish slander. You believe everything you hear on the Jewish controlled MSM as long as it lines up with your feels.

This is all Jewish kike slander. Gad yourselves.

For example, we know that he threatens people with self harm, he bashes his head against walls, and he refuses to get help for his mental illnesses even though he seems like he desperately needs it.

I picture his average follower having a torso shaped like a lumpy ziploc bag filled with chicken breasts


Most women aren't even fucking 5'2

lmao someone's mad
Angry that your boy Anglin got exposed as a pathetic weakling?

How tall are you goblin? I bet you look like a brown money ape at 4'8"

Disgusting Chinese monkey girl


Nothing is exposed it's all Jewish lies

I, an asian woman, am taller than Anglin.

You probably look more ape like too

His parents are Jewish for their concern for their son? lmao you are just as nuts as he is

Kike slander gas yourself monkey girl

I know you have to emotionally defend your small alien abduction believing self harming dipshit fail son but can you at least restrict it to Holla Forums, all we want to do is laugh at him




Monkey girls says "ooh ooh ah ah eek eeek"?

I need monkey translation services!


This picture of him after self admittedly beating his head into a wall so hard the wall caves, is actually very clever CGI. This is a healthy boy he has no problems, we can all go home.

He dindu nuffin

This is what Anglin sounds like after he launches himself into another football player level concussion


I refuse to believe he's 5'4. He's 5'2.

This board is full of fembrains that believe tabloids 100%! Sad!

There are nazis crying with frustration over this story.

Is Anglin a tabloid seller if he confirmed he self harms and refuses to get serious help for it.

Because that's actually sad


If Holla Forums can outright fabricate news, why can't Holla Forums indulge in plausible rumors?

He probably can only afford car battery shock therapy from his dad

Please, he's tougher than that. Hook the clamps to his nipples and charge the battery. He needs the pain to live. Don't question it or call 911, he's fine.

Some people really think that all publicity is good publicity. I wouldn't put it past Anglin to wind up drama about himself.

He's going to die at 45 of a stroke by the sounds of it.

That's a very generuous estimate. Considering how many people he's pissed off, it wouldn't suprise me if someone took action AFK.

Trips confirm it!!!

Now be careful he rips holes in his ears and gets concussions on purpose, he may be very small but he has nothing to lose because he's alienated everyone he's ever known until now.

He has nothing left to lose because his shithead fundie parents wouldn't disown him if he raped kids in a foreign country

What kind of fucking parent lets their child inflict that level of property damage onto their house, and how exactly do they explain all the dents in the walls when they need fixing, are they that fucking rich they just let him keep going at it and laugh it off like "Oh, that's our Anglin, calling women at 3am non stop until their parents get involved and smashing his skull into our drywall" what the fuck

That's white parents Hoochie…people like to complain about millenials, but mellienials are like this because parents stopped hitting their kids when they make shit and just handed everything for them, and always defend them no matter what.

The average high school girl in America averages between 5'2 to 5'9

Andrew Anglin is 5'2.


I hate to admit it but having rich white parents is pretty sweet.

No wonder he believed in alien abduction, he's a little green man.


Hi, Anglin! Been headbutting many holes into your wall lately?

That would explain a lot of his asinine behaviour. Maybe he should sue the government for making him into such a fuckup through god knows what torturous tests they have done on him.

Threads like these are why I'm always against blanket bans on nutsacs. Whenever they come here they always wind up making complete asses of themselves

I mean the differences in parenting styles is real. If he was Asian he would be sent to get serious help at that point with his permission or not. That or he his rights in high school would be seriously monitored, and yeah corporal punishment.

And no shit that actually works instead of letting the probably 4'8 at the time Anglin get himself into so much shit. I'm not an advocate of corporal punishment but stricter parenting absolutely, and in Andrew's case he was literally beating himself so I think at that point physical force would be necessary to restrain him from causing himself further harm at an important developmental point in his life in puberty.

You don't know, how much damage repeated blows to the head like that can cause. That can actually give someone antisocial personality disorder, commonly known as, Sociopathy. It can cause damage to your brain, and during times of growth its worse. Which is when Anglin started hitting his head.

What I'm suggesting isn't that Anglin's parents should have beat him, I'm suggesting Anglin's parents criminally neglected him.

Anglin was this close to killing every glasses wearing effete intellectual and establishing a commune.

Yeah but then he later got bored, became alcoholic, and said they were all savages who didn't listen to him and decided America was the pinnacle of civilization.

He probably fucked some tribal virgin and got his ass beat for angering the gods


lady gaga is very appalling though.

Dear lord they have generic pop music on the generic radio I must flee the country I so clearly care about and love honestly

The Filipinos accepted him because they finally met a white foreigner as short as them.

You want Nazis to embarass and neutralize themselves through freeze peach, instead of doing nefarious work in secret? You're obviously a liberal enabler.

By physical force do you mean psychiatric supervision or .webm related?

Didn't he get beat up in Ukraine for hitting on young girls?




Less of him to chase off when the need arrives.

I would consult a medical professional on what ways we can make safely restrain our son without him hurting us or himself or both in the process. You know, basic parenting shit. Shit you should probably do to stop your son from punching holes in the drywall with his own skull.

Maybe hold him back? The more I think about this dude the more I think maybe his parents could have been scared of doing that if he was capable of doing this, but that's still serious neglect.

I mean imagine you had a son that old who was, let's just say easy to anger and got in trouble a lot at school. He starts a habit of bashing his head on concrete and damaging the walls of your home until blood starts pouring down his scalp.

Shouldn't you call fucking 911

I'm on the fence about all of the mobs he whips up through doxxing but otherwise yeah. If you study the rise of the nazis you'll see that without a strong leader who had the final say on anything they would have tore themselves apart. Asser almost did that in 1930 (I think) over a dispute about pay for SA rank-and-file. Freeze peaches makes that easier for them in liberal democracies.

Old Tekken looked so cool holy shit

No Hoochie, your simple asiatic brain can't understand that the white man succeeded because of their high autism levels. If you aren't willing to risk your life by literally, LITERALLY curbstomping yourself then you aren't going to take the risks needed to make big trump-like deals in Fortune 500 boardrooms


Honestly at the point he starts hitting his head into the walls in any past society he idolizes he would have a brutal months long exorcism

That reminds me, can we bring up the rumors that he was a drug abuser and allegedly involved in drug dealing? I hear Duterte isn't too fond of those.

What kind of lame drugs would he fucking sell anyways, adderall?


He isn't actually 5'2 idiots, that an old meme from rightwing infighting

He's 5'2.

Jesus, how many brain cells did he lose from drug abuse and concussions?

People really underestimate how much damage having like, over five concussions can do to make or break a man.


If you are a fan, make a pledge!

You give money to a brain damaged man the size of a middle school girl or very large moneky who sold adderall in high school before and after he dropped out and once upon a time believed bigfoot was not only real but a race of extraterrestrial

When will you be satisfied Holla Forums. Tell me, when will you think "I'm the enabler, it's me"

We all come from many diverse backgrounds. What matters is the future, and the ethnostate utopia we will forge together. You should donate.

A state for all poorly parented dweebs with unrealistic beliefs with no future who have unwarranted self importance from being spoiled to the point of their parents letting them bloody themselves to be separated for the safety of all of mankind

Kind of like a leper colony.

