Owner of our board

Hey guys, I heard our BO sucks cock. Wtf I'm seriously leaving now.

Fuck trannies and fuck nazis

I'm seriously pissed off guys. Why is this happening to us ? I feel so vulnerable. Do you think it's a good idea sucking cock.


everybody here sucks cocks

Hey cucks.

Hitler did nothing wrong(USER WAS GIVEN Holla Forums GOLD FOR THIS POST)

Well, I certainly don't.

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why are you even here?

god i wish that was me

I feel like this is a good time to say that if you don't like Taylor Swift, you're an enemy of the proletariat and a traitor to the revolution.

What is the point of this thread

Cute girl tho

Why is this pinned?

Any bugchasers in this thread? I'm a rock hard poz pig looking for a little twinkie


where you at daddy?

BO being a massive faggot has been common knowledge since he sperged out over the April Fools thing.

When you're from Holla Forums and you make a thread on Holla Forums and it gets pinned.


xir, you got another thing coming

make some more threads fam


Listen, that sounds a little misogynistic.

and it's white, i c'mon! racist much?

Only if you wanna pay my tuition.

Why the fuck is this pinned?

because fuck you that's why


Where the fuck are the mods?