"Fringe left wing views are more acceptable than fringe right wing views"

This is a comment that I saw, in this context looking at the UK but I suppose it can be applied across the board, and I was having a think about it. I feel like my own views are skewed due to the fact you associate with those of similar view points though so I can't get a good perspective.

can we just end with meme? With normies irl if I talk about even a little of capital they start calling me a communist like you call out a serial killer

Tbh you should expect that from normies. What are the chances those retards will even listen to what you say instead of spouting horseshit like "b-but muh 10000000 quadrillion!"

Ah but they don't: just don't call yourself a marxist. It is an exercise I like doing a lot in pubs, speaking to people I know mildly well and proposing my ideas without names and you know what: I have members of the fucking petit-bourgeois saying "yeah that sounds great". Labels matter, selling your ideas, just not selling out.

Also tbh Red Baiting can desensitising people: the "HURR DURR CORBYN IS A GOMMI" ting got played out in 2016, so by the time of the election you could go around singing the red flag. Marxism-Benninism is back baby.

There is an element of truth to this statement, which I regard to be uttered by reactionaries for the most part. This would be because of 'red liberals' whom they deem to be 'fringe left', i.e. those who might sympathise with what they view to be leftist ethics without having a grasp of their movement. Yet on the flipside, we know of the burgeoning numbers the new (vocal and moderate) right. The ruling system fundamentally does not care about the culture in place as long as it's obfuscatory regarding the real natures of social anatagonisms.

Once I was talking about SJWs with a guy i know and I said to him something like well it's useless to focus on race/sex ecc inequality, economic equality is the problem. And he started calling me a communist. I don't know what to do anymore.

By definition, if the view it's fringe then it has little support and is generally not socially acceptable anyways. If it was socially acceptable, then it wouldn't be fringe right? I think people on the far, far right maybe just refuse to believe others find their morality icky.

Fringe right wing views are definitely more acceptable nowadays due to the anti-SJW movement and anti-communist youtube sceptics

by this they mean views that advocate racism, discrimination and genocide; e.g. nazism. to them, that such things are opposed by both mainstream politics and radical leftism, is proof of collusion/shared goals between the two. they simply cannot imagine that two mutually exclusive parties could hold similar positions without defying that exclusivity; this is despite the obvious fact that both the western liberal democracies and the eastern soviets fought against german fascism, yet became sworn enemies as soon as the war ended

basically, there being laws against racism and fascism in the west is proof that the west is sympathetic to the left, or simply that communists are really the ones in control!

of course this is not to mention the decades of violence and terror directed against the left, which most people are completely unaware of

Fringe right wing view: "Hey let's kill everyone who is X"

Fringe left wing view: "Let's make it so that worker get's paid the full price of his work, instead of having to share it with capitalists"
"Let's not give a fuck what X wants to do with their body/privacy of their home"

This. People are responsive at least to some elements of socialist thought, especially the meeting of basic needs and workplace democracy. You could probably get most normies on board with market socialism at least before turning them on to more radical stuff.

you forgot

One of the things I realised while looking stuff up about this is that the "Communist Control Act of 1954" is still technically there even though no one enforces it. Wonder what would happen if someone, especially a democrat, tried to enforce it.

Labor history, or rather any history about revolt for that matter, has been systemically whitewashed and censored. They've changed the focus to peaceful revolution and non-violent civil disobedience. Just look how the average normalfag fawns over Gandhi and MLK while they know nothing about Malcolm X, the BPP, and other violent syndicalist movement(s) like Catalonia ETC.

If you are talking about antifa, they only use violence for self defense. If you are talking about tumblr feminazis, they arent leftist just mentally ill.

Tbh by the time you are at market socialism we have won.

I mean he is right, you spouted Marxist analysis at them and he identified you as a communist. Just show him about how it is actually about class and get him green pilled.

Yes, replace English with blacks in many a columnists invective and he would be fired on the spot.

My sides

Not to mention, i was talking more about theory and end-goal.