I'm in, let's ship you all in a multi generational spaceship the size of a small apartment complex with no women, slam the door shut and forget you exist and move on from the failure all of your parents must feel they invested all that money for nothing

I support Anglin's rights to look for bigfoot elsewhere in the cosmos, ship him the fuck off this planet. Or convince him Bigfoot is in limbo so he can finally kill himself with that last concrete blow to the head.

Sigh…let me put it in simpler terms. Ever see a romance anime where the protagonist falls in love with his childhood friend and they live happipy ever after? Those are the kinds of experiences an ethnostate can provide. You want this, deep down behind the mask. But we have to fight for it.

Read Hatreon's T&C, it's a data mining operation. If you've donated, Russian botnets already have your email address.


How can you support putting a mentally disabled degenerate up on a platform Holla Forums?

Holla Forums just wants to live a fucking Hallmark Original Picture


Just like Anglin, they learned to take responsibility for themselves from the best parents around.

Have you had difficulty meeting women, user?

What anime is this


I don't pay for anything with a card as that is tracking you no matter what. But I want other people to, to send a message. If you're not afraid, then it can be normalized.

He said the things in there weren't true, read his article. People just desperately want the image of WNs being failures to delegitimize them.

Good lord

Holla Forums in a nutshell

I'm going to believe the man who pictured himself actually engaging in the article posted, busting his fucking head open on walls and concrete surfaces in anger, where the evidence for all of this existed before hand. I will believe the guy who dropped out of high school and admitted "Yeah I don't remember a lot of that"

He confirmed most of the things in the article actually, and the rest of his denial can be dismissed because of his brain damage causing faulty memory plus his spoiled brat/narcissist tendencies that deludes him into believing "nuh-huh, that never happened!"

So you don't want to be tracked but you're perfectly okay with getting others to make that sacrifice for you? Master race material right here


I guess we got him and the other halfpint hitler confused.



Out of all of this Anglin's beliefs in UFOs is what gets my gut

even without the megaphone you can see he's shorter than the fat lady

I'm just imagining him getting carried away by the police after someone reported him bloodying his head on the pavement screaming "ROSWELL, ROSWELL, ROSWELL"


Holla Forumsacks aren't genuine, comrade. Their entire ideology is based around creating a charismatic "Daddy"-figure who'll take care of all their problems for them, simply because they have no idea how to solve those problems themselves.

This particular Holla Forumsack has been deprived of genuine connection - likely platonic as well as romantic - and thus seeks to create a fantastic ideal where his "Daddy" takes care of everything. He deserves our pity, even as we mock him.

Yeah, I'm only 5'9" but I'm beginning to think I'd look like a giant at one of their rallies.

A king among men

It's not uncommon. Remember the story about how Dylan Roof was mad because a black stole his gf? It was a fake story and the reporter was fired.
Journalists are against us. They get the most clicks by trying to prove a pure person is impure, don't fall for it.

It's just a matter of vulnerability. I'm a student, if I was shamed publicly for my views I would be fucked. But the average donator is some guy working as a sysadmin at a local business in nebraska. They aren't at risk! I would donate if I was in their shoes (and didnt care about privacy)

I just found it really funny that he tried to compare a totalitarian dictatorship to some flavour of the season shonen. I shamelessly watch moe garbage like Kiniro Mosaic but even I'm not pathetic enough to try and spread nazi propaganda through anime metaphors

You don't know how deep that rabbit hole goes.


Stop using the word totalitarian. The belief that society should progress by means other than market forces is not something to be ashamed of.

When the person admits to most of what was in the article it's uncommon.

Who's you? People who take Anglin seriously? The monkey chud with the concussions who believed aliens swooped in the night after giving himself concussions and tearing holes in his ear lobes, and cutting his wrists and his legs?

Buddy literally everyone is against you.

I think if you agree with Anglin on anything you're seriously academically compromised.

I love talking politics with a man who pays to listen to someone who commits to self harm on the level Anglin has done regularly, as a serious person.

Yes, I may have hit my head on the pavement and walls until my head bled, yes, I cut habitually, yes I tore holes in my ears but I am perfectly sane and my politics sober

So a guy with an established career and lots of bills to pay is less vulnerable to identity theft or having their info sold to Russian spam farms. Yeah that makes no sense but whatever

These people aren't financially literate and just throw money at whoever agrees with them, even if they end up batshit fucking insane like Anglin, it isn't surprising

It's how most cults operate.

But you want to keep market forces, your radical idea for society is to replace Scholmo for Hans and hope he doesn't fuck you over while partying on his yacht. Your ethnostate is the same hellhole you live in except you wouldn't see niggers on the bus or spics at the fast food place you get your tendies from.

No. It's not factually incorrect.

Not true, for most of human history people have died happy men. This is because of their ethnocommunity and experiencing true love. Yet here we are today, richer than they are but unhappier. Even dirt poor third worlders are happier than us, we are experiencing concentrated human suffering and a little more money won't change that.

Talking to the poster above if you couldn't tell, retard.

It's already wrong on the conceptual level: "complete subservience to the state". What a joke.


It seems bashing your head into pavement is a requirement to being a nazi.

If you get enough concussions, the high can last a lifetime

Any attempt to create an ethnostate in the west would require tight state regulation of pretty much every facet of human life. That's totalitarianism


I am guaranteed to suffer from an infection in my left eye, a horrible rot in my lungs, and I can't feel my feet, disease is everywhere but hey don't you just love drinking yourself until you can't feel.

Hooray for 17th century London, where there were rivers of literal shit.

Swimming in a river of shit and watching your kids die is preferable to seeing a black guy on the bus.

Villages where I live used to routinely get straight up cleansed by measles or consumption 100 years ago. People would go to a village after the spring thaw and find whole houses filled with diseased corpses because no one could afford to see a doctor or live in something bigger than a one-room shack. Jess fucking christ, I hope this wanker gets pneumonia just to feel some actual suffering in his life that isn't self-inflicted

I hope he marries someone like wife with a purpose and gets to experience the joy of having a relationship with a woman of his race. He'll love it so much he'll swallow some lead after three months.

God I'm so glad I'm not the only one who knows that fucking thot exists

All I know about her is the dumb shit that gets posted here, is she that bad or worse?

I've had Holla Forumsyps tell me, with a straight face, that I shouldn't care that my hometown has over 20% unemployment and an out-of-control oxycontin problem because it's 95% white.

Imagine a woman who wants to be immortan joe's wife but is real. Just a person who wants to be reduced into a human termite queen for the white race. That's her. She's disgusting.

What kind of fucked up self-esteem do you need to have in order to cope with it by devoting your life to producing cannon fodder for the Nazi masturbation fantasy

I can't say I'm surprised tbh.

Is that a fetish or does she think being bred with chud babies is fulfilling some kind of purpose? And are the kids all from one guy or is she a ho?


She thinks that devoting her body for the soul purpose of reproduction is an honor. She will probably be one of those 22 child tragedy parents who somehow get a show on TLC future anthropologists will shake their head in shame at.

The sad thing is I really don't think she has the money to even sustain that.

To be fair to Anglin she sounds like a slut.

Oh and I forgot to mention, yes she's basically a Holla Forums poster and yes she has a husband and yes she is a mother of six and she expects to have more. No she does not have the money to sustain a family of that size.

These people just keep on getting more and more disturbing and I really don't know what to expect anymore.

I honestly can't understand why anyone would want a partner like that. How could anyone have so little self-respect to reduce themselves to an incubation chamber for ugly chuds. Completely alien.

Having children only for your politics and begging for donations when you can't afford their health care is actually really cool.

So is she going to start a Patreon for "birthing white children"?

