What did we do to deserve him?

What did we do to deserve him?

Did he do anything wrong? (besides trusting his snake of a friend)

He was too good for this world ;_

He did a couple of things wrong
1) he should have been more harsh on the opposition with in his government
2) he should have been more careful not to alienate his government and military officers. He lowered their wages and removed certain privileges which pissed some of them off.
3) Not sure why he banned trade unions but Im still reading about him so I dont know if he had a good reason to.
Still undeniably one of the best African leaders and revolutionaries.

Wrong is quite subjective, what lead to his death is undeniable. But him being wrong as a person seems to be unexisting. No one, not even anarchists, can say he was a bad person.
He was good through and through

and we lost him to the capitalist greed ;_;

He did all those things through a coup, not a revolution. Which isn't to say it validates them, but that he and his government was the entire linchpin of it all. If he empowered and armed the people, bring them to the forefront therefor creating a genuine revolution, then simply couping him couldn't have undone everything he did. Him clamping down on the ansyn unions shows his thought process. He took the idea of the vanguard to the utmost extent where he was the vanguard.

So his failure was putting the trust of the whole ocuntry upon himself, instead of hte people

but OP don't you know that those things are socdem and not real socialism :DDDD

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I don't know much at all about how he rose to power, but was it a military coup? Or was it just an unpopular uprising of a minority?

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The fuck you on about? Sankara was a genuinly good person and he got killed because his best friend sold him and the entire country out

Based black anti-imperialist socdem guy

I didn't say he was bad either. And being a "good person" doesn't mean shit when you are in power, unless you are an idealist. How about not using moral terms?

Nigga he was in power for only a few years. How the fuck would he had time to establish communism in such a small amount of tim
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I didn't say anything about communism.
Never said that either. Power isn't "good" or "bad". What I said was that personal intentions are largely irrelevant and explaining government policies with the leader's "morality" or "love/hate/whatever" is retarded. Neoliberalism wasn't created by a secret cabal of worker-hating politicians, it was a reaction to the problems of capitalist accumulation. Blaming individuals is stupid and wrong.

You kinda say right there that people in power can't be good

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The West liked to use trade unions as staging grounds for fermenting unrest and undermining countries who didn't toe the line. Look into the history of the AFL-CIO and the Solidarity Center/American Institute for Free Labor Development.

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