Holla Forums's (((glorious leader))) enriched by nog

DA’s office: Prisoner peed on cellmate’s mattress; flung urine on cellmate, corrections officer
An inmate at Monroe County Correctional Facility faces multiple charges after urinating on his cellmate’s mattress.
Malik Morgan, 25, formerly of Stroudsburg, was found to be urinating on his cellmate’s mattress on Oct. 15 at around 10:15 p.m. Morgan was ordered by a corrections officer to stop the behavior. In response, Morgan obtained a container of suspected urine and threw it on both his cellmate and the corrections officer.
Detectives from the Monroe County District Attorney’s office investigated the incident, and charged Morgan with felony aggravated harassment by prisoner and disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. Charges were filed at the office of Magisterial District Judge JoLana Krawitz.
There's something really poetic about this. Trump curse strike again?

No one gives a shit about "Muh degene*ate" AKA "someone having fun" Holla Forums
Plz go

You sure was quick to give your salt for someone "not giving a shit". ;^)

The only thing i give a shit about is the fact that all you Holla Forumsflakes keep posting this shit expecting people to care and shitting up the board


The funniest part is that you actually considered assault with urine "fun".

We don't care about your stupid culture war.

what does this have to do with Holla Forums?

Why is this anything to do with us? Google "Donald trump Lolita express" dumb faggot your daddy is a pedo. Look at Steve banning former business partners

Well its fun to the one doing it i assume at least

Not any random jew.

He's the very broodmother of you, locusts, spawning ground.

Its time to go back

Yeah, I bet as credible as the Russian piss scandal.

You have an explanation or are you just shitposting?

Holla Forums doesn't have explanations for anything




Name one time a mainstream source advocated the workers rising up, overthrowing the bourgeoisie and establishing a workers' state where the means of production is owned in common by the workers and the economy is organized democratically.

I'll wait.

Guess being a soulless amoral dialectic materialist does that.

No one here gives a shit about "Muh video games and Feminism"
read the FaQ


If the establishment is full of "muh niggas and JOOish gommies TM" and Kartural Marxists then how come those groups constantly shill for liberals like clinton and trump?

you really just don't get it huh. you still didn't name one time a mainstream source advocated the workers rising up and all that other stuff he/she said but whatever lol

also, who the hell is this goldberg guy lmfao

So random Liberal who ran some gaming forum but then got arrested for being a pedo that Holla Forums expects us to give a shit about
Basically "muh bike lock man" V.2

oh my god hahahah this is about a video game guy?

leftism btfo, a video game forum guy is a pedo. checkmate

The site he owned was called NeoGaf and it was an old as fuck mid two thousands gaming forum site that i didnt even know still existed


Wew there lad. And Sanders is regarded as a the fringe wing of the Left by the American political and media establishment, what the fuck are you even talking about.

Is this the "socialism is when the government does stuff and the more stuff it does the socialister it is" meme?

read Bordiga

Are all commies such low quality faggots?

How's this?


We came here to laugh at you

which owns because the ancomm ball he posted is awful. do ancomms even call people nazis? im fairly sure anyone on the left wing calls liberals liberals, calls fash fash, calls every leftist sect by what they are, etc

As we all know, recycled Holla Forums memes from a decade ago are the cutting edge of memeology.

Must suck for you that the only people removed from reality enough to listen to read your edgy nihilist economically illiterate kike book are white bourgeois kids while the actually working class goes for patriotc populists all around the world.

Its impossible for someone who thinks the shit that Holla Forums thinks to be anti-establishment their ideas are inherently pro-Establishment

so that's what this neogaf shit I kept hearing about was.

and what does this guy or neogaf or any of it have to do with leftypol again?

Fuck it, OP is not even serious.




Except all the right wing liberal and Aut-right media that sucked his dick constantly of course
Nah im just going to wait a bit so i can laugh at burgers when trump breaks all his promises (like he has begun to) and laugh as this blip of "trump populism" dies and people begin waking up

Socialist are beginning to make gains in the US as trump continues to fumble
Open socialists were elected in the recent state elections in virginia
food for thought

Wew Holla Forums.

No one here gives a shit about Internet drama

Keep going, haven't taken my daily sodium intake yet, commie.


I think I've heard about Neogaf 3 times in 10 years. I don't know what makes you think anyone here cares about it.

Soros played a big role in the downfall of Soviet communism and has been an architect for the neoliberalism across the globe.

I generally sage threads that are both Holla Forums and e-drama, all I asked was what relevance this had to leftypol tho, I smell another epic bike lock man 2.0 also

Oh of course
One of the main architects of the fall of the Soviet block is a secret jewish gommie!


We're not liberals.

thanks for this post. at least we still have super antifa soldiers Mk.I
and the Mk.II is still in dev. the help of Soros big boss will create a weapon that will surpass the master race. the jew will race mix you too.

stupidity at its finest.


ebin how long will it take for this to get 404'd?

Imagine if every time a mudslime leader or an ISIS commander had been murdered I barged into Holla Forums telling you how you have always loved him (cause he's a RIGHTISS!) and pulling tons of assumptions and acusations off my ass and acting like I'm a badass for being utterly wrong and ignorant.

That's you right now, negroid.

Stay poor, faggot.
Blame the _'ruling class'_ for every problem you have. Blame the 1% every time you break a nail, Nancy.

You know, I was going to just complain about Holla Forums giving attention to a retard like you and sage. But your post genuinely made me laugh. You really are that delusional aren't you.

Have a bump, everyone needs to see reactionary retardation.


Oh no ! he right we just need to not be poor.
you niggerloid should open a books for once and read.

did you get the wrong picture? usually the "leftards BTFO!" posts have some tranny or sjw-looking people
that guy just looks like, well, a guy

wtf i'm a Holla Forumsyp again

You sound like you are from 4chan. You must be 18 to post here.

The mainstream media is owned by the business class, and as a result reflects the interests of the bourgeois.

We seek to abolish private property first and foremost.

What is this thread even about?

Found the Redditor.

Well he's from Holla Forums, of course he's a redditor. Are there any authentic Holla Forums posters left at this point?

This thread is absolutely incoherent as well.





I believe I've said enough.

All these people wished they looked like Frankie Munez when they were 18 to properly represent the white race but they've evolved into orcs and they never stopped giving up the dream of being as Frankie Munez was. That's all Holla Forums is.

stop bumping this shit


I'm not done posting yet. I have an entire archive.


check the checkbox the "Do not bump"
then spam your images.

Thanks for the tip.


Is Hoochie this much of a newfag to be unable to sage properly

I've been here for a solid day. One day only. It's just been a day. I'm sorry, but it's just been a day.


Anyways I don't understand how you can claim moral superiority as the most beautiful race when everyone who associates with your retarded Holla Forums shit on facebook post themselves like this. White supremacist Holla Forums social networking is a scandal of itself, I have no idea what this thread is about, I just want to remind you how ugly and hated you are op.

Honestly one of those days I'll capture some nazi, cut his balls off, take a pic of his bitchmug and proceed to post it whenever a shitstain like you shitposts anywhere outside of your fucking containment board on r/the dolan

I mean at least social justice warriors have like, some sort of ability to wash their own face without waiting 8 god damn months to do it, then posting your face like people wanted to see this.

If this is what you are actually proud of, no wonder nobody is proud of you.

Missed a few.