Yeah it's self defense when the people in question are outright shouting threats. Ever heard of pre-emptive strike?

End-goal is to stop oppression, I can understand if that is intimidating to you if you are an oppressor yourself.

It only seems that way online.

Wow, ethnic genocide is less popular than trying to find out a way to mutually get out of life somewhat acceptably? That your labor be fought for and not stolen by someone claiming to be your superior?

Gee, I wonder why that could fucking be?

If your politics are just there to be edgy you can expect to never have friends, and never be loved. You would be a loser, no one likes people who want rid them of their neighbors instead of finding solutions for both themselves and their neighbors. Surprise surprise sur fucking prise. If you think this is somehow relevant you are the dumbest bimbo on planet earth.

Everything about your post proves my exact point

Someone get me a wheelbarrow to hold all these wew's.

Wow lad, it's almost as if my original post was spot on.



It’s not really true even in Europe unless social democracy is now a fringe view. Europe’s hostility to the far-right is understandable given the second world war and the holocaust.

You are comparing one punch to a firing squad. Melodramatic much?
Your whole post gives an expression that you are trembling with fear when you think about antifa or leftists in general. Trust me, we are not planning a deathsquad to liquidate you Holla Forumsyps, the gulag is just a dank meme.

God forbid you ever mention Europe made historical mistakes recently, you'll get twenty people raised by drunk affluent wine mothers on your ass telling you "B-B-B-BUT IT WASN'T ME SO STOP JUDGING ME >:("

You can't bring up the consequences of Europe's actions in how they shape modern society without one of these fucks shitting their pants off themselves, rocketing into the ceiling and breaking their neck.

The last year has really proven the right can't take a god damn punch can they

Social Democracy is a fringe position in Europe right now buddy.

Literally every anti-semetic stereotype is actually true, but for righties.

Are you fucking stupid? I just brought up general "economic inequality", not marxist stuff, class is marxist stuff, talking about shit like that or means or production or whatever will get you called out as a marxist even if you use different words. I don't know maybe it's that I've met always the wrong people

Instead of talking about workers owning the factories, talk about workers electing the boss, and being able to take him down any time, more people would be turned the fuck on by that idea

that's really depending on the country you live in. Burger?

I, Sir Humble Fucker, dismiss your ideas with democracy in the work place, which of course, always works well. We need more good bosses, not bad bosses, right? We should talk to PR about this.

Except i didn't. Your way of thinking and speaking just heavily implies that wrongthinkers that are being punched now, will be put to the wall when the revolution happens.

LOL. no. You have the same impotency issue as pol, your movements have less power than a typical street gang.


IRL fringe left wing views are more acceptable because people at least on some level understand that we really want to make the world better for everyone

fringe right wing views are unacceptable because everyone correctly recognizes that nazis are scum

This is because the working class is bigger than any other political base. The rightwing is the politics of oppressors and the privileged, and there just aren't as many of them as there are working class people. The very nature of our politics gives us a numbers advantage.


People hate me because I'm bringing up the fact you fuck around with people who want either

1) Ethnic cleansing
2) Apartheid

And the synthesis of these two ideologies result in most people asking themselves "Hmmmmm….what could we do with all those resources we're wasting on ethnic genocide that's not ethnic genocide….it's starting to make me ask no no questions my only 3 friends don't like :("

Nobody likes me for other reasons than I don't condone ethnic segregationist politics, when that would require a fuck ton of logistics and resources wasted in time we just do not have in the 21st century.

On top of emotionally alienating people you're alienating people who just see your shit and call your shit bogus. There's a reason why you're unpopular and it isn't because of You Stick It To The Man Bro it's because you're a dumbass and associate with dumbasses. You are a vacuum of social capital to everyone and people avoid you because you suck. Sometimes its the simple answers.

You can't even spell conversation or admitted. We have spell check at this point.

A small fringe of people can be a threat, yes. You are beginning to learn how the world works and I'm proud of you.

Yes. It is the tyrants favorite justification for imperial conquest.

