Can we just talk about how fucked up the neoliberal hellhole Germany is?

Can we just talk about how fucked up the neoliberal hellhole Germany is?

- Almost two months after the election we still don't have a government and Merkel doesn't give a shit about any compromises she is forced to make because at this point she just clings to power no matter the cost. Lolberts (FDP) and Greens argue about everything except about austerity - they already conceded that Schäubles "Schwarze Null" which means no new investments is totally a-ok (reminder that Schäuble is the asshole that told Varoufakis behind closed doors that his endgame is to turn France into Greece), but Greens don't want to give up their IdPol because they know that Merkel is a gravedigger for all of her coalition partners. Greens, despite being elected for, well, being green, rather demand the ministry of foreign affairs instead of the ministry of agriculture or environment, because they don't really care about environmental issues but prefer being warhawks for NATO.

- literally all the German version of the alt-lite (the AfD) has to do is to sit back and watch the plane crash with no survivors, the utter incompetence of the Merkel-Regime is simply amazing. Meanwhile the left is pretty much dead, SocDems from the SPD have finally uncucked themselves and broke with Merkel but still don't have the balls to actually be SocDems, and in the Linke there is a conspiracy to purge members with socialist convictions like Wagenknecht to turn the Linke into the SPD 2.0.

- Even in the second half of 2017, Merkel has absolutely no fucking problem to sell weapons to Saudi-Arabia which is engaged in a causal genocide in Yemen despite her vows to "tackle the causes of migration" and yet I see left-liberals cranking up their IdPol and bootlicking to 100, accusations of being a "Russian troll" are not uncommon when you point this out. These people have, through the AfD in the parliament, now every excuse to actually not talk about politics but apologize everything with "have you seen what this AfD member tweeted".

- yesterday our constitutional court stated that people on unemployment benefits are only entitled to a small apartment below the average price which might be legally correct but is utopian in reality considering that apartments "below the average price" don't fucking exist. The state privatized the building industry, refuses to invest but simultaneously raised the taxes on real estate, so as a result, building companies are only building apartments for the upper middle class, hell, I don't know if you can call an apartment for 2000€ per month middle class anymore. So we have a whole bunch of new ugly apartment buildings that are mostly empty while my granddad who rebuilt this country as an engineer after the Nazis fucked it so unbelievably hard has to move into a smaller, dirty apartment because the state decided to tax his pension.

Weck mich auf im Inneren - Kann nicht aufwachen

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TLDR Ive never been to germany but kebab is fucking delicious.


Can someone explain to me how the fuck appartments in germany are so fucking expensive now?
In 2013 you could rent shit in berlin mitte for the same price as an italian ghetto.
What the fuck happened, I checked out the prices the other day and it was fucking expensive.

isn't krautland workcuck central? i.e. the kind of people who will actually volunteer to work extra hours and weekends?

Gentrification because hipsters.

it's all europe that's become a shithole of neolib.
They will start slicing retirement passion,then any employment benefit and when the unemployment continue to rise, they will get ride of some labour laws. a neolib gonna have his extra from your miserable income.
Look at greece for refrence.

I don't know about Berlin but in my city they privatized everything including the apartment buildings administered by the city. In my hometown, the city still holds a somewhat decent percentage of living space, because their SPD government isn't actually neoliberal like everywhere else, so prices are affordable. The thing is that German porky just doesn't invest anymore. We literally have a growing economy and increased profits yet there is no investment.

Please explain to me how kebabs are junk food. I'm getting /fit/ while eating one almost every two days without problems.

I don't see a problem with that, the issue is that they are willing to do it for stagnant, low wages that don't hold up with countries like Canada or Australia. The problem isn't the German work mentality, it's the bootlicking that has been implemented into the German psyche since Bismarck.

Where do you live?

Germany dosent really like to associate with the word socialism anymore.

You mean they're just going to keep copying what the UK government has been doing since the 80s?


This correct. While socialism is perfectly fine to associate with for all sorts of SocDems or left-liberals in the world (and hijack the term) in Germany "Sozialismus" means nothing else but the GDR.

I don't know how to react to that. On one hand I'm glad that socialism isn't just "when the government does stuff" for the average German, on the other hand you can't sell or defend GDR to anybody here, maybe to some Ossie.

