Why did Socialism fail in Greece...

Why did Socialism fail in Greece? Many sources claim that it was socialism that caused the Greek economic collapse but not many good explanations as to why it failed.



How can such concentrated stupidity and misinformation be allowed to exist?

Don't just insult the article, explain why Socialism is not responsible for these failings.

Just tell them this:
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because under no definition of socialism except for right wingers thinking socialism is when the state does stuff, there was no examples of socialism being implemented in greece. I urge you to give examples of "socialism" being practiced in Greece and how it affected the economy.

Greeks are lazy and avoiding taxes became a national pastime.

The closest they honestly got to socialism in Greece is in the anarchist communes in various parts of the country

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Doubly so for Puerto Rico.

The healthcare in Greece is socialized, therefore expensive and racking up debt.

You mean nationalize?

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if the greeks just pull themselves up by their bootstraps, they can become rich like those hardworking japanese !




Where did you find this?

Greece failed because it's filled with nonhumans

Greece was always one of capitalism's greatest failure's and none has the balls to call it that. Socialism has nothing to do with Greece, it simply never existed here.

The dictator did do one thing right
He banned plate smashing
Literally the most barbaric practice ever conceived and yet they're somehow proud of their tradition that allows them to act like apes

How was Greece socialist?

Being part of EU is what destroyed it. Entire EU is on lifesupport by world bank now but its kept in secret, and the refugee crisis is also a good distraction for the moment being. It will be entertaining when the bubble bursts.

Prove there ISN'T a god. Hehheh, checkmate socialists!

How the fuck is it that so many right wingers are too dumb to understand the difference between socialism and social democracy/welfare-state capitalism

It's not a fucking hard concept to grasp


After the fall of the Junta in 1974, Greece has had governments either of PASOK or New Democracy (ND). The first started as a "socialist" party, but was pretty much a nepotist organisation (funnily enough the prime minister Papandreou in 2009-11 was the son of the Papandreou who founded the party, who's own father was also a major political figure in Greek politics). ND is center right, but has always had many far right members, one of their MP's, Voridis, is in a photograph some years ago walking around threatening people in a left-wing neighborhood (Exarcheia) with an axe, their youth organisation in the past has murdered left wing activists (such as the teacher Temponeras), though they now just go to clubs and consume large ammounts of alchohol. Also Kasidiaris, of the fascist Golden Dawn was a leading member of their youth organisation as a student.

Only in 1989 was there a coalition government of the radical left and ND which didn’t last very long (maybe 2-3 years). Now, what the article is talking about is when the nepotist PASOK government started giving out money to various groups of people (conveniently before elections). This wasn’t something new in Greece; most public servants actually got their jobs as a political favour of some sort, either by PASOK or ND (not that SYRIZA aren’t doing the same thing, but they haven’t been in power for 40 something years yet). PASOK just took it to a new level and started throwing money fucking everywhere- it didn’t eradicate any of the existing inequalities though. And needless to say, ND just continued with shit cause VOTES.

What the people writing the article ignore or don’t understand is that all these “handouts” were ways in which politicians, and other people, stole money. I cannot stress this enough. Everyone stole money. From shops or plumbers and electricians not giving receipts and dodging taxes, to ship owners or building companies paying the politicians millions. Even SIEMENS made corrupt deals, and now Germany won’t extradite the guy who was in charge- because the trial would severely damage SIEMENS. So people were getting crazy handouts, there’s been working-taxi-drivers-getting-money -for-being-blind level corruption, there’s been breaking and entering after every mayor’s election in Athens in which nothing is stolen but hard drives- which obviously contain incriminating data. Basically, the whole government was/is a money stealing scheme, and they let everyone else steal some so that they would keep their mouths shut.

I could go on and fucking on but the point is that there never was anything even remotely close to socialism in Greece, but there was rampant corruption on an amazing scale. That’s just my two cents, I didn’t even read the whole fucking article because whoever wrote is completely clueless, I mean even the Greek far right doesn’t accuse socialism but corruption, what the fuck guys.