The lefty can't immagine a world where people hate him not because they're nazis, but because he's a massive faggot.

the post you never actually refuted, if you feel like taking a swing at it

As of right now, no. I believe the lemming infograph does a good job of explaining it. pol and leftypol types don't have any measure of real power or swing until things are in the shitter. This is fairly common knowledge.

So far you have failed to give me any indication of what you believe or stand for so I must admit you either stand for no future goals outside of selfishness or you're beating around the bush.

We don't like capitalists either, oh shit, how racist.

No one cries for dead fascists. You can thank Hitler for that.

I've never seen someone whine this hard about being called a nazi either. Stop pissing your pants.


I think our definition of fascist is pretty logically consistent and you're literally shitting yourself and throwing it on your keyboard trying to come up with a diss that doesn't sound like it came from the shit from your ass.


Are you incapable of answering a simple question you oaf

Nowhere did I suggest you can just go up and call people nazis, in fact this entire fantasy is something you've just accused me of when I described a specific person and if you are not that specific person you could just say, oy, that was my bad, sorry for the inconvenience

The only thing consistent about lefties calling people fascists is that they almost never are actual fascists.

It's not like you guys call communist everyone that is not a communist (see liberals and red liberals or even just social democrats)

The only thing consistent about you is beating around my pubic bush of the point why they're unpopular in the first place, not whether or not you are one.

He says, as my original post that started this circus shitshow remains unanswered

That's awfully classist of you.

If there's one thing the right is good at its radicalizing autistic fidget spinning 9 year olds who beat jokes into the ground because they think helicopter ride jokes are still funny two years later, and another two years later, and another two years later, until everyone is bleeding from their eyes ears and mouth

Do you see the post below

This is my first post. I would like you to understand this next time, you fucking oaf.

To settle the autism, no, im not a nazi/pol/etc.

Don't much like apartheid or genocide personally, so i guess that's your point answered.

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Working class people didn't own slaves.

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I support the latter; I did not argue for the former. I am saying that even if proletarians know about the hell they face, they are not educated to hold communist ideas in their minds which allow them to analyse the roots of the social antagonisms from which the horrors of the world stem (another way of saying: 'from which that which impedes the world-mastery of those who have the potential capacity to access the social world which we inhabit;), only liberal/reactionary sentimentalities, decorum and entitlements. That is not to say that they cannot be nudged or even educated.

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Not in America there not
More than half of the self proclaimed socialists I've met are social democrats

Good; that means it's working.

What happens when you start talking real socialist theory to them? I'm honestly curious, never been to usa.

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You know what I agree. This is reasonable.

In the UK economically sure, but socially is a mixed bag like the majority hate immigrants whilst at the same time dislike any forms of collectivism.

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It is true because left wing views lack any teeth,and has been so fucked up with identity politics that it is kill.
The government knows it so they give a fuck about it for the most part thus the media portrait of the right wing as unacceptable and the left wing as brainlet activists.

Top kek those antifa are basically burgoise children who think they are smarter than the average working class guy and thus think of themselves as having the authority to become the spokesperson of the working class having never worker a real blue collar job,they do the same with minorities it's always some white kid from burgoise background that thinks he is smarter thus becomes the most outspoken of them all.
I love how none of the antifa and those fake communist know what a blue collar job is yet claim to fight for them by burning trash cans and destroying the very same cars of the workers,and promoting things that will destroy their jobs,and then wonder why the working class doesn't like them…it's because they must be nazis!thus you end up with some libtard kids calling themselves commies fighting working class people who fall into fascism thanks to you telling them that the opposite of those retards is fascism

You see, socialism is bad because of identity politics, but when I post on /liberty/ when I'm not posting on Holla Forums, I'm sticking a corn cob dildo up my ass because I care about gay rights so you can't call me subscriber to identity politics, which is in fact, a term I do not understand

You know one of the people who run the daily stormer had dreadlocks right

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Look at this guy with dreads that's some liberal shit but my podcast friend had dreads so what bitch are you saying I care

It's ok when nazis have dreads


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Nice to know, darling.