After all the reading done in my life about history, I don't understand why germans always gotta be so paintfully self-flagellating and butthurt about everything they do, ever since from WWI up to Merkel times.

in a sense mate. they will also cut/reduce most of social benefits, reduce the number of government officials

The self-flagelatting is fake. After WWII, way up into the 60s, we had Nazi functionaries in high positions, euthanized orphans, criminalized homosexuals and women weren't allowed to have their own bank account.

Now look, the GDR had none of this shit, was staunchly anti-fascist yet had absolutely zero self-flagelatting about the 6 gorillion. Funny how that works. Almost as if the litanies about self-flagelation are a cover-up for reactionary shit. The Antideutsche are the best example for this.

Damn, I gotta admit this really accelerated my neurons. Maybe this explains why Rammstein came from eastern german part, not western german part that got utterly cucked by anglo-franco-american imperialists and their condescending neoliberal propaganda.

reminder that we must critically support Macron against far-right fascism and EU imperialism

Socdems are stupid as fuck

What's wrong with that?

this but unironically

Varoufakis often provides valuable insides, you just have to ignore his ultra-reformist praxis.

fucking phone posting

Why is it an issue that Germany doesn't have a government? Germany is a federal highly descentralized nation, you don't need the central government for notjing, the nation keeps working.

Meme. Berlin has been piling up more and more competences and rendered the Bundesrat (states chamber) pretty much useless. The only thing that's decentralized is education and that is absolute shitshow. Did you know that they changed the required years to graduate from high school two times back and forth when I was going to school? At some point the teachers didn't even know what's on the curriculum.

Also the government has been cutting the funds for the communes pretty much completely. When the refugees came people stopped getting apartments or funds for further education or training programs, but it's racist to say that I guess.

I though everything was more or less like education. My gf did told me how every federal state has it's own education priorities, but i assumed it was the same with everything.
What i find hard to understand is that most people seem to dislike Merkel, they say they don't agree with everything she does and stuff…but she keeps wining elections and being able to form a new coalition. How does this happen? Did the refugees were given the right to vote?

removing sarah is fine tbqhwy
r2g um jeden preis fraktion muss aber genauso weg.
ich hab bei s.w. nicht mehr das gefühl das da noch sozialismus drinsteckt.
t. linkenmitglied

the 'i don't want to be/feel guilty anymore/i want to be proud again' line itself implies a identification with the Nazi history.

No it doesn't. Germany has a very long and complex history. The milenial germans of today have nothing to do with nazi Germany, most of them don't even remember the Berlin wall.
There's nthing wrong about germans having proud in their nation or in their region.

Ihr Buch gelesen? Sie spricht sich dort für Demokratie am Arbeitsplatz aus. Außerdem weigert sie sich immer noch sich für ihre pro-Stalin Ansichten zu entschuldigen. Die Wagenknecht ist deutlich am linken Flügel der Linken, gesäubert werden sollten Leute wie Gysi oder Ramelow.

she provides stability in government and rule
and who the fuck else are you gonna vote for? AfD is same but with 'muh rapefugees' and 'muh EU', SPD is same but with a happy smiley on the top, Greens are the same but with some shit about forests and anti-scientific crying about nuclear power, FPD is the same but with demented lolbertism, and Die Linke is literally Stalin and DDR and Stasi, also somewhat of an Ossie regional party.

Modern Germany nationalism literally replaced pride in culture and history with pride in corporations. Literally everytime some mega-corp like Bayer or Siemens makes a profitable deal this is celebrated, as if the success of multinational corporations is equivalent to the welfare of the German people.


hab ich nicht.

You know that's an extremly loaded issue that can not be explained in a single paragraph, but she has been loosing a lot in the last election. Many people vote for her because the alternatives are perceived as worse. The reason she keeps being able to form coalitions is because she doesn't have any hard stances on anything and none of the parties she allies with actually care about combating austerity.

