American Antifa has been taken over by idpols / libs and now just responds to nazis and doesn't care so much about...

American Antifa has been taken over by idpols / libs and now just responds to nazis and doesn't care so much about capitalism and class issues.

Are we still talking about ACTA (anti-class traitor action) or anticap (anticapitalist action)?

Do you think European Antifa is any different? They are all idpol scum.

That's literally been the case for all explicitly antifascist action throughout history.

It's almost as if focusing on bashing fringe retards and not opposing the wider liberal ideology of class collaborationism leads to it being inevitably coopted.

Antifa is not an organization, you are doing it wrong.

I'm just questioning honestly here,

Why does it matter/who cares. People throw idpol around like Halloween candy, one person's definition of idpol can be correct (mine) and other people can have a totally different understanding of it. It just depends where you grew up in, what you see idpol is.

Frankly if you're annoyed by someone, just ignore them.

The only purpose of antifa is fighting fascism, it's not meant to be revolutionary. It's "single-issue left unity," those who participate in it all agree that bashing the fash is good and well but they are likely members of different organizations that can't agree on revolutionary strategy (in the early days in the UK it was mostly Trots and anarchists, you can understand why this was the only thing they could work on together, however they all had their own things going on besides antifa).

Capitalism causes Fascism. You don't get rid of Capitalism, you don't get rid of Fascism.

You won't make it suddenly disappear by punching every retard with a brown shirt. Its impotent idealism that replaces real praxis.

It's not meant to get rid of fascism, just keep them in bay so they won't trash every radical leftist even and beat up every activist like they did back in the eighties before antifa came to the scene.

Sitting back in your armchair and waiting for the police to prevent fascists from torching your house/bookstoreÍ/party HQ or whatever for being a prominent radical leftist space is the impotent idealism, not the organization of self-defence networks.

Nobody told you to wait for the police. You, as a communist or anarchist, should be prepared to defend yourself and workers from both the state and fascists. The critique against "antifascism" is not that you're simply doing something.

Yes, that's what antifa is for.

The vague notion of "antifascism" attracts liberals as well as leftists which forces the left into class collaborationist alliances and ultimately obfuscated class struggle.

Anti-fascist action never attracted a single liberal, they hate it.

Historically it has. For example the antifascist popular front in Italy had everything from petty bourgeois liberals to monarchists.

Antifa have always been an informal tool of the ruling class, going all the way back to the 1930s.


This. I was in Hamburg for the G20 protests, and it was almost all about LGBT and migrants. I was hoping to see a "Solidarity for the Chinese workers who built your fucking iPhone" banner or something like this, but no.

That's because they're Antifa and not Anticap, famalam

My local ANTIFA group broke up due to personality differences and sectarian infighting. A lot of he said she said bullshit. The only united group in my area now is the Democratic Cops of America and the local redneck revolt takes forever to respond.
Fuck this life

You know just once, just once, I would like to see this backed up


Sounds kinda violent tbh
Like are you gonna beat up socdems or something

They're a healer class nothing wrong with that.

There's this curious thing that's happened to words. Idk if its happened to this extent in the past. People seem to see words or phrases, and instead of looking up what they mean, they just take a guess at it. Antifa is a perfect example, people hear anti-fascist and go, "aha! I'm against fascism, I'm a member of Antifa". Similar things happened to liberal, socialism, libertarianism, nazi (particularly when expanded to Not Socialism). This happens so consistently that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that there is concerted effort to distort the meanings of these (and others) words - although we know that this intentionally took place with libertarianism. I don't think its a coincidence that these and other highly ideological words lose meaning.

I like this ACTA/anticap thing because it is very explicit, but I can see even these being distorted. Either by changing class to mean something like worker as identity rather than relation to MoP, or by further distorting what capitalism is (le free trade meme).

Any proof that theyre with antifa?

I have no problem allying with liberals just to crush fascists, there is nothing worse than far-right.

this is actually true

Antifa attacks the white working class (no matter how lumpen they may be) more than any other group

*citation needed*

this. they worked for the social democrat status quo and shut down communist and fascist meetings alike.

Yeah but we live in [CURRENT YEAR] now; is there anybody antifa is class collaborating with right now?

…I mean, anyone besides our benevolent and most generous benefactor, his holiness, George Soros? Soros, if you're reading this, please don't dock my pay, I'll never be able to afford my hormone treatments this month 3:


Antifa isn't a group in the US. It cant be taken over. There is nothing to take over.

Get a load of Matthew Heimbach over here

North American antifa is kind of like a bad joke. We should be looking at the European antifa movements for inspiration.

There are so many different antifa groups it is basically impossible to generalise. I'm part of antifa group an its pretty much the least politically correct group I am involved with, a few of them also do football violence and that sort of thing. The difference between europe and America is basically that America doesn't really have the same culture of fighting for fun like europe does, and you can't do anything without sperging out. So, when you have antifa rallies, you mace each other and run each other over like the retarded neoliberalised amorphous blobs of McMeat you are, while in Europe its old football hooligans with grandfathers who died in WW2 on either side, obviously with a large dose of edgy college students, but the history of European Antifa is rooted in trade unions and socialist parties, with America it wasn't so much, primarily because no socialist parties have ever been even remotely big there, so stuff like AntiRacistAction drew more heavily from the alternative music and lifestylist anarchist scenes, and then more recently the anti trump movement has seen the growth of lots of antifacist groups

Basically, anti fascist groups should focus on covert and off the streets action. We live in a day and age where having a mass riot in public is just asking to be busted, it only really works if you have tens of thousands of people, but when that happens, the police are there, so shit can't really go down, you can't hurt them enough to scare them. Many groups already do this, but what Antifa needs to focus on is tracking down the organisers and personally victimising them. I'm talking, kicking down their door and beating the shit out of them, destroying their apartment etc, stalking them and attacking them in the street or their place of work. Also suppressing growing groups, with new alt right groups popping up, many are small and inexperienced, at this stage they can be easily harassed and spooked. The on the street presence should basically just be a disciplined show of force, we have the numbers generally on our side for this, in that situation, its enough, violence at marches wont make marches stop, its never damaging or spooky enough. You need to make their other life hurt, the one outside of going to alt right marches, most likely they don't tell everyone they know and/or it is already straining relationships, you make it even more difficult, you give them more reason to quit

literally whats the problem here

That they have actual fascists to respond to now instead of just disrupting underground concerts in northern states like they did 5 years ago.

American antifa is less shit than they've ever been, and this scares some.

My local antifa chapter attacked our local redneck revolt group. They said they were supporting rapists because a national organizer was a rapist and they had the same name as national, or some other drama.

My local antifa group stalks and harrasses leftists who don't fit into the same SJW box as them. Which is also sad, because they could be spending the time they waste on smearing other leftist radicals on investigating State abuses or local, corrupt big money influences

Then why do they dress so identifiably? smh, fucking retards, bloc isn't meant to be a fashion show

Going to punch neonazis at neonazi events is important, but it's just tearing off scabs. With the size and resources that antifascist groups have, they should be taking on the corporations and the state which enable fascists more.

Enjoy your shit fest faggot