Daily News Thread 11/14

Zimbabwe coup feared as tanks seen outside Harare after top general threatens Mugabe

Tanks were deployed outside Zimbabwe's capital Harare on 14 November amid fears a coup could be underway, according to reports.

US lawmakers slam ‘unauthorized’ military aid for Saudi-led coalition in Yemen

The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution which states Washington’s support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen war is unauthorized. However, the resolution does not call for an immediate halt to US assistance.

Justice Dept weighs inquiry into Clintons and Uranium One

The US Department of Justice says it has asked prosecutors to scrutinise the Clintons' charitable foundation and a uranium deal.

Hariri to return to Lebanon in next two days

Saad al-Hariri will return to Lebanon from Saudi Arabia within two days, he said on Tuesday, 10 days after his shock resignation as prime minister in a broadcast from Riyadh.

Iran-Iraq earthquake: Rouhani vows action over collapsed buildings

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to "find the culprits" responsible for buildings collapsing in a 7.3-magnitude earthquake on Sunday.

Green Beret killed by SEALs after he uncovered alleged theft

Two Navy SEALs being investigated over the death of an Army Green Beret in Mali in June are accused of killing him after he discovered they had been stealing, according to a report in the Daily Beast.

Richest 1% have more money than poorest half of world’s population

The bottom half of adults in the world collectively own less than the richest one percent, according to a Credit Suisse report. The gap between the super-rich and the poor has significantly grown since the global crisis.

FDA approves 'trackable' pill

US regulators have approved the first pill that can be digitally tracked through the body.

Cryogenic scientists exploit euthanasia legal loophole to freeze people before they die

A Russian cryogenics firm believes it has found a legal loophole to freeze people before they die – thereby making it easier to bring them back to life in the future.

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Lead poisoning lurks in scores of New York neighborhoods

In some areas of New York City, children tested high for lead at double the rate in Flint – the latest finding in a Reuters investigation that has identified 3,800 such lead hotspots nationwide. Until now, many have remained hidden.

Israel Lobby is Slowly Being Dragged Into the Light


Why the Anti-Corruption Drive in Saudi Arabia is Doomed to Fail


Am I the only one who wonders about the fucking asbestos

Who are the opposition to Mugabe? I just pray they aren't to his right, he's too liberal as it is.

Other ZANU-PF members believe he is subverting the constitution, that is his opposition.


What has asbestos to do with it? It's probably lead paint and pipes from older houses in poor neighborhoods.

You can safely live in a house filled with asbestos, as long as it isn't exposed to air and disturbed its fibers won't get into your lungs.

Are there people here who unironically support Mugabe?

Cute picture


I'm sure there's a few ☭TANKIE☭s out there that support him simply because he's an anti-imperialist.

This is why you think I was being serious about Mugabe


Four killed in northern California shooting rampage

Four people are dead after a gunman opened fire in northern California at several locations, including an elementary school, police have said.

Fuck me.

What a shitty timeline. You know, we really need to start doing some cyberpunk shit and fast.

I dunno, Hoochie, I've been living in an asbestos house almost all my life. I mean, if it continues, I'll probably get a serious asbestos disease, but still. Super safe.

I just couldn't be more desensitized to burgers killing each other at this point.

Now up to five. Still kinda meh.

If you can't break ten, mass shooters, just stay in bed.


I know its just a coincidence but I found this hilarious





Mugabe's incompetent and brutal but it's definitely possible to do worse. Need to know who's launching the coup and why before I form an opinion on it.


We must critically support the corrupt military junta in its struggle to overthrow Black Hitler

Yeah, it doesn't exactly look great for Zimbabwe

They recently found out that fidget spinners have lead on them. Im guessing its those metal bearings.

No one cares faggot


DiEM25, trans-European left democratic group formed last February by Yanis Varoufakis, to become an electoral party
DiEM25 currently has 64,000+ members across the EU

Interview with Lorenzo Marsili about it

More in-depth explanation

What do y'all think? I've always been partial to Yanis for introducing me to Marxism, his pragmatism, and support of alterglobalism, but DiEM25 always seems like a vague socdem movement with no real concrete goal.

Pure reformism obviously, but I guess not everyone has the iron will required to be an armchair revolutionary.

Lefty trashes Taylor Swift album because she didn't endorse Hillary Clinton.

Colorado Democrat accused by 3 women of sexual harassment, made counter accusations "dirty politics." Something tells me he had some dank hydro with his drink.


>fair and balanced Holla Forums user lets us in on clickbait about Taylor Swift and how Democrats also assault women

If a tree falls in the forest and it lands on a Holla Forumstard, "The Goldwater" will have an entire week of frontpage articles about sjw plants.

There was a crime wave in the 70s that didn't abate until the early 90s. They completely banned lead in gasoline by the late 80s and the lead in everyone's blood went down.
All these mass shootings probably have to due with the increased amounts of lead in everyones system and probably won't stop until the lead problem is seriously addressed again.

I like it; the reversal of national parties forming EU blocs into EU party forming national functions
This kind of true pan-European polity is what I've been shilling for on this board and elsewhere and what I want out of the EU.
Maybe I'll join the party, or somehow associate the existing organisation I'm in with DiEM25.

Founder of Rolling Stone magazine did sexual harassment. Lefties see no evil, hear no evil.