Also, there is this weird thing with some people past their 30s that always vote for the same party in every election because it's like a family tradition or something. I think Merkel voters are mostly that, or people who are simply apolitical and think Merkel calls the shots on the international level. They think international politics is all about personalities and body language or whatever.
Nice. In Deutschland bist du kein echter Linker wenn du nicht vom Verfassungsschutz beobachtet wirst.

ich bin vom letrzten Arsch der Welt aus NDS, die war auf unserem LPT letztens als Gastredneri wo ich Delegierter war
habe mich ein bischen verliebt.
So sozenhaft es in manchen ecken bei uns zugeht hab ich halt doch das Gefühl das es sonst doch keine Organisation gibt wo es sich lohnt sich aktiv zu engagueren.
Hab mit gedacht, dass wenn ich will das es noch eine 'echte' linke Stimme gibt muss ich halt auch dafür sorgen das es so bleibt und wir nicht ganz ins sozenmilleu abrutschen

Now that I think about it more, I think this is also because Germans are simply afraid of politics. This is basically the reinvention of the trauma of 1848, where they offered the Prussian King the imperial crown and he rejected it. If those revolutionaries were French or Spanish, they would have stormed the palace, but what did the Germans do? They called it a day, went home and said: "He doesn't want it. What can we do?". German history is a history of the bourgeoisie failing over and over. They couldn't unite Germany in 1848 and waited for a Machiavellian figure like Bismarck to unite the country under the whip of East-Prussian aristocracy, they tried to have a republic but with a monarchistic touch (the Reichspräsident was openly called an Ersatzkaiser) which handed over the state to fascists.

As a result, Germans always think there is something fishy about politicial ideologies, no matter which one. When I sometimes talk to people about politics, they are nervous about going to in-depth as that might reveal some serious systematic defects. Once they hear words that end with - ism, they are scared that I might want to sell them the new Hitler. The thing is, due to American aid after the War and cheap imports from the Eastern Bloc Germany has been going pretty steadily through the second half of the last century, but now we are thrown into global crisis, suddenly we have European responsibility again and this time we might not be getting out of it. Angela Merkel in these times is perceived as a benevolent, ideology-free administrator who changes her policy whenever a pressing issue can't be postponed.

In reality of course, she is neither of these things. She is not benevolent, as she deliberately divides the European peoples, she is not ideology-free, as she is a neoliberal ideologue, she is not an administrator, as she is an insolvency manager, and she certainly isn't changing policy when the issue demands it, but when the polls favor it differently. This is perpetuated by the neoliberal partners in crime, our committee of self-proclaimed investigative journalists and talkshow hosts in the state media. Germany is one of the few countries where political talkshows, which is the primary platform of political indoctrination for the average German who enjoys it after the evening crime show "Tatort", are all directly controlled by the government (as the private channels don't bother with putting one up). What makes it even worse is that this is financed by a tribute the state extorts from its citizens, 10 billions of Euros every year are being used for nothing but politicial propaganda. Even the crime shows on these channels I mentioned come with a "message"; it's mostly about a fable reflection a social issue that come with the average liberal moralization. And yes, it's not a tax, it's a literally tribute, it is - I kid you not - legally treated as a contract between you and the state media that you engage in by being born.

There will be no revolution in Germany until the plane crashes with no survivors.

german reporting in

bleak and accurate representation of germany.
Are there any Germans that can tell me about this organization? It seems like the leading core of this group claiming to represent a new Stalinist-Hoxhaist Comintern is German. It seems to me they are focused around the work of the KPD/ML I don’t know much about them except from what I’ve seen on wikipedia and their site. Apparently their led by a guy named Wolfgang Eggers, has anyone heard of this guy? Their old leader Ernst Aust apparently met Hoxha.

The group intrigues me somewhat but everything they write in English tends to be poorly formatted/misspelled. Plus it seems to me they trust mainstream news stories a little too much and their analysis sometimes sounds way too close to whatever’s hot in the mainstream moral left (muh Trump, muh refugees etc.)

They’ve written some ok booklets on North Korea, Cuba, and Maoism tho.

do you have a link?


I hate Germans the most. The British are pretty fucked, the French are pretty fucked. I mean it's a tight race, but the award for most inhospitable pit of guttural vocal crunching and teeth gnashing and just fucking terrible electoral politics has to go to Germany.

What kind of fucking nation do you live in that keeps electing Merkel. Before you get on my ass, just riddle me this. Who does that? Why would you that? Do you think that's a really good idea? Who told you this?

Well first of all it's fucking stupid.

It's the same story in the UK but we have a fucked up rentier economy, I didn't know this shit was happening in Germany too.
Same here, and in the US, I imagine it's widespread in the devloped world. It's pathetic.

Sounds like a cleaner version of Nazism without all the racial spooks

Talking about Germany is nothing but depressing, can we just stop?

