How much theory do you read in a day?

How much theory do you read in a day?
How much do you think somebody should read in a day?

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Not much: I'm just exhausted after work, and I need to spend time with my wife too (she's not really into politics).

Around 1 phamplet.

I have mad ADHD and anxiety so I can't be bothered to actually read something page upon page, thus I prefer audiobooks. I've listened an entire Communist Manifesto and half of Ego and It's Own, but besides that, it's zero and tbh I don't consume theory at all. I'm currently listening to Yuval Noah Harari's audiobook about history. I love being able to walk around outside/work in the office while listening to audiobook, helps me either feel busy or relax depending on what I'm doing while listening

Least that a modern man could do is to spend time reading while stuck in traffic/public transport/waiting for something etc.

Not much. School takes up a lot of my time. I tend to read much more during weekends and during the summer.

About 2 pages of Debt: The First 5000 Years. I really wish I had the time to digest something like Shaikh's Capitalism, but I just fucking don't.

I don't know. Depends on the day. I mean there is other shit to read besides theory, holy shit.

About 3 hours a day of leftist literature (sometimes I'll re-read books, so it's not all necessarily new stuff), then spend another couple of hours reading Chemistry and Physics.

Either one essay or pamphlet or 1-3 chapters of whatever book I happen to be reading, not necessarily political theory. Right now I am reading Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy. I think I will start the fist volume of Capital after that, or maybe David Hume's Enquiry.

If I read 10 to 15 pages/1 chapter a day I'm pretty satisfied with myself. I'm ADD so my mind has a hard time focusing on one task

It varies, I try to read at least a little every day. Some times just a few pages, sometimes a lot more. Recently I started taking really detailed notes, that slowed me down too.

I read like once every two weeks at least. Life gets in the way a lot and it's kinda hard. Plus I don't have a Kindle or something for audio books so I'm just kinda meh.

FYI I can only read a little bit unless it's leisure reading which I can sometimes handle since it's an actual fucking book

realistically let's say prole cannot read everyday (yea right though, a proley prole can read normal agitprop and 'low theory' in public transit or at least put some time aside in the week for at least 20 pages a go. if you are a uni student you should have plenty of time to read theory. I've found that the hardest/densest stuff I can only take very little bits of at a time, a few pages or paragraphs, before you need to go back and compare it with many other things like what's been said earlier or read other people's arguments. ideally you annotate/takes notes.

oof that's a lot.

remember if you find Capital is too much in a forward assault, you can try reading Marx's other critical-political economic works that are in simpler format and clear up a lot of his conceptions of categories. Grundrisse contains his researches towards Capital and is a good companion text. Personally I read the 'economic doctrines of Karl Marx' by Kautsky before, which contains a sort of textbookish explanation of the arguments in Vol 1 it's almost a substitute for Capital unless you need to get into the dialectical presentation.

worth it user

I read at least 3 theory everyday. My record is 7 theory in 24 hours, but I was on adderall.

An hour a day with notes

bruh get on my level. If it can't be compressed in a 4-panel rage comic it ain't worth my time

A picture is worth 1000 words, that's like 4000+ words. For me it's 20 words max.

I’m an author, and I start my day of with atleast 14 chapters of Marx, chairmen MAO, Trotsky, Zizek, and even a little Stalin towards the end. By 7:00 AM it’s cocaine, and then I begin Wrighting. I’m a perfectionist, I don’t use a shitty gaming keyboard, with all your little LED’s. No, I use a Lettera 32 Olivetti manual machine, duel type branch, quad switching, and a KV6 mod passed down from generations of famous authors. I’m talking Cormac McCarthy level men in the upper echelon of the literature world. By 10:00am it’s time to go big, I’m talking multitasking. I’m talking 20+ chapters of compiled leftist theory specially printed in a format for 900+ words per minute at 95% comprehension, and that’s just before mid day. By 12:00 I rotate my personal library via a random number generator, then hit 14+ more read via a mirror from last chapter to first using a device that both rotates the book on X Y Z axis. By 1:00 Ive already finished, and have began a specialized voice to text recitment testing system while listening to a compilation of soviet musical compositions compiled on a custom made 7/1 inch vinyl, played via a Oracle Audio Delphi MK VI Turntable.

Oh shit me too fam. I didn't know that other people used used these strats.

I thought he never reads his own works.

I don't, I read science and law because I'm not a brainlet

Goebel's The Nazi-Sozi (Sadly no PDF)

It's an interesting look into National-Socialism before the later elections and the Enabling Act.
It's also curious in that it never really points out what they find to be the flaws in Marxism. Only that it's Jewish.
Which of course is interesting considering the Marx was the one that originally came up with the idea that the world needed to be emancipated from Judaism.

I tend to read but I don't have a priority of reading theory 24/7

*Read 100 pages a day

Are you an actual Nazi??