Some porky offering jobs for sex? Boy, what a surprise.

Also: David Bowie, Jimmy Page, and probably a good quarter of figures covered by RS from '67-'00.

Ctrl+F'ing this thread, though, you seem to be the only one posting anything about sexual harassment. Are you on a crusade against white men or something?

Wikileaks is not a Russi-

This is pretty fucking damning. Not so much in support of the "Russians hacked the election!" narrative, because I can believe Russia could have given subtle pushes to Trump without doing anything aggressive and impeachable, but it's the biggest blow to Wikileaks' claim to neutrality I've seen yet.

How embarrassing. Not for wikileaks, but for the tech illiterate boomer shills running that PAC.

How does that compute?

Are you being disingenuous?

Founder of Florida's Biggest Megachurch Accused of Molesting a 4-Year-Old


All elections and referenda in Europe happen on the basis of nations and regions within a nation. The only relatively direct way people vote for something bigger than the nation is the very weak European Parliament, and even here, it's a national affair: You can only vote for a party existing inside your nation, sending a delegate from your nation. Somebody born and raised and living in Krautland but feeling Irishkin can't vote for Sinn Féin, for instance. So, a party that has a little bit of support everywhere across Europe and that would easily get some seats in a proportional election treating the entirety of Europe as one district can fail to get any seat in the system as it is, whereas parties that are very nationalistic, liked by a significant minority in their country and hated everywhere else, can get seats. So, in what sense can a party be transnational, given the laws in place? They can have several national parties that present a shared brand identity, but they actually do have to follow national regulations and so be quite separate entities, I believe. The shared brand thing has been done by the Pirate Party before them, and other national parties do have their European alliances, there is a green-left one, the conservatives have one, and there are more.
>DiEM25’s “electoral wing” will be the first transnational party list with a genuine transnational decision-making structure, a truly pan-European campaign, and election manifestos, as well as policy papers in general, for each country party being approved by all DiEM25 members across Europe. DiEM25 thus remains the transnational movement which authors the manifesto and policies of each member-state manifestation of our ‘electoral wing’. As an example, our German, French, Italian etc. members will have to approve our Greek election manifesto, and our Greek, Italian, French etc. members the German one.
That's a genuine difference.
Pirate parties have also done that, but pretty much every other party doesn't allow that, and as long as that is the case, it makes no difference whether the party has that rule or not.

If Don Jr's tweets are to be believed, the Atlantic's piece is pure sensationalism.

(1/3) twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/930228239494209536

(2/3) twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/930228342774816769

(3/3) twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/930228511343865858

It just seems that Wikileaks was doing 2 things. 1, looking for some promotion and 2, trying to get Assange out of that embassy. Can't really blame the man for pandering to the candidate that didn't say they wanted to drone bomb him.

sorry guys, I wanted to do more than this but my laptop hard drive failed over the weekend so I'm running ubuntu off a USB and it's not exactly optimal



Worth noting: the accusations are NOT part of the current witch hunts, only the the leak is:

Nice one Yanis!

Oh for fuck's sake



Seriously? The guy's ironic right?

In 2003, John Flores, a pastor at Smith's flagship in Costa Mesa, was arrested for having sex with the 15-year-old daughter of another pastor. According to Christianity Today, he'd been fired twice before for sexual misconduct, including once after getting caught having sex on church grounds, but kept getting his job back.

Two years later, a Calvary Chapel in Laguna Beach fired its pastor for adultery and embezzlement — but Smith quickly rehired him to preach at the nearby Costa Mesa church.

That same year, the church found itself in a bizarre scandal centered on a lucrative, 400-station radio network and its head, Idaho-based Pastor Mike Kestler. He had been in hot water in the '90s when multiple women in his church claimed he'd sexually harassed them, but Smith gave him another chance.

In a lawsuit, a woman named Lori Pollitt said after she had moved from Texas to Idaho to work for Kestler, he repeatedly demanded she divorce her husband, give up her children to adoption, and marry him. When she rebuffed him, she said he stalked her and put a "hangman's noose" in front of her house.

This time, Smith and his son Jeff actually turned on their pastor, pushing him out. They ended up locked in dueling lawsuits, with the pastor accusing Calvary's leaders of skimming profits and the Smiths charging that he used his influence running the radio stations to pressure women into sex. (The cases were settled out of court.)
[and so on]



Good post. I don't know much about EU politics.

Wait, wasn't it just the top 5 richest? And now I just found a claim that it's the 62 richest: theguardian.com/business/2016/jan/18/richest-62-billionaires-wealthy-half-world-population-combined

You mean the media that has been trying to convince me for the past year that Russia hacked the election and received classified information from Trump, is now trying to convince me Wikileaks got Trump elected? Egads!

Why user, to forgive is the Christian thing to do.

Wait, fuck, this is saying the top 1% is as wealthy as the remaining 99%. So the 5 richest being as wealthy as the lowest 50% should still be true.



Honestly surprised that Assange took Trump this seriously.

Oh I don't doubt he's partial against the candidate that wanted to fucking drone his ass. What I do doubt is that the little communication they had amounts to anything. Even if they never communicated, his files on Hillary would have had the exact same effect.

Does Mike Pompeo ring a bell for you, idiot?

The guy who loved Assange when he was airing Hillary's dirty laundry then hated him once in power? What about him?