Pretty much. We're at that level now.

Well twitter still saw fit to give her a blue checkmark.

I feel bad for her kids. The rest will suffer when one of them rebels by dating a black girl in high school and she reacts by having a multistage meltdown


I love it when my child is jeered as Patreon Pete

Mein gott.

She'll probably have one before any hit puberty. Given Holla Forums's fetihses, she'll probably catch her husband bottoming for a black guy or plowing a femboy.

But seriously imagine how fucked up a kid would be if he found out his parents had him in order to own the globalists


Swing and a miss. She cheated on her husband with another woman but she promised she'll be good now and doesn't do that anymore.

Himiko Toga
The best girl

It keeps getting more pathetic, anything else?

You know talking about the lives of these people really gets you depressed.

AHAHAHAHA this is just perfect


No that's about it. As far as I'm aware. Beyond being being disgusting, probably having to answer to child protective services eventually, crowd funding births, cheating with another woman but than saying sorry, and being Holla Forums but almost 40 (I think? Having six kids for no reason can age someone)

That's basically it. It's as sad as it sounds and there's nothing more to it. Nobody will stop her and this will just happen.

I got it: He was always sexually frustrated and he was more or less okay during his time in the Philippines, but was delusional, realized the locals didn't like him and was so pathetic that only way he could get some was by traveling to third world countries and paying underage prostitutes.

And then he blamed all nonwhites and western white women for his failures.

They're simply like the other barely human creatures in Chechnya, Israel or Palestine who see it as their duty to breed more goblins for the tribe. Completely spooked.

It's easier if you pretend you're just auditioning for the Hollywood adaptation of Chapo Trap House.

That's a lot fam, I'm honestly depressed someone like this exists.

Babies and kids in general are cute though.

As a Hibernian I can tell you the suffering is real and pervasive. If you aren't having babies and living in a drywall debtor's prison by age 28 then you're officially written off by the clan ad a productive individual

If only he had a cute trap gf instead of that cis slut. He might have turned out differently.

It's time to stop

Is he really pretending he didn't write all those articles about concentration camps for jews? The time he wrote about conquering Africa and commit genocide of the natives? Mass sterilization for mexicans? Nuking the entirety of the middle east? Burning gay people? State issued white wives for nazis?

What a cowardly cuck. He's beneath contempt.

I'd rather marry Jesus no homo

If Moot just did the responsible thing and ended it all, we wouldn't be having these problems, this woman would be no one. But because Moot was a liberal now we have six children and counting who exist for the soul purpose of a tyrannical mother who only wants them for their race. It's begining to look a lot like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Thanks Moot.

sperg here, we hate and are crap at driving compared to normalfags so that's probably why

I'm imagining the goth ☭TANKIE☭ B.O. towering over Andy and punishing him like the Red Guard over Nazi Germany.

Match made in heaven.

This is true
But they are you know, people so you shouldn't just pump em out and then not support them properly


This is too much

No he began doing that in high school. He also cut his arms and legs, and punctured his earlobes regularly while tearing at his ears.

All I can see with people like WifeWithAPurpose and Anglin doing truly horrific shit they're at least somewhat open about I'm guessing within the decade we're going to be all ears on some deeply fucked up shit that's going on as we speak within white supremacist communities in America. I have no doubt in my mind they have or are currently planning on compounds with "loyal woman" just like the Mormons did from the 70's to the early 2000's

Oh definitely. People say american fascism has a women problem but I can see it happening: As unemployment rises and the social ills that come with it exhacerbate, it would be easy to convince desperate women with the promises of stability, a sense of purpose and a return to traditional values

shit, and all this time I thought Holla Forums was saying they were the humans in the humans vs. orks meem, I've been way off


Let's be honest here: what could socialism offer this guy? There's no reason for him not become a fascist. He's already on the lowest rungs of non-homeless society. From his perspective it might be better for him to try and drag everyone else down to his level rather than trying to become something that he will never be .

the only thing fascism will offer him is compulsory sterilization and/or a free train ride to the nearest labor camp depending on how successful he is

I think the conflict is more like Morlocks vs Eloi in more ways than one.

He was alienated by capitalism. He worked 50 hours per week and couldn't afford a place in Ohio. He went through an anprim phase and traveled to southeast asia to escape but American culture was too pervasive. And he never received any sort of mental health care or saw a therapist even though he had big self-harm habits since high school.

Who needs socialism or fascism, that's called being set for life.


Wait, so did he or did he not go to college?
That seems a bit too specific to be just made up:

One possibility is that he lied to his friends or to people he met there about being enrolled at the university, possibly so he could sell drugs on campus, and later replied to the "so dude how's your diploma coming along" questions with "oh I dropped out"

Which, while negligent, would be plausible but the thing is that even today, as a man in his 30s, they keep covering for him. I wonder what his christian counselour dad tells people.

"Oh our Andy is always so active, we gave him money so he could travel to the Philippines to bang 14 year old girls while he organizes neonazi marches online, it's nice to know he's working on his passion."

4chan's turn from Holla Forums to Holla Forums, it all makes sense now. They started loving anime so much that they now want to use fascism to turn real life into an anime.

I refuse to believe this is not trolling.

No wonder he is into underage Thai lady boys.

nigga the world is not only America, and even Americans today are poorer on average than before


man I was looking forward laughing at anglin and his underage thai fuck shack shenanigans but hoochie like always has to chimp like a fucking monkey and fill the thread up with shit.
Also the bullying of short people in this thread makes me feel sad for them. The shorties truly never get any breaks.

Step out of your bubble you ignoramus.
Also consider picking up a book and reading it.

I'm disappointed and disgusted.

You can have that even in a non-ethnostate. Besides, you still need to be able to make living. How are you going to do that when everything get's automated and the 1% of the 1% owns everything?
Also did you know before modern nation-states almost every European country would have hundreds of distinct cultures, languages, etc.?

Final victory is coming soon .

Her reproductive strategy is no different than the hoardes of muslims and niggers that shit out 5 children while abusing welfare that should be going to white people, you just hate her because she's white.

Childhood friends never win.
You can't even get your cliches right, you ironic weeb piece of shit.

Why is his height hilarious? I know a couple of guys 5'4", and I don't find it funny, just kind of "hey, this guy's pretty short".


Is he a homosexual? Are his fans?

hey c'mon the older stuff is fine

This is correct.

There's nothing funny about being a manlet, there's everything funny about being a frustrated fascist manlet-in-denial.

It better stay that way comrade


Normlets BTFO

even tito was a manlet at 170cm
what does this mean??

Most likely nothing. Some people are taller, others are shorter. I don't know why Americans seem to care so much on here.

Worst bearing in mind many people add about 2 inches to their height, which is how you get pictures of two supposedly 5'6" people like this.


just a {{{coincidence}}} you say?
napoleon, kim jong il, beria, göbbels, churchill all just a {{{coincidence}}}?
nato bombing serbia with one of the highest average heights in the world a {{{coincidence}}}, thats awfully many coincidences isn't it
notice how manlets always cry about discrimination, and yet there are so many of them at the top??? how often does the MSM talk about the manlet question???? you can't say that can you??????? - if you wanna know who really rules u look at who you can't criticize - voltaire

No you can't

I love that your 5'2 messiah launches himself head first into walls rips up his ears and slashes razors on his arms and legs but you call socialism edgy when none of the leaders of our political movement do this shit.

You are lead by men who cannot organize properly.


