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Lets consolidate our thoughts about the racist apartheid sate of israel without all the bickering nonsense. Clearly like many predominate issues of today, its is an ongoing current event. For this reason we should never let it go under the radar, real time criminal actions take precedence over stupid petty bullshit.
Peace in the Middle east all revolves around settlement expansion.
Also Jimmy Carter was a underrated president. Too honest for his own good.

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So why is all forms of Jewish nationalism bad? What about socialist Zionism?

Who implied it was? Who cares what they identify as, their actions are atrocious. Actions define not words.

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What really rustles my jimmies about Israel is the stranglehold they have over the US government. They have the most powerful lobby in our congress and we dump money into their military. And as SOON as you question this, you're literally fucking Hitler. Doesn't even matter if you are Jewish, they then label you as a self-hating Jew.
The US bitches left and right about Russian (foreign) influence in our election, yet nobody talks about the elephant in the room, Israel. Muh allies and "muh only democracy in the middle east" and all that bullshit. Drives me nuts.

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A mere cursory look at any anti-Zionism thread here proves otherwise. What about Martin Buber? How about Emma Goldman's views on Zionism?

Perhaps my revolutionary education has been sadly neglected, but I have been taught that the land should belong to those who till the soil. With all of his deep-seated sympathies with the Arabs, our comrade cannot possibly deny that the Jews in Palestine have tilled the soil. Tens of thousands of them, young and deeply devout idealists, have flocked to Palestine, there to till the soil under the most trying pioneer conditions. They have reclaimed wastelands and have turned them into fertile fields and blooming gardens. Now I do not say that therefore Jews are entitled to more rights than the Arabs, but for an ardent socialist to say that the Jews have no business in Palestine seems to me rather a strange kind of socialism. - Emma Goldman

this can be used to justify literal imperialism, what a horrible argument. unless youre of the opinion that the colonization and subsequent genocide of the native americans was justified and true socialism.

Funny how outdated she is all while acting like the land was uninhabited. Little does she know the modern Israelis funnel scarce water to Israeli settlements letting Palestinian crops die thereby scorching the earth for others.

Anti-Zionism is code word for Anti-Semitic.

I don't think you quite understand what she's saying here. She believed that there was nothing wrong with Jews moving en masse to Palestine if they wanted to, but that there should be no political aspect to the zionist project, that they should not attempt to create a state or have anything but total equality with the arabs there.


Why is respective European Nations' nationalism bad or "Nazi"?

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Also it's really rich to hear ancoms like Goldman talking about muh rightful clay.

Nobody likes to talk about the hundreds of thousands of people in Africa who asphyxiate themselves out of starvation and war and the Palestinians whom are ignored. Its always stupid petty bullshit taking precedence

Jewish Not Socialism? Really makes you think.

Judaism is a religion, Jews are a race.
Ethno nationalism is always bad. Civic nationalism is not bad unless you literally stole the country.

I agree with this, also fuck Zionism.

It's not about rightful clay. No one has a right to land in that sense, they have a right to a sense of place and home, and they have a right to the fruits of their labour.

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I keep rereading both these sentences and something doesn't equate

I'm surprised no one has protested caterpillar yet providing the means to bulldoze indigenous villages for settlements

I'm not denying that israel is NutSac shithole which should return land to palestine and so on, but why the hell would protester in Israel used English sign?

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Doesn't exist. It's just socdem imperialism for jewish people.


Hitler supported the creation of Israel and made deals with Zionists

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Does anyone have a good book, documentary, or articles on the actions of Israeli imperialism across the world? Pls don’t just send me something on Palestine I know most of that stuff already.

Has anyone else read this book? I found it amazingly well-sourced and to contain some blockbuster revelation.


A lot of Israelis speak crystal clear English. Hell a fuck ton of them are just American Jews LARPing as little Kang Davids.

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The martyrs not racist

The Zionist Story. (Full Documentary)
The Truth on Israel Palestine Conflict
IsraHell on Earth [Original Documentary]
The Israel Lobby



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They also tried to sink the ship named after her too

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Any good sources on the support for (certain elements of) the Left for Israel in the beginning of the 20th century?

It's a great reminder not to let superficial socialist designs blind you from deeper structural and geopolitical circumstances of a nation, particularly if it becomes a militaristic one, and now with R0java it's really relevant. I'm doing some research right now and I'd appreciate recommendations.

This is good stuff. Thanks.
Also on a slightly related note, I repost this all the time but it’s well worth reading it’s on Nazi-Zionist collaboration.

Funny how Israel loves to talk about the horrors of nazis and German nationalism, yet extol the exact same shit, calling for genocide and the like.
As someone who hates nazis, I hope Israel burns in a shower of scud missiles

Those Jews could have stayed there and lived side by side with their Arab neighbors just like they had for countless generations, but the Zionists had to go and build their autistic "Jewish Homeland" there and trample all over the Arabs.

Anti Zionist threads are always started by nazis usually

Well this is Bernie Sanders for one loosing his shit on a girl talking about Palestinian rights.

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This would make Zionism bad. Have you been brainwashed, or are you jewish yourself? Why would jews get a pass when no-one else does?

Holy shit, the separation barrier about to present a Hitchcock movie

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Wew if this doesn't convince you that R*java is Israel 2.0 I don't know what else will.

Carter started the Taliban, fuck him in the ass.
Israel is the puppet of the USA and Britain.

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Israel to shut migrant centre and deport Africans