Not a Drumpf supporter, but whatever satisfies your fetish urges I guess.

All of you realize that historically you leftists are the insane people. Ringwing beliefs were the norm for 3000 years.

Ringworm beliefs.

Define these "right wing beliefs" that were considered the norm for these past three millennium, please.

Shouldn't you be back in the kitchen?

Shouldn't you be back in the womb.

I'm just saying antifa do more bad than good,identity politics was what fucked all socialist parties as itndid to the occupy movement where more value was given to the identity than to the idea made itself thats why anonomoose forums are great,such politics made communism toxic since most people simply associate the commie flag carrying libtard with the ideas of communism in the same way they associated degenerate skinhead with nazis.

Like brainlet here keeps doing.

Tribalism, loyalty to your own race first, no women's rights, strong patriarchy, harsh punishment for infidelity, upholding traditional values, arranged marriages instead of women being allowed to whore around, the list is really really long

That's not really right wing, being uber-conservatard doesn't automatically make you a fucking right winger.

Do you want me to anti-fuse your vagina?

will you care if I give multiple counterexamples for all of these in pre-modern history? or will you just call all my sources jewish propaganda because you don't like their conclusions? I'd rather not bother if you are gonna go Holla Forums on me.
I mean the one about 'upholding traditional values' is immediately impossible if you hold that it should be a constant value over millenia. there's always been periods of reformism and stagnation in different cultures around the world.


You didn't say that at all.
Often the case, yes.


Right and left refer to economics. It's why that compass exists. One can hold social conservative values while wanting an economically left wing system.

Nigger, being right and left wing is referring to economics. You can be actually reactionary while being a left winger. Of course you liberals would get that wrong.

Wrong person faggot.

Re-read, well I don't even know where to start

Start from junior high up.

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He's fucking right tho.
Every socialist country ever was uber conservative, are they right wing?

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Nice projection there, kiddo. Did you just got off the short bus recently?


Why do people end their post in friendo, kiddo, etc where did that even come from

except they generally were very progressive for their time
soviet russia was by far the most progressive state before the conservative turn in Stalin's period
female ambassadors, abortions, decriminalised homosex etc.
Communist China was immediately far more progressive than the KMT and warlord era China in terms of women's rights

this is why no one likes your kind.

I like how you keep trying to derail the conversation. You're so easily predictable that it's not even funny.

Whatever friendo

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they're nazis who cares



killing fascists was ok x years ago

People don't like me because I want apartheid, that's racist

I think the issue has more to do with the fact that Godwin can play a part IRL where people can label random fucktards as Nazis and just go on a punching spree.



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That's because most 'fringe' right wing views are racist. Most people don't give a shit about economics or any other monetary policies.

it's not fascist that are being put to the wall when the revolution happens, it's liberals, pacifists and leftists that I don't like.
Fascists get the bullet now, the rest get the bullet later, dummy.

look up the falling rate of profit.
No, usually they come wearing black and try to be menacing through the strenght of numbers but Antifa has no real class focus on principle. although it's sometimes handy for slogans.
That's what the guerrilla fighters funded by the Soviet Union also did, bomb cars and rob banks, the IRA bombed civilians too, but I guess all those people were fake communists because they were usually radicalised scrawny and artsy middle class kids and not still images of men at work on Socialist Realism style.

yes. Just like there was a right and left opposition in the Communist Party, just because Socialism has been achieved doesn't mean we've abolished politics.

Well, racism is considered worse than Communism. Also, without the USSR around Communist groups are not considered a serious threat.


pederasty is right-wing as fuck tbh
see >>>/cuteboys/

"Fringe left wing views are more acceptable than fringe right wing views"*

*For white people. Any right wing views considered fringe among white people are considered normal views for non white people. Muslims wanting to beat their wives and niggers believing fags deserve death or when non whites are rabid nationalists or when jews are Zionists who endorse apartheid is just the way it is, when white people do it it's fringe and unacceptable.