Artificial intelligence can identify 'gay faces' from a picture, study claims

Do you have a gay face, Holla Forums?

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This is kinda old.

Let's ignore the issues like the gay guy being clean shaved and pretend this works reliably, and just ask, if you were so 'deeply disturbed' by this technology why did you help to bring it into existence, fucking idiots? Just be honest and say you want to sell it to Saudi Arabia to give to Boko Haram.


I know, I just thought it was funny and I don't think we had a thread on it.

The authors never shared their data, so the sample can't be examined for bias (patently obvious from the picture) nor can the classifier be retested on an independent real-world input.


Straight man here, I look only 1/3 gay, and that's ok. Wow, that woman on the right side is exactly my tSCHEI├čE >:[

Holla Forums can't even math.

I think he's implying that it would have gotten a 90% success rate if it had simply guessed "straight" every time.

Takes a stats course guys holy shit this place is full of brainlets. Of the sample population the rate of the AI correctly identifying a gay person was 90%. This says nothing about the distribution of gay and non gay participants within the sample, and so the '10% of population is gay 90% is straight' rule of thumb is completely irrelevant.

But what does this have to do with means of production?

My face looks closer to the heterosexual male than gay male version, so I guess I passed that stupid test.


That just means youre a hybrid that only bangs traps.

Is there a face for an otherwise straight male who really likes cute anime traps?


Banging traps is the gateway drug to full homosex, nah thanks.

God has abandoned us

world is a fuck

It's a funny meme but that implies their sample was 90/10 since they didn't actually test the entire population

Just under 4% of the US population is LGBT, so not only are you mathematically illiterate, but you're pulling stats out of your ass. Just stop, we don't need more idiots making us look bad.

Weird thing is I remember saying something pretty similar as an offhand joke last time this was brought up on this board. So now I feel somehow responsible for the retards who are bringing this up as a real point now.

Physiognomy is real.

I firmly place the blame on the anons themselves who click New Reply without spending 5 seconds fact checking their claims.

There are a variety of interesting implications such technology would have for socialized healthcare. For example, all children are photographed yearly and ran through a neural network that detects a variety of conditions that manifest through distinct facial features, such as autism ( The children could then be flagged and fast-tracked for an in-depth diagnoses, helping avoid cases where a child falls through the cracks and fails to be diagnosed.

Physiognomy is real.

what did he mean by this?

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That's an awfully nice federal building you got there comrade.


Dude, it means gay people are gay, duh

The faces of straight men and gay women are less symmetrical, so, on average, lesbians are less narcisisstic than heterosexual women. This basically proves that not all homosexual attraction can be determined by facial "biological markers."

The slant of the eyes also suggests that straight males and gay females have better attention to detail than their counterparts. It's widely assumed that gay men have good attention to detail since their grooming is more careful, but this composite proves otherwise. It's possible that eclectic men who thrive outside a traditional work enviornment allocate more time for personal care and so find more opportunities to correct their mistakes.

Silicon Valley needs too stop selling stories to Popular Mechanics


So they have discovered that being gay is genetic? So it's completely natural, cool

>tfw you think both of the gay faces look better

Physiognomy is real.

I trust Silicon Valley and Mark Zuckerberg to tell me how much I have to pay for my mandatory government issued facebook account that costs $10 a month that can match you up with local singles based on the contours of your face

Silicon Valley is making history by making a computer that can call you a fag

Fags and dykes almost always have a "look" to them, the fact that AI picks up on this is about as grounds as AI being able to differentiate the RGB color spectrum.

Congratulations on discovering gaydar.

Wow. Absolutely groundbreaking.

The gays are young, smiling, and well groomed

This computer's gaydar algorithm is foolproof


Liberals are funny as fuck.
At the same time

Gotta love doublethink

This is practically what the Soviet Union thought of "science."


It seems like the right side has stunted features. Less prominent cheak bones. Weaker jawline.

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Why is leftypol so low-test ?

right one isn't even that hot but the left one is objectively disgusting. How do you composite so many people and still come out with someone who looks like a fat basic bitch with too much eyeliner? You must be a burger to enjoy that

I'm kidding. Left one looks like a soccer mom that peaked in high school but there seems to be an underlying issue with age.

What about bisexuals people?

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Idk, you can probably merge them horizontally and get a good approx

Bisexuals are counted as gay.

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