Hey I found this, is this your BO...

Hey I found this, is this your BO? If so this kinda dissuades me from communism knowing that your board owners literally suck dick. Degenerate filth you all are, you all are to be purged with fire you stupid little rat fuckers.

who is this person in reality and why do people think it's our BO?

it's OP

Nope, it's your board owner, sucking dick.

Best proof I've ever seen

how do you know knowyourmeme is right tho


Nigger if there's anybody I hate more than rightwing subhumans, its probably Miss Piggy and her little ☭TANKIE☭s.

Fuck you for making me see that shit.

Even if this is our faggot BO, that you went searching through tranny porn says a lot about you fam.

I really regret clicking that.


nice datamining, faggot


you are the underlings of a cock servicer

A little something you stumbled upon in your extensive search through archives of degenerate dick sucking?

Imagine being so mentally ill that you've been spamming a picture of a tranny nonstop for 6 months and you've actually convinced yourself of your own false flag

Kek gommies can’t do anything right. What a pathetic excuse for a blowjob, she didn’t even suck on the balls.

I think it's more concerning that someone scoured the internet looking for that video.
How many tranny porn videos did they have to watch for this?

Wait it’s a guy, hahahahhaha even worse, everyone knows fags suck dick better.

Leftypol's BO is actually Bordiga's son.

as opposed to being the free online image management team of a zionist :^)

still better than kampfy


not my proudest fap


Leftypol just needs to embrace Hitler already and come to the winning side, this is just sad.

So this is the power of the white race’s defenders.

Someone's mad.



lol, kys

i wonder who could be behind this post

pic related

Literally every meme on this shit board is stolen from Holla Forums, so it would be kind of hard for it not to be…or perhaps

we're coming, bucko

I don't mind if this is board owner but still I feel the need to say that this is a very disgusting video.

Someone needs to learn how to control their gag reflex

Heil der Fuhrer.