The Pole is a disgusting creature. It has a massive head and low brow, yet has an extremely small cranium...

The Pole is a disgusting creature. It has a massive head and low brow, yet has an extremely small cranium. It’s ability for critical thinking is none. Although they bare a passing resemblance, do not mistake the Pole for a human. The Pole is a greedy, backstabbing liar. They will carry out any action necessary, no matter how detrimental, to increase their personal wealth.
Time and time again, neighbors of the Polish race have, by their countless interactions with the creatures, become so disgusted and appalled by the actions of the Pole that they have found them to be entirely unfit for coexistence with other humans. And time and time again, these neighbors have attempted to wage a war of extermination on the Pole, in a righteous attempt to free the world from their reign of terror. They have so far evaded the destruction they so clearly deserve. In 1939, it seemed that with the joint Soviet-German invasion of Poland, that the world might finally be free of the demon known as the Pole. But the Pole, with its manipulative and conniving ways, corrupted the soul of the German nation, forcing them to turn on their Soviet allies. The resulting chaos allowed the disgusting Pole to crawl out of its cave and carve its existence back onto the map, at the expense of millions. The Pole must pay for its disgusting actions. It’s time that the world comes together and wages one final, absolute, end-all war of annihilation against Poland. Then, and only then, can we be free from Polish oppression.

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Karl Marx said that all of Europe should unite to BTFO the asiatic barbarian shithole that is Russia and that Poland is the only thing that keeps the mongol hordes at bay defending an enlightened progressive Europe. Still the case today

That pic is so fucking retarded on so many fucking levels kys clintonite

I don't like poles but this type of ethno shit post is not even welcome when it comes to americans

the eternal kurwa
i dunno whats wrong with them
they were shit at socialism too, prob the worst country in the eastern bloc, no wonder they wanted out

Race realism is best realism

Polish women are really pretty though

Poland looks comfy as shit with the commie kommunalyas. Fuck off liberal.

No it doesn't tbph, looks grim.

A thread like this with niggers instead of poles would have got me banned

Are they?

Nigger we have had nazis sperging out since the boards first breath. You proly would have gotten banned if you tried to pass it off as Socialist rhetoric, for Asserism.

using cherrypicked pictures to compare entire nations has always been fucking retarded.

Poles are good people
You are a fucking motion

I think both are fairly attractive tbqh

Karl Marx, "Poland’s European Mission", 1867

was marx secretly an eternal polack?

Patriotism 99 percent of time is a false thing. People seldom are patriotic of their nation, they usually like one of two good things about it. In American case it is their economy, in Poland's case it is anti-refugee policy , nevertheless many of these people are semi right centrists

Well, Marx and Engels often attended Polish commemorations of uprisings, and spoke warmly about Poles, who were opressed not only by capitalists, but also from their "occupants", that is Prussia (later Germany), Austria (later Austria-Hungary) and Russia. Also according to wikipedia Engels could speak Polish, so there is that

*blocks your path*