Is "being candid about my depression" the most low-key reactionary trend of this decade?

Is "being candid about my depression" the most low-key reactionary trend of this decade?

There's no doubt that depression is a real condition, but it's often triggered by miserable, alienating material conditions. Encouraging people to accept it as something intrinsic and incorporate it into their identity is the epitome of self-hatred.

I was heavily medicated for depression, but then I left America, stopped seeing all of my paycheck go to go rent, and stopped worrying about healthcare bills, and my depression mysteriously went away. I wonder what happened!

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Very noob question I guess but: are there leftist systems that are not influenced by Marx, or is all forms of leftism one way or another rooted in marxism? I was surprised to find out that Kropotkin was basing his theories upon Marx too. Again, I'm very new to theory.

Psychiatrist diagnosed me with panic disorder, GAD and mild depression. It was first diagnosed when I was called to conscription (east eurofag) so I didn't have to go. Later I went to psychiatrist and psychologist for couple of times due to severe panic attacks. They unironically told me to check in at the looney bin for couple of weeks, and prescribed me SSRI's which I took for 1,5 years.

Now I don't go that route, because I found a life-hack which works for me - combination of magnesium supplements, apple vinegar and fish oil which I take every day. I normally don't believe alternative medicine or even excessive prescription drug taking, but these supplements have really done good to me. I've picked those 3 specifically since these are supplements that most affect brain function and overall mood.

Not everyone has to take supplements, it's not my sole mission to preach about supplements on a leftist forum, but main point is that while recognizing depression/anxiety and normalizing it is something I 100% support, I have nothing but dislike towards people who describe themselves as "agonizing under the weight of their mental struggles". We are all dysfunctional in one way or another, either seek help, learn to live/cope with it or fucking kill yourself already.

Right, don't give credit to the drug the doctor prescribed you and you ate for 1,5 years, give credit to the apple vinegar you tried one time and then miraculously got cured..

I didn't mean to imply that the SSRI was a scam, it almost certainly cured my panic attacks, but didn't help much with the anxious behavior, and it was never meant to. However I did wish to imply that anxious behavior as such is not really meant to be cured, and if I would seek to cure it, I would lose a huge part of my natural personality. It makes me curious, gives me motivation to work hard and get out of my comfort zone every not and then. The downside is that I tend to expect worst from almost everything, I am easily startled by loud noises/sudden movements, gives me insomnia and procrastination issues, but I don't complain anymore. Don't they say that it's better to deal with the devils you know than those you don't? I guess being a normalfag comes with an issues of their own too that I don't have to deal with.

On top of that, I mentioned supplements because it's my little way of trying to slowly damage control my brain from being too fried out by damage caused by anxious ADHD-like behavior.

Marxist Leninism

Being sad because your life is shit is not depression. Depression is when you don't have an objective reason to be sad but you still are. They get treated the same because someone has to sell all those drugs.

Utopian socialism(s).

I remember being such an angsty fag back in high school. Most of it easily was just not getting enough sleep.

Psychedelics don't kill brain cells, you brainwashed snot-rag. Keep spreading scientifically unfounded propaganda.

Don't doubt the power of apple cider vinegar

Actually… as the natural NMDA antagonist, magnesium is known to be bitchin' for anxiety disorders. Fish oil's pretty supported, too.

The vinegar, I don't fucking know… yeast makes a b-spectrum vitamin complex, though.

Truth. The whole "X kills brain cells" meme is a fucking joke.

good image, OP. both for the cute dogs and for the redpills

Y'all realize psychiatry is just a rehashing of ye olde eugenics movement? The definitions for most serious mental conditions are basically regurgitations of older definitons of feeblemindedness and so that were used as pretexts for sterilizing and killing people in the bad old days. There is literally no concept of "cure" or even manageable recovery. It's written into the laws that govern mental health care, even - the Mental Health Act and Disability Law, in the United States.

I'm basically barred from residing anywhere other than burgerland (no other country will approve a long-term visa unless I want to go to a really broke-ass country). I probably would be stripped of any diagnosis if I did leave the country, just because eurofags don't want to pay disability and the rest of the world doesn't care as long as I present as sane enough to avoid the institution.

don't think it's strictly reactionary but it certainly fits quite neatly into the neoliberal, individualist worldview.
mark fisher had a good thing on this

in particular the phrase "privatisation of stress" (although i always remember it as "privatisation of misery" or "privatisation of depression") - but perhaps stress is the best example. if you feel stressed, it's not because you work an insecure job in a high-tension environment, but because some chemicals in your brain are bad…

on the other hand despite my own relatively secure and comfortable living conditions i was quite depressed for a long time. i'd assign it a political basis ("yes, i'm fine, but my prospects aren't improving and nor are anyone else's") but then i would do that even if there was an underlying material cause.

That would depend on what X is now wouldn't it. If X was for instance alcohol or meth then that would be true, especially for the former.

I am severely depressed but I point to people the flaws of psychology all the time how it expects YOU to change instead of you changing the fucked up world.

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