*Abuses adderall, dropped out of high school, forgets most of what happened when he was homeless

Hard times create strong men

In what world is purposeful self harm to the degree blood starts drooling down your scalp and you start ripping apart your own home by smashing your head everywhere including the curb of a side walk not an indication to seek help immediately

Anglin is based and fascism is the future. You have nothing but insults from a Jewish tabloid. Your days are numbered subhuman!

If you want to be a strong man by all means please fucking take up Anglins shoes and start giving yourself purposeful concussions by smashing your skull against concrete and selling his own prescription drugs for money.

Do what made your master who he is. Do not listen to medical professionals, over ten concussions from smashing your skull into walls and concrete do not cause irreparable damage to the brain and shorten your lifespan.

Start cutting too.

Do as he does.

Anglin is not my master he is just a based propagandist that drives Jewish controlled bioweapons like you up the wall! And for that he is based! I am not going to bash my head against concrete because I do not have anger issues!

Be gone, jungle ape!

Nobody in this thread is angry at Anglin, we are all laughing at him.


First they laugh at you
Then you give yourself purposeful concussions,
Then they call an ambulance
Then you win

Given the homosexual, perverted and hypocritical legacy of Nazis, and fascists in general, I have little reason to doubt any of the (admittedly fanciful) claims that were made about Anglin. I'm pretty sure the best way to distill the truth in this case is to look at what Anglin didn't quote (in the fist half of the article) and what he responded with cynicism and posturing. Also side note, judging by his response he has a very bad reading comprehension.

What strikes me the most about it, is that he didn't fundamentally change one bit since his liberal days. Just like back then, all he did was troll his ideological enemies and organize some harassment - nothing but vitriol and self-assurance to this very day. This, coupled with the style of his response, really does solidify the suspicion he has some yearning for grandeur and probably some other psychological distortions; threatening and harassment is ok when we do it, but threatening us is wrong; why don't you debate my schizophrenia? are you afraid of the truth; psychoanalysis is a jewish scam but when I play armchair psychologist it's obviously true; etc.

He likely has autism. Like, legitimate autism.

Do you think he worships Putin so much because a manlet managed to reach the top position in Russia? Can we then direct his inferiority complex towards worshiping Lenin perhaps? tho I wouldn't really want a retard like Anglin on our side

Stay angry jungle ape! Your primitive pygmy jungle ape mind is short circuiting! You have lost your composure!

Back to the jungle you must return.


I think he might have Borderline Personality Disorder, but the case for Autism is really strong. Just ending up in bizarre conspiracy circles like Alien Abduction related shit while he was homeless and dabbling in the most bizarre shit after just dropping out and running away in his car

It does sound like undiagnosed Autism

It is telling that he has been diagnosed for something, for example, during high school he sold his own prescription pills. What those were, I don't know. I've heard it was Adderall.

don't reply to trips please

He feeds off me. I am his mother.

This is giving me weird visions of Hoochie breastfeeding fussy nazi babies

They need my milk.

You're probably sterile.

A poster's milk is their essence. I am distilling this essence to the unwashed concussion addled masses.


I am your adoptive mother, go to your room.

He admits halfway through his "response" that he had enough with the long text, so goes on to take a nap, comes back, and continues his replies. His text consists of one sentence paragraphs. Brainlet can't read or write for shit.

Andy wouldn't be such an horrid person if he had a strict asian mommy instead of his retarded fundie boomer parents T B H

I wish I could sympathize with him enough to care about his problems but he's just too far gone and avoided help for too long.

Isn't fatigue like this a textbook symptom of head trauma?


Imagine this thread without Hoochie ruining it: no repeated content (pics, text), no 1on1 duels between irrelevant positions derailing the thread… The thread would be half the length but the %of quality content much higher.

Hoochie funposting can only be enjoyed by brain geniuses

True, but that nazi got humiliated a bunch of times in different threads and it's really funny to watch him get angrier

Andew "Bash the Fash out" Anglin


Watching nazis sperg out at Hoochie was pretty fun imo.

Sure, but just look at Hoochie's replies: she repeats the same 3 points ad infinitum (the kid was a druggie, head trauma, bad parenting) and reposts the same pic on the head injury I posted here .

Just fucking purge all tripfags already, ffs.

Hoochie was the one who was humiliated the nuclear family has roots in 17th century Western Europe this is fact.


ok shitpost over, this is the best thing i've read all year, honest to god


Go outside. For once. People aren't suddenly incapable of love because there is a black guy living down street.

Yes. And and it only became prominent under capitalism. Spreading outside a few small regions to become the dominant family form in the modern era.
It has led to millions being forced into wage labor, unable to provide for themselves through a rural existence.
Take off that flag.

Wow you're an idiot.

Why do people on the right constantly fail to meet their own ideology? Holla Forums tries to constantly decry the "your against thing that means you are thing" logic and yet I feel like I could literally throw a fucking dart in their community and immediately find a closet homosexual, a pedophile, a NEET on welfare, a weeb jerking off to hentai, whatever. Its not that the left doesn't have these people too its just most of us make no pretensions of being some kind of morally righteous ubermensch or anything like that. That's why its more embarrassing when these facts come out about them than about us.

BLACK guy down the street makes the neighborhood shitty.

He pretty much shows almost every symptom of concussion related trauma in the book. Lack of empathy, fatigue, extreme malaise, depression, sudden mood swings.

Let me put on my I'm not really a psychiatrist major glasses on and suspect that at this point he has a co morbid problem. He could have had autism atone point to trigger such a violent reaction to begin self harming in such an unusually brutal way (tearing holes in his ears, cutting everywhere, bashing his head on pavement and walls as a habit) or it could have been a personality disorder. Self harm like that could come from a variety of reasons and I don't have enough information to say for certain what caused this change within him during puberty.

It is equally possible he is on the spectrum, but some of his behavior is telling me a very severe case of Borderline Personality. It could be a comorbid bunch of diagnosis that caused him not to understand what was happening to him and he blamed himself (see the brutal self harm). The lack of empathy tells me its a personality disorder, I'm leaning on that.

But it all got much, much worse that he decided to inflict self harm by bashing himself in the head. At the rate he did, this can cause severe mental problems later in life. It's even been observed to cause anti social personality disorder, or sociopathy as it is commonly known.

What is undeniable to me is Anglin is suffering from comorbid problems that all stack on a pyramid of the most severe problem he currently faces from his head injuries. Consistent TBI, or Mild Traumatic Brain injury. Football players in America have gained worse from far less.

This leads to PCS, which has a terrible prognosis, and leads to many, many quality of life issues. As I've said before, football players in the NFL receive this from far less.

So here is my outline for what the daily life of what Andrew Anglin is like, and why it can explain his behavior. This is my quack diagnosis.

1) Depression manifested itself during puberty
2) Borderline Personality Disorder manifested itself in puberty, his unusual switches from violent to pacifist at this time is textbook. He dropped out of high school more than likely enraged, not at a particular problem, but because of this problem himself. At this point his parents needed to send him to a medical professional but he did not. This begins his self harm. And many TBIs followed. Any responsible parent who loved their child would get him help, but they let him drop out and become a drifter.
3) His seclusion in homelessness, drug use, and interest in bizarre topics after being homeless could be for a variety of reasons, concussions can cause mental illness and paranoia.
4) He has PCS, short hand for Post Concussion Syndrome. He has searing head aches and migraines, fatigue, dizziness, which cause anger in its patients. As well as sudden changes in personality on a dime. This is all in the article, which makes it plausible to me. Combined with his previous problems, this explains why he is ever increasingly violent towards others and himself. A combined hurricane of problems that could have been solved that have gone out of control. He probably self medicates on alcohol, which at one point he did admit to being an alcoholic. Everything he currently is experiencing is textbook PCS.

