What does Holla Forums think of Destiny...

What does Holla Forums think of Destiny? Although he seems to be a centrist I think he seems to be open to left wing ideas as evidenced with his talks with ContraPoints and I also enjoy him BTFOing alt-right retards

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He makes race realist people look like the fools they are.

He's super liberal and still believes in "muh comparative advantage". It's pretty annoying. To his credit, he did have a pleasant conversation with a Trot from here, and didn't fly off the handle like Carlgon would have.

Literally who?

He unironically thinks neoliberalism is good.

e-celebs go into the containment thread

He might be a liberal but he still debunks right wing "arguments" with ease.
His talk with Contra was great.

Honestly are you guys Holla Forums users or what? Can a mod check their IP or something.


Destiny serves as excellent entryism for us, I think.

His biggest issue is that he buys into the debate meme which isn't harmful so much as pointless.

No, I just find it strange that a guy that destroys Holla Forums "arguments" has so many sages in less than a minute of the post being up.

This was for you,

looks like he uses 9mm or some faggy round like that so he's a bitchboi

Yeah, but he would throw us all under the bus eventually, though. I think the furthest you'll be able to get him to go is socdem. Also, he can be purposely inflammatory. I've never seen that as a good way to win people over to your position, but that's just me.

I just have a kneejerk reaction to e-celebs and this doesn't exactly changes my mind

side note: I do think it's funny how hard he triggers mister metokur.

i don't know who this guy either i've been posting here for years

Is Metokur really THIS much of a cuck?

pick one

So many implications, comrade.

Read more theory

I'm a master of dialectics.

Fuck off, Holla Forums

Hes alright. Something the left needs to learn is stop hating so much on soc-dems and left liberals. The alt right uses centrist, and center right types. Meanwhile the far left is too busy wanking people of the same ideology over the intellectual and moral superiority over all else and hating all other left ideologies over what is essential tactics

Why does Destiny btfo evey right winger in a debate then?
You got beat by a brainlet lol

I'm not Holla Forums I just don't understand why we want this retard associated with us.

we shouldn't.
I still critically support him triggering Holla Forums

Frankly we don't, but we want to support, in some way, any person who can debunk right wingers. Especially when said person fronts very well as a centrist.

I, myself, only got into real leftism after having my reactionary tendencies stripped away first.

link of video him debating a race realist?

I have tons more respect for an honest neoliberal than I do for a crypto alt right "classical liberal".

Dick Masterson was right. Fuck Destiny.

I don't want capitalism on life support like the soc-dems and left liberals want. I want to stab the beast to death and tear out its organs until you don't even remember it existed in the first place. They're conpletely incompatible ideologies.

At least neoliberalism isn't racist.

This, and they're not as cowardly about hiding what they really believe.

destiny is a limp wristed neoliberal who doesn't have a problem with global capitalism as long as it promotes 'social progress'.

He is the epitome of feels > reals and even his fans admit that he constantly loses debates with aut righters.

He is as cringy to leftism as sargon types who's videos consist of "tee hee u just got DEBUNKED!" are to the right