You know for all the shit America gets on this board, I have to say Australia, Israel, and Germany are just as hostile towards leftism. They just manage to do it in a less burgerlike way

I would argue Australia and America are more similar than they are different.

Yeah I think having a history that involves genociding natives tends to set a nation on an unfortunate course.

He's right though. We need to make it clear that (neo)liberalism is a dead end. The best way to do this is voting for (neo)liberals when there is no viable left alternative, as they create a lot of room for the left. We don't want neo-nationalists in power and people pining for (neo)liberals and potential allies and comrades being subsumed by cuck tier movements like "The Resistance"

east germany had plenty of nazi holdovers. stasi was festering with ex-gestapo for example. the fact is is that denazification was impossible on both sides because millions of germcucks were complicit in nazism.

never ever heard of them before

as a german who spent time in Asutralia:

god fucking damn Asutralia is disgusting. i was in SA so it might not be representative but it was fucking sickening.
it seemd like they were depseratly trying to emulate 'murica but had already overshot the goal

My green state government voted to remove the general political mandate of university student bodies.

Thus the student body won't be able to express itself politically, not even about topics that are related to educational policy.

Truly the generation '68, ahhh.

Don't wanna do much Aussie-hating but I've been to Australia too and can confirm. While it's not as bad as America (appropriate wages, social security) they are certainly getting there. What really pissed me off was how fucking boring it was. Australia has a nanny state that won't let you cut a steak without special security measures, people were apolitical and entitled as fuck - everybody I met was telling me how this and that would never fly in Australia, everything they do is reasonable and sustainable!

Baden-Württemberg? Wasn't Kretschmann a communist in his youth? Ahaha. What a farce.

He was the Jason Unruhe of his age.

and then he went the way of the banana to quote Marc Uwe Kling

I'm checking his Wiki, guy wasn't even that young when he was a communist. What the fuck happened?

Also, Kretschmann was always part of an open right-wing faction amongst the Greens. They aren't even pretend-leftists, they openly advocated catholicism, conservatism and libertarianism (!) from the very beginning. So when people say that the Greens got "reformed" over time or whatever, it's wrong, this faction of the party was always openly right-wing. Our Greens are the worst of all the Green parties in the world.

My only experience with the average German and politics was talking with exchange students during the French elections, and they seem to have fell hard for the centrist/post-ideology meme.
At the time, the SPD was supposed to win the elections, and one guy told me that basically, the SPD does a few reforms for the time of one mandate or two, and then the CDU get elected for 15 years and doesn't do much. The funny thing is that he talked about the SPD and its reforms almost as if they were pretty radical or something.
This guy also didn't seem to understand why Mélenchon was popular among the French youth and students. Cultural differences and what said aside, he didn't seem to realize that the French youth and people from Southern Europe don't have many hopes for their future as they can barely rent apartments, find stable jobs, etc, and didn't want to just swallow the Macron pill like that, since he is the guy that basically triggered nation-wide protests last year with his policies. For him, it was just a question of debt and whenever a government spent too much or not, and said Germany is the leading economy in Europe mainly because Schröder instigated severe austerity measures years ago and they can reap the benefits now.
I'm not saying there isn't people like this in France, on the contrary a lot of people fell for the Macron and debt memes here, but I was kinda shocked to see someone in his early 20s being THAT centrist. A lot of young Germans like the Greens and are "soft-leftists" like here though, but they seem to care less about economic issues.
I was also in Hamburg for the G20 protests, but the St. Pauli antifascists are not your average German

I can kinda understand though. I thought Siemens was just a company that manufactured boring TV sets and dishwashers until I went to Siemensstadt in Berlin. These two employ a shitload of people in France, Poland, Romania, and so on. Of course, it won't change a thing if they make a good deal for the average Hans, but it is no meme when people say the German industry is the strongest in Europe. I don't think there is anything like this in France.

fuck forgot to include the memes

This is to an extent true, but the people who reap the benefits aren't the working Germans. The only 'benefit' they reap is seeing a bump in some economic growth graph and feeling happy for spooked reasons, real German wages have stagnated.

Americans need to go

Can confirm. The current generation of university students is extremly reactionary, at my uni the classical liberals from the FDP are probably the most liked. I have heard stories before of foreign students being quite irritated how uncritical and subservient their German fellow students are.