He is confused, furious, anxious, paranoid, depressed, and with everything combined it only leads to one out: alcohol in self medication, and rage, both feeding off of one another, until his personality itself begins to change and he becomes furious at it, only increasing his anger.

This is why he needed/needs help. He is a danger to himself and to others.

TL;DR Anglin is extremely fucked up and his parents neglected his needs early on and now there is nothing that can ever help him.

People seem to enjoy it enough.

Anger they aren't meeting their standard of living forced upon them by their parents, but not supported enough by their parents to see them through it. This is, in my opinion, the basis of this shitposting phenomenon.

no shit

We all had fun last night.

This is more depressing than funny really. Almost Chris Chan-tier.
Anglin needs a hug. And Xanax.

so you want to have a boring shit thread instead of a fun shit thread?
sacrificing awful threads to Holla Forums-hoochie shitflinging is what keeps the board quality up
hoochie was taking a break so board quality went down lately, banning her periodically also keeps BO busy so he can't fuck the up the board any more than he does

holy shit hes describing half of Holla Forums 2 and a half decades ago

reminds me of the old quote
“The only thing new in the world is the history you do not know.” .t.Harry Truman

what's up with nazis and asians, too?

Jungle apes are attracted to actual humans.

I often ask myself this, I'm sure there's some sort of reason for the hypocrisy. But then again, I don't think there needs to be a reason. It could be he's just a hypocrite in his politics. After all, he did force himself on black men in during his rougher patches while he was still enrolled in high school.

Or you can listen to this wise sage with a promising career in the human mind, not me.

Monkey girl says what?

Regardless his politics are based in his mental illness, so internal consistency shouldn't be expected.

oh so you admit you are attracted to asians?

No. Can you read? Monkey asians are attracted to me.

It's not just nazis. Lots of men with low self-esteem gravitate towards asians due to the stereotype that asian women are more submissive and aren't fat. They just want living fuck dolls that cook and clean and won't cheat on them.

have you ever had sex though?


ok chief ;)

Why do I not believe you.

Almost always because they're poor. But that goes for poverty in general. Impoverished households of any race drag neighborhoods down.
I've lived around and interacted with different ethnicities/races/what-have-you all my life, and the pattern I've noticed is that richer people are generally more agreeable than poorer people, especially if you're from a well-off background yourself. Poverty usually comes with a host of other problems: Broken families, substance abuse, unemployment, debt. And then there's stuff like bad hygiene.
White or black. Impoverished neighborhoods are generally just terrible and depressing.

Have you ever considered yellow white miscegenation happens because asians girls are always willing to go for bottom tier white men and consider asian men subhuman?

There's no need to blame only white men when it comes to yellow white miscegenation, asian women are at least half as culpable.

imagine my surprise

Stop being so tsundere and just ask Hoochie to be your waifu already.

No. They're violent repugnant animals because they are black. Not because they are poor.

I want to plow Andrew's boypussy. I bet he's into kinky BDSM shit and being dominated by a Mexican (who is taller and stronger than him but who isn't, even hoochie is) would probably make him break down. In fact it would be very easy to rape him but I want to tenderly love his boypussy and kiss his fractured skull to make him short circuit. Whew I'm fucked up.

Anglin grew up in a well off family, and yet his parents still neglected him. Income has little to do with it, it really actually depends on parenting, rich people are fully capable of being terrible neglectful parents.

Yes yes we know you need an asian mommy to spank you for being a bad fashy, shut up already.

White men are always blamed for going after asian girls because they consider them submissive but the reality is american born Chinese girls (Koreans too) only find white men attractive and are often pushed into marrying white men by their own families.

Just because your Dad remarried a Thai waitress doesn't mean you have to take your angst out on others.

I don't know what you're talking about.

The facts of yellow white miscegenation is that yellow women lust after white men and consider yellow men subhumans.

We're all fucked up here. I want Hoochie to reenact the Tet Offensive in my bedroom, except that my face is the US Armed Forces/ARVN and her big juicy butt is the Viet Cong

I'm an Asian woman and I find the opposite to be true. Asian people are more interested in Asians, or other people. I have experienced and heard horror stories about white anti social types falling head over heels and just falling on their face.

For example, no bullshit, I had this socially awkward friend in high school who had a crush on me. I tried not to care, because I admired his personality and his ambitions to become a writer. He was a really nice guy, and I do and do not mean that in the stereotype sense. Sometimes I miss him. But eventually he started pushing and pushing for a romantic interest in me. One day he groped my breast out of nowhere and tried to lean in for a kiss. At that point I finally had to just come out and say dude I'm a lesbian I'm not interested in you.

This caused an outrage in him that lasted weeks where he would not stop texting me about how either I was lying or that he wasn't good enough. Eventually he lied to me that he had cancer, I don't know if he did this drunk, but he continued to do it. I cut off contact from him and blocked him. Several months later he began stalking me, and non stop texting me. I had to tell him that if he really wanted to be my friend he shouldn't have treated me like he did, that's not what friends do. He got more furious and threatened me. At this point I just simply said look, it hurts, but if this continues to escalate I will have no other choice than to talk to the campus about your behavior. I haven't heard from him since, but he consistently started crushing on Asian students and getting denied each time, and now he's notorious and lost most of his friends.

I do not know why this happens. But I know it does.

It's nearly Christmas user. Your stepmother has been learning English and wants to break bread with you, but it breaks her heart every time your Dad calls and she hears you yelling the Horst Wessel song over the receiver. They only want to be a family for you, they're worried user. Make the call and give your Thai stepmother a loving hug this holiday season and bring peace to your family.

Have you ever interacted with upper class/bourgeois ethnics?

I'm not denying that bourgies can produce people like Anglin (through neglect or otherwise). But this sort of behavior is generally better accepted when your family earns at least 6 figures or have 7 figures to their name.
Things like substance abuse hit a lot harder when you don't have a close-knit and secure social safety net. You also have more opportunities to mask your personal problems.

Yeah bottom tier white men go for asian girls all the time, you just so happened to reject him. Four out five other asians girls would have jumped his bones.

fash… the bash?

But you just said the opposite, you aren't being consistent. And if you didn't realize I said before he started losing it he had plenty of friends despite his problems.

You need to get out and meet people and not see things in such a binary black and white way.

Yeah they're generally scum and even more butthurt about white people than usual. Nigger in a suit all that. Control for SES niggers are always violent apes.

I'm beginning to suspect you're Anglin himself.

I am being perfectly consistent, yellow females have fetish for white males and bottom tier white males tend to go for asian there's no contradiction.

"White men go for asian girls because they're submissive" is reductionist bullshit attempting to demonize white men while ignoring all of the American born asian women that refuse to date anyone except for white men.


But I just told you as an Asian woman I've never experienced such a phenomenon, and even if they did, so what if they're white? Everyone is attracted to someone.

I would like to see you cite some sources besides first hand accounts because you're speaking on behalf of the Asian community to an Asian.

Lol I'm done here

Since we're only going in circles I've always wondered if weev is working as a federal agent. For example:

correction: Asian females have a fetish for MONEY.

Asian gays, otoh, do have a fetish for white guys, daddies specificallym i have yet to meet a manly gay asian


You'll be back, you enjoy the pain.

Do we even know anything about weev personally?

