Reminder that we wouldn't have socialism if Roman Empire wouldn't have conquered half of europe, adopted Christianity...

Reminder that we wouldn't have socialism if Roman Empire wouldn't have conquered half of europe, adopted Christianity, if monks in christian monasteries would have written down and recorded Ancient Greek thought, which later allowed Renaissance to happen, which led to spread of humanist ideas, which in turn gave rise to basic foundations for French Revolution, which in turn inspired people like Hegel and Proudhon, who in turn inspired Marx to write his classics to offer alternatives to capitalism.

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Reminder that the Roman Empire could have easily been strangled in its youth at various times in its first few centuries of existence, and eventually some other empire covering some roughly equivalent area probably would have risen instead. To attribute some special attribute to a set of symbols and names is a spook.

Question is, would this other empire have been as accommodating to recording proto-socialist philosophies as Roman Empire and it's descendant elites?

Communism is inevitable, so no, if it wasn't the Romans, it would be someone else.

Not really. Look at how slow all the other empires outside Europe were to abolish slave societies.

You know really only a small fraction of most of the writing from the Classical period actually survived the burning of the library at Alexandria. Who's to say some equivalent empire going under a different name wouldn't have done a better job at recording history and preserving writings?

The Persian Empire didn't even have slavery

Which one?

nice idealism, faggot. The real reason the Renaissance happened was because of the black plague. So many people died that afterward the peasants had huge leverage to increase their wages and form the embryo of the bourgeoisie. How can you say you admire Marx if you're spewing all this idealist trash?

The Achaemenid and Sasanian empires, the ones around the Roman period

This analysis is either dishonest or simply ignorant.

read marx

Wew. The Renaissance happened because of influence of Byzantine scholars that went into Italian exile after the Fourth Crusade.


Life isn't fair.

Sry but the historial awareness is trash right now. Rennaissance wasn't a fundamental 'light' or whatever (remember, the fundamentalist reformation period came right after) and Medieval scholastic philosophy was actually pretty complex and smart. What's humanist is a slippery definition: christianity already accomodated the idea of the equality of souls throughout medieval times. Petrarca, Rennaissance poet par excellence, thought the Roman Empire went to shit after Hadrian because he wasn't an Italian. Such shocking humanism.

The Rennaissance was very strongly an art movement inspired by a turn to classicism. It wasn't a radical break like the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution or even perhaps the Reformation. It had its roots in places like Italy and then the Netherlands where the Bourgs were strongest because trade and banking made for wealthy patrons for art projects. And yeah Byzantine influx helped, hard to say how much.

Oh I should add that it did change mentalities, but again it's hard to say how much.

How do you tie such things with leftism? Asking without sarcasm

who cares

Anarkiddie much?

The ones the Greeks bitched about

Except this is the exact opposite of what happened. Those monks were literally scraping the Greek writings off the vellum holding them to write prayerbooks.

What is this supposed to prove? The writings of Archimedes still passed on and weren't literally burned or anything

Read someone other than Marx.

Read the piece linked and see how incorrect you are.

You mean this part? Sorry but I don't have time atm to read the entire article


Reminder that we wouldn't have socialism if a dog named Barkos didn't fart on 13:16, Tuesday, 308 BC


For those keeping score at home, Ancient Greek philosophy was discovered and disseminated by Arab "capitalists." Scandinavia had nothing do to with the Italian Renaissance.

Reminder we wouldn't be here if a Tyrannosaurus didn't get blown the fuck out by an asteroid