How do you deal with racism becoming mainstream?

How do you deal with racism becoming mainstream?

why do i have to put 200 characters now? how fucking ridiculous is this?

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Thanks for the picture OP. Now i'll have nightmares tonight.

Nothing wrong with racism. Marx and Engels envisioned communism for Europeans only


Europe isn not a race.

Racism used to be mainstream. It became taboo for a while but reactionaries became emboldened during the trump election. What we now have is a bunch of right wingers throwing a temper tantrum over not being able to “speak their minds” even though no one wants to hear nor agrees with their bullshit ideas. They paint it as system deeply triggering and problematic bullshit, but the reality is the shit they want is not popular, and should have died out 60 years ago. It’s simply inappropriate and you simply should walk up to people and call the slurs to their face. Common knowledge. So I wouldn’t say racism is necessarily making a comeback, it simply never died tho is receiving a new spotlight because rightist think people give shit about their opinions

Lol a.nti w.hite filters to deeply problematic and troubling now? Mkay

Go live in a Black or Muslim neighborhood and STFU.


And they were wrong. That's the thing about expanding and revising theory. It's supposed to be a science. We don't just take shit at face value because we want it to be true. Communism is about demonstrable facts.

But it isn't mainstream you little shit. Don't make up your shitty narratives dude

I'm pretty shut in so it doesn't effect me that much truth be told and I could care less about what dumbass Holla Forumsyps have to say

I guarantee you, like a typical Holla Forumsack, haven't even read those people.

But regardless, this is arguing in bad faith.

Yea, no thanks…

Europeans had their chance, but the autistic poles fucked it up for them all. Now, communism will be spread by the chinks and Japs.

Kill yourself.

go live with trailer trash and STFU

This always gets them.

Racist Anglosphere or Europe >>>>>>> PoC's home countries. I think they'll be alright.

Except native African Americans of course. They always get fucked.

I don't care about it because somebody's own personal prejudices and choices of whom to associate with are irrelevant.

Japs are the most class cucked people on Earth. They aren't doing shit unless their boss allows them.

How new are you lol?

Become a white knight and sharpen your swords for class==race warfare.