I don't care for white men not because of their race but because I'm a fag who dosn't like dudes.

Asian males out earn white males, if they had a fetish for money they'd just date asian males


He has donations for his website. Last time I checked he received at least $250k. Which is enough to live decades in a country like the Philippines or Moldova.

He's Jewish

Are you really suggesting the rage of being a NEET isn't a materialist desire for wealth?

Which is what I just said usually happens in my experience. You have yet to give me any sort of source.

I'm just waiting for Bat'ko's compilation

He travels extensively though, and a lot of that money probably went to pay off legal fees from his court case.

Same. He needs to get on this shit.

Holy shit I change my mind if that's his house. It's autism.

It obviously belongs to one of his Flip gfs

Madoka is overrated

Doubt it.

tread lightly

What source do I need to give, white male Asian female marriages were the most common interracial marriage in this country for the longest time before we got flooded by Amerindians, white male yellow female couplings aren't so common because White males want submissive oriental wives but because yellow women want White males.

Asian women aren't submissive anyway they're disgusting demanding goblins I rather marry a Jewess before I marry yellow

It really is. Madoka is okay but it doesn't deserve the profile it has because of all the forced edginess, drama, and massive plot stretches.

It's just a 21st century Eva with magical girls in my opinion.

Oooh, pointing out how many white men desire submissive women due to their own shifty self-esteem has really struck a nerve with this nutsacc

i literally laughed out loud, does Holla Forums actually believe this?



I just think it's hilarious where you believe yellow female white male is so common because of insecure white males and not because of so many asian females that refuse to date anything except for white males. Blaming everything on white males is a safe SJW talking point but the reality on the ground is that overwhelming majority of yellow females raised in the united States refuse to date anyone except for white males.

hahahahahah oh wow this is fucking gold

Now this is how you assassinate character. Not with a hackjob like that awful Buzzfeed shitpiece on Milo.

Of course they do, literally the entirety of the far right is based on returning to the magical past where everything was fucking great and everybody was happy, the only difference is what time period they think was the magical garden of Eden return to the womb for them.

Some of the left are guilty of this kind of thinking too sometimes but that's another topic, point is this escapism forms a center for their ideology.

I never said the white losers were successful.

Highly likely, yes. He's exactly the sort of person who, if approached by the feds with a sweet deal if he accepted becoming a Nazi snitch, would go "yeah that will be great for a laugh, when do I get my 1488 tattoos?"

and here the rose reveals their true colours
you have 2 things to apologise for now

A source probably


The poor boy just doesn't know when to quit.

Saved and archived.


Wat Kubui?

The true fear of the nazi is not that he is overcome by what people will ruin him, it is that he himself is just as capable of being ruined on his own. This is why they have a terrible record of responsibility for themselves and their own actions.

They fear the consequences of responsibility because Capitalism had put them in the precariat with global communication, added probably mishandled parenting and a rise in social tension from similar issues within capital and this is what you get.

A group of violent peter pan men who were neglected and their problems only became worse. If they truly understood what they were they would be destroyed inside. They need something more than the material conditions that brought them there, that they failed to adapt to. In some ways, I cannot blame them for not seeing the shit on their knees from the trees, but as an adult you have to consider you have to take responsibility for your actions.

I've never seen a nazi on the internet do this. Not now, not then, not in the future. I believe this all feeds into their insecurity and the last place men want to travel is into the heart of their problems from the material, the emotional, the social, and their impact.


We just don't want to live among ooga boogas. White countries belong to white people. Be gone, ape.

tl;dr The nazi does not fear the monsters and crime and phantasms outside the door, the true fear is he himself is becoming a monster.

I am sure you are worried about that earnestly. That however does not detract from my observation.

become meguca

no mogogo no do it

Who gives a shit.



How is he a pedophile?


Let's be honest here, the only gender role he can fulfill without undergoing hormone conversion therapy is "child molester."

I was talking about the most annoying tripfag on this borad, you're changing the topic.

Ma'am, By Your Logic

Americans have stupid priorities in a lot of ways.

It's funny he's 5'2 or 5'4 or whatever. There's nothing more to it.

It's funny in the same way that worthless sluts getting raped is funny.

This went non sequitur very quickly.

I suppose laughing at a very small leprechaun is like raping a very small leprechaun

{{{There's nothing more to it.}}}
yes, good hobbitlover, there is nothing more to it

the violent, bestial manlet shows their true colours

I'm not denying the manlet menace at all.

I was talking about laughing at people for failing to live up to gender norms. They're fairly comparable.

Being 5'2 is not living up to human norms. Complain about my ableism coward.

Are you able to see how much multiracialism fucks up society? You should because you have that flag, right? You're sounding like a cuck right now, "tehe only a black person living down the street'
Women are incapable of loving under multiracialism. That's why women from homogenous countries are always much better and feminism is a lot less influential.

Pretty sure average female height in Vietnam is below 5'2.

Says the boy defending cuck supreme Andrew Anglin

Good thing I'm 5'9 and not a man.

You didn't get the point.

Besides, nobody would ever love you regardless of what world you lived in.

Who're you talking about?

You just can't have a good time mocking a small angry manlet who beat himself for being a cuck.

Who I'm replying too.

You're probably the type who consider mocking disgusting hamplanets to be "sexist".

No I'm actually not.

That's not true. Hell, even if I was born 100 years ago I'd be able to get a gf since most girls married their neighbors back then. I'm an above average guy, I should be able to be successful. But the problem isn't me, the problem is women.

Why not just get a mail order bride?

Yes it is.

The problem is you, it's always been you. The worst fear of a man like you is confronting how unremarkable he is.


100 years ago you would probably be in a TB ward or be stricken with Spanish Flu. It isn't 1917. And nobody will love you. Even if you were married then, it would be completely loveless.

they look like people in a movie rather than actual nazi women

I'm thinking something like The Producers

That kind of stuff never works, its all just scammers

If dumbfucks who spend their days watching TMZ and ESPN can get gfs then I am entitled to one.

The fact you can't is telling of your problems, not the problems of others.


Nobody is entitled to love. It is not an emotion than can manifest for anyone at anytime for any reason. You even think love will make you happy. That it will last, that it will build you into something more.

Love is not that, it will never be that, it never was that, and your failure to understand that is why nobody will ever love you. You can only offer heart ache to other people.

I sincerely hope you're just one of us falseflagging and real Holla Forums isn't actually willing to defend this toddler.

Hahaha you think this is about entitlement. This is about being objectified as a wallet and a status symbol. Women have babies so they have leverage in the courtship phase of relationships. Christianity limited women to one man to prevent hypergamy.
Women through feminism have renigged on this social contract but still want men to be obligated to their end.
Women want to use men to maxmise their upward mobility I.e. they want to be the object of effection of chads which is just a clumsy way of saying men that boost their status in some way, and turn to betas as a fall back in their 30s.
The superstructure all supports this and men in their 20s court women in good faith and get spurned because they are weak.
If women are going to use their leverage against men then men should so likewise, and start undermining the major coup feminism have women, the ability to sell their labor at parity to men.

*if women are going to use their leverage against men

please respect hoochie

These threads are literally the best part of having hoochie around

hoochie should be banned.

It is about entitlement. Everything you just detailed are problems arisen in a relationship within capitalism. You won't change it. Nothing will change it. Nothing can change men either, capitalism is in the heart of all who live within it.

I am not blaming you for being an unlovable person, I am blaming you for being naive.