I don't understand how somebody in his early twenties, full of life, can defend Merkel to very last inch. I've brought up the issue of weapons to Saudi-Arabia in a discussion I had this morning with a guy and he just went with "if we don't do it someone else is going to" and later: "Why am I supposed to care for the people in Yemen? I have my own worries. There will always be war, so why not make profits out of it? The workers are going to loose their jobs in the weapon industry."

And that isn't an exception. I met plenty of young people who say stuff like that.

This is correct. Wages have been stagnant since the 90s while prices skyrocketed. Living quality is objectively worse than 20 years ago, every study confirms that.

In the long run, these neoliberal reforms can only do so much though. Our corporations are refusing to modernize since a while now, they lack creativity. Entrepreneur culture in the US runs circles arround German businesses for a while now, so do the Chinese. Siemens actually had a much more realistic visions and thought about massive investment in Russia for German firms. They have the resources, we have the tech. Economically, Russia and Germany are destined for each other. But then NATO decided to go full retard against Russia and Merkel.

By the way, the son of the CEO of Siemens was in my class in high school. I went to his 18th birthday and the guy had a tub of champagne and pig head with an apple in the mouth on the table.

Requesting that one webm with the sperg and spurdos reciting germany's history in a mocking manner
this one?


It's unnerving how this map cuts straight along the Belgian linguistic border. Is it just francophones being too chauvinist to learn English?

But that's good. As we can see here, 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧furrydom🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is an obvious Anglo plot to ensure their ideological domination.

I've always felt bad for the mom despite her being spooked about Bible and all that.

francophones truly are superior to the german tribes

yes thank you

*Syria 2

Belgians are a separate race though.
This was actually an attempted founding myth of Belgium - it went nowhere of course.
polite sage for OT

t. american

this webm has to be revised

This is horrible :(

OMG three cheers for Euro exceptionalism!!!

Clinton is not the same as Trump. Macron is not the same as Orbaan. Shut the fuck up in future.

What's the problem here? A neoliberal government is a better framework for organizing the left than a far-right government.

Huh this is a really interesting point. Reminds me of "impeccable male feminists" like the CWI rallying against brocialism in other orgs while also covering up a horrific rape scandal.

Source on euthanizing orphans?

They're really not all that different. Trump's rhetoric has a veneer of populism/nationalism to it but deep down he's not that far from your typical American conservative. He's even reeled back a lot of his proposals now that he's in office. Believing he's some huge departure from the neoliberal dickheads we've been getting for the past several decades is buying into the image he's been crafting for himself to seem anti-establishment, when in reality he's just as happy to listen to the ruling class as anyone else.

When has this not been the case?

Said the Asian-Burgerican.
The Bundeskanzler is not directly elected by the people. People vote for parties in a proportional election (it's not entirely proportional, a threshold keeps very small parties out), some of the elected parties then work out a coalition. SPD-Greens-LINKE majorities have been possible time and again, but the leadership of the SPD refuses to work with the LINKE, and the leadership of the Greens is also not very enthusiastic about that option. Neither do ordinary voters have an input option on their ballots to indicate which coalitions they support, nor do normal party members have much influence over these decisions. The parties are extremely hierarchical. All that said, Americans surely have a more stupid electoral system and an even more brainwashed population. French people and Brits are more class-conscious than Germans, I'll give you that.

The wider electorate disagrees. That's all that matters. People need to be disabused of the notion that Clintonite liberalism is good enough, having Trump in office does the opposite.

I feel bad for Germans sometimes but then I remember Mark Rutte is doing his third term right now.

Im a helpless optimist but there is the chance that now that the pendulum has swung more right than it has since maybe Reagan, poor masses of USA that voted trump will see that right-wing economics are not their friend. When the next democratic president does so much as even bring back obamacare or equivalent, it will be much easier for us to insist that going even more left will be even better for them.

However this would require the average voter to have a longer memoryspan than one presidential term, and that's a stretch in united states of ADHD

No it won't, they'll just be told it's not realistic and not to take any rash measures.

listen to this

Let's face it user, if she fell the SPD would take her place and no one would smell the difference.

do it again bomber harris

The German people must be wiped out for the sake of humanity.

Well, he isn't wrong, is he? This is called being pragmatic.

Truly Rutte is his own brand of cancer.

Germany as a concept died with the November revolution.
Now all that's left to do is to squat it out of existence.
Cheers to the squatters in the general area called "Germany".