Tick tock tick tock still not banned as much as you're still not loved.

like the river runs its course
the hoochie ban will come eventually, to pass
and then yet another hoochie ban is around the corner
that's how you know its spring

That you don't want to live near niggers or [insert race/ethnicity] because you think they look funny, speak funny and smell bad is clear. But that's not what's destroying social cohesion. Capitalism is. And it's been happening for hundreds of years now.
Industrialization forced people from villages into towns, where they live in shoeboxes, and spend most of their time performing mind-numbing repetitious labor. People have gone from being self-sufficient - to an extend - to relying purely on selling their labor power for sustenance.
Self-employment is decreasing. And where first people could buy a house with a job straight out of high school, they now need to work multiple jobs, and their spouses need to work too.
Debt has likewise soared, condemning millions to lifetime of bondage and pittance when they retire - if at all.


People migrate in search of jobs, or because they're feeling civil wars and persecution. This has been going since the 17th century, and the pace has only increased since then.
Obviously, migration isn't making things better for native workers, but that is the nature of capitalism. By inflating the labor market capitalists can kill pressures creating an upward trend in wages. This has been going on since the 60s and 70s, and is one factor causing a stagnation in real wages.
And now there's an even bigger problem as the jobs people are completely reliant on are being automated.
If you want to stop migration, you need kill capitalism, and stop enabling the class of people that are doing this.

People need to be self-sufficient and independent again. As long as they rely on wage labor they will be slaves to the system. And as long as profit flows into the hands of the few, they will keep importing more people so they can exploit them and saddle them with debt.
Ethnic replacement is a consequence of this development. Not the cause.

That's not the impression I have. And this is in the Tinder era where you can fuck a new girl every week at the very least.

I wish there were more nazis like you. I really do.

nazis like this are a very endangered species
because more often than not they eventually stop being nazis
materialist worldview and nazi magic ill fit together

no shit

You're all over the board right now, are you attempting a psy-opp or just feel like being less of an ass than most?

I can't fucking help it every time I see this thread I read "his reddit hair"



Disregarding your strange unrelated wall of text, the fact that you think tinder is acceptable is laughable enough. Yeah I'm sure everything is great when my race is attacked and emasculated by the media at every turn to dumb impressionable women.

It was completely related. He just disagrees with you and laid out why.

Anglin have you ever thought of buying platform shoes.

Reread his post.

Reread his post and actually think about his reasoning as to why he would deduce it.

This alone is a lie.

Not that it isn't capitalist but that it's completely homogeneous


You gotta love that fat ugly bitch in the second clip thinking she'l ever get anywhere being as picky as she is.

Are you virgins really honestly this spooked about women? This is some Holla Forums tier shit

Who're you talking about?

One of the things that people, both Japanese and foreigners, often talk about when they think about Japan in comparison with the rest of the world, is to emphasize how unique Japan seems to be. On the one hand, Japanese like to think of their society, their culture, as having this unique identity that is sort of inaccessible to foreigners. On the other hand, foreigners, particularly Westerners — North Americans and Europeans — have always regarded Japan as this very exotic distant culture. So both sides like to see Japan as somehow outside the realm of the expected, the normal, so it has to be unique.

But, if you look at Japan in comparative perspective and look at the inner workings of Japanese society, there really isn’t that much that’s unique about Japan. The same kinds of social trends can be found in one form or another in almost any other industrialized society.

Perhaps what makes Japan seem unique is that the combinations of institutions — say education, religion, family, and so forth — the way that those are combined may be somewhat different from what we expect in the United States, or different from what one would expect in any particular Western European country. But the elements that make up society are more or less familiar if one pulls aside this curtain of uniqueness and starts to look at the different parts of society.

One of the ways in which Japanese think of their own society as “unique” is to emphasize the homogeneity of Japanese society, and indeed by lots of comparisons, Japan is certainly a much more homogeneous society than say the United States. There are relatively few linguistic differences between different parts of the country. In terms of social class, peoples’ lifestyles are quite different to the extreme. The degree to which rich people and poor people are differentiated from one another economically is much more severe than even in the United States. Suicide in Japan is higher than mostly any other part in the world due to work related stress. And, it’s often said by Japanese that they are ethnically homogeneous, that there are no real foreign populations in Japan despite there being many different types of South East Asian living in Japan today.

So even if Japan is ethnically homogeneous, (which you claim makes the world so happy and lovely and good) that doesn't explain their severe socioeconomic conditions they deal with to the point of ending their lives in such high number.

You are fetishistic about ethnic life in Japan while knowing very little about it, and falling for the orientalizing bullshit most "cultured" whites throughout history.

What do you base this on?

Then explain migration to places like Brazil, or migration between African, Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries.
Or explain why Eastern Europe had so little (non-western) migration.
Or explain why Japan has nearly two million non-Japanese, excluding illegal immigration?

While social equality is "pushed" for in ethnic ways, it's still really a load of corporate bullshit.

Why do you even pretend to care about your precious all encompassing white race, mutt burger?


Europeans, particularly the French, have been immigrating to Uruguay for a really long time now.

The number declining still doesn't matter because the number even in decline is still astronomical.

As of 2013 alone there had been little under 30,000 suicide victims. That number is fairly unprecedented for a civilized nation.

If you think that ethnic homogeneous society somehow confronts any and all ills a society has you are the dumbest, most naive man in the milky way galaxy.

Based on data from the 2011 census, currently there are about 77,000 immigrants from Europe. These are mostly from France and Spain. That isn't a minor number.

Please respond clearly and to the correct post.

It is unprecedented despite being an ethnically homogeneous nation. I thought that solved their problems? If they aren't solving them, what exactly is causing them so much distress they feel the need to kill themselves in such a large number?

Depression is also extremely severe in Japan.

This seems to disprove your hypothesis that ethnic homogeneity solves all problems

Okay, so you don't want to discuss Brazil or Africa. Fine.
What about Qatar then? It's almost nothing but sand niggers and pajeets. They seem to be doing rather fine. Even in spite of a Saudi embargo.

(You've also ignored my point about Eastern Europe)
It's almost as if multiculturalism alone doesn't explain social decay.
Btw, the standard of living for a worker in Japan is even more cramped and austere than in the west. Scales of people even forgo relations and sex because of how miserable it is.

Can't believe no one posted this yet.

I'm the only one founding this fucking sad?
I mean the guy is not normal. What makes a guy become like this? I mean the guy is clearly a product of alienation.

Jesus fucking christ what an asshole

I mean, yes, a big chunk of me finds it sad his parents neglected him hard enough to let him be eaten alive by his mental health issues until he cracked, but later and later on he's done so much heinous shit I find it very hard to sympathize with him.

It is sad. But he still needs to take responsibility for his actions and get help.

Paraguay is mostly people of European descent, 77k French people moving to a nation of 3.4 million amounts to less than a fifth of a percent. Again not comparable in degree or character to the absolute mess European derived nations are going through with the third world invasion

Qatar imports a slave population, strips them of their passports, has them work for a bit, and then sends them back. Sometimes while even withholding wages. Again, there is really no comparison.

And what about eastern Europe? V4 countries like Poland and Hungary have to fight tooth and nail to keep muslims out, they are thankfully succeeding for the time being.

I said Uruguay, not Paraguay. Uruguay actually is more ethnically diverse than you think. There's even your beloved Japanese moving there. So you looked up data on the wrong nation.

But my advice, if you really want to post here to argue out the fine details, is to take the ban and quit evading.

And I also forgot to mention that they took in an enormous amount of Syrian refugees, the same as some countries in Europe, and yet I never really hear of them terrorizing Uruguay. Maybe, big maybe here, it's because Uruguay didn't do shit to them and America and its European allies, did.

I meant Uruguay. Typed Paraguay by mistake. Population figures agree!

Lol I'm supposed to take in Syrian refugees and if some kill me I deserve it anyway?

Lol you're a joke

Rabbi exposes Anglin as a jew. This just keep getting better.

Syrian refugees didn't terrorize Uruguay because there is only 42 of them lmao

Fucking kill yourself

EVEN worse many left Uruguay as soon as they can apparently

Syrian refugees didn't terrorize Uruguay because none of them stayed behind

Lmao you're a joke

In fact let's play a numbers experiment. 1,860 approximate Japanese people you cherish (Who have no clear reason of leaving their beloved nation to what you think is a South American pit) live in Uruguay. Not only this, but many of them are fluent in the dialect of Rioplatense Spanish.

Yes, Japanese speakers who are fluent in a dialect of Spanish.

Again…not different in quality or quantity with the wave of subhumanity that is flooding my country. Keep grasping at those straws.

This is just sad.

That's the whole point of the comparison. The economic realities are different, but the country itself is multicultural.
The native Qatari maintain their roles as owners and managers. Compare that to the West where migrants are displacing workers in construction, industry, agriculture, services, etc.
If multiculturalism alone destroys countries the Gulf would be a Mad Max wasteland.

That's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking about the demographic and economic realities now. Before the refugee crisis people weren't flocking to Hungary and Poland because they could earn higher wages in countries like France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Britain.
It was the Eastern Europeans themselves that were migrating west. Before this whole refugee crisis people were complaining about Poles and Romanians.

77/3400 = 2.2647%…

It wasn't your mistake, what you said was from Paraguay.

You don't deserve to be murdered for your lack of responsibility in Syria but maybe your lack of responsibility to others.

Alright you're right I was misquoted. Let me give you a bit more of a hint.

Census says 87.7% of Uruguay is White. Not "Hispanic" White as most South American nations, but the colonial South Africa kind of White. As in, White.

Again, there is no comparison whatsoever. Qataris aren't granting their immigrants rights and citizenship and legal protection. They are temporary male slave labor that will be shipped out as soon as they are done.

No comparison whatsoever.

French speakers even have a fucking dialect of French in Uruguay, as do Italians. The French make up 10% of their population.

Immigrated and native Italians make up 44% of the population, and also have a unique dialect of Italian .

What part of "not similar in degree or character" don't you understand? When 75% of Montevideo is arab and black and subjected to a monthly terrorist attack get back to me. 77k french moving there is is no way comparable to is being flooded by subhumans that wish to slaughter us in the streets.


Combined with French and Italian immigrants, in comparison to its size of local Spanish speaking Uruguayans, the numbers are vast. There were whites who always lived there but whites are still mass immigrating to Uruguay. The specific nations being Spain, Italy, and France.

And he shit himself already. I was hoping for a constructive debate before you got banned again.

Rich european pensioners moving to European derived societies to live out their retirement is totally different than what European countries are going through in terms of mass migrations, what part of "different in degree and character" don't you understand?

It is interesting how Uruguay's previously tanking economy under its CIA puppet dictator did far less under its current state.

Immigration to Uruguay at this level is a recent historical phenomenon. In fact, you can say the numbers are exponential. Should the native Uruguayans say cumskins get out?

No, most of them don't give a fuck. Once again proving South Americans can be more reasonable than Holla Forums, prioritize better than Holla Forums.

Native Uruguayans are primarily cumskin derived and speak a cumskin language and practice a cumskin religion you dumb gook whore it's different totally different both in quantity and quality if wealthy french pensioners wish to move there you are literally grasping at straws while entire European cities turn into Algiers and Kinshasa and you know it!

Discussion over!

Imagine being so triggered by an article that shows how much of a pedo shithead your pint-sized fuhrer is that you spend two days yelling at anonymous people you hate on an obscure message board

Why should I apologize for having good taste? Madoka is overrated and that is how I see the facts.

(Illegal) Hispanic immigrants in America don't have a lot of legal protection, yet look at the economic disruption migration is wrecking upon America.
Sure, maybe it get's better if you deport all of them. I'm not even denying that. The point I'm making is that social decay in the west is the result of economic developments first. They're the source of the social problems we're seeing.
The Qataris are alright because they're not being economically displaced. There's also a difference in what sort of migrants you import. Mr Pajeet whose fresh out of college and speaks more-or-less fluent English is going to have a different social impact than a day-laborer that speaks perhaps two words of heavily accented Creole. Especially if Mr Pajeet earns enough to rent a nice home, instead of being forced to squat 10 people to a room.

Nevertheless. At the end of the day it's economic forces bringing these people in. It's American and European businesses that have been pushing for this open border policy since the 50s (in some countries).
And what do we see? The welfare state is crumbling under it's own weight, real wages have stagnated and the falling rate of profit has further forced countries into austerity.
End capitalism and you'll end the primary reason for these people coming here.

Funny how you guys ignore your own one-drop rule when it suits you

Their official languages consist of Spanish, Portuguese, Uruguayan Sign Language and Portuñol.

Spanish dialects consist of Uruguayan Spanish and Rioplatense Spanish, neither of which originated from Europe very recently.

Portuñol is its own language, a hybrid between Portuguese and Spanish, sort of like, if comparison can be made, Afrikaans. It also did not originate in Europe. Uruguayan Portuguese also did not come from Europe.

Any chance we can dederail this thread back on track to mocking Anglin on being a failure in every way?

Please, let's

His head looks like a lemon gone bad and kinda moldy


you had gathered so much goodwill up to this point, roseposter
you made many funny and interesting posts and OC and your obsession with Harold Wilson was amusing
but a FUCKING rose can't rid itself of its petals it appears
I'm sorry it had to end this way

subversion of the mahou shoujo-genre, despair, aoki ume character design, plot and world that falls in place like a puzzle - inc the language, 'bad guy' whose actions are entirely justifiable on balance, great ED, Homura, Kyouko
basically ur taste a shit

pic 1 is a pictorial comparison of Andrew Anglin without facial hair to the left and Jonathan Greenblatt without facial hair to the right, head of the ADL
pic 2 is a pictorial comparison of Andrew Anglin with beard to the far right and actor Seth Green with beard to the far left

(Polite sage for self-reply)

idk if its just cos im high and his ears poke out cos of his cap, but if you stare into anglins eyes he genuinely looks kinda like a goblin, maybe its the green tint to them as well

Holy shit you hit the nail on the head as to what bugged me when I saw weebs saying, "I want an Asian gf ):"

Fake news

go get her Holla Forumsyp, shes waiting for you~

Homura a shit, worst character of meguca, end of story. Mess with the rose you get the thorns


See that's where you're going wrong, its not like when you're born you get a "free gf" coupon, you find someone who's similar to you and maybe you strike it off, maybe you dont


The Actual sad thing about this is that because of his obvious pre-existing mental issues and all the brain damage and diminished capacity hes given himself with his head banging he likely actually believes the shit he posts

him being confirmed as 5 foot 4 was like halfway through the article


i got 5' 9" for hitler

and 5' 4" is turbomanlet, not manlet

literally hitler

for people who hate fascists, you sure don't know a lot about them

When did everything get so pathetic?

It feels like we've entered a cartoon world, like the god's got bored of tragedy and are now in their dadaist phase.

sounds like you want to suck his cock