Is Jason Unruhe The Elizabeth Warren of Communism?

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Jason is always talking about his supposed "Saami heritage." I think this is weird because he doesn't look Indigenous in the least. He looks full-blooded Irish.

Does he have any evidence that he's part Saami? I feel like Jason's identifying as Saami is a way for him to get street-cred, just like how many white people claim distant Cherokee heritage as a way to cop-out of being white. "What do you get when you put 16 white people in a room? A whole Cherokee."

Also, from the pictures I've seen of Saami people, they don't look "red" or Native American at all, despite Jason's claims that they had the "red" raped out of them. It's also worth mentioning the fact that Indigenous peoples don't actually have red complexions, but brown ones.

Jason should have to prove his Saami heritage before claiming to be Indigenous. Otherwise, he's just another Elizabeth Warren or Rachel Dolezal.

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He wants reparations from Sweden/Norway, that's why.

That's really messed up. That money could go to real Indigenous Saami people. He's just as bad (if not worse) than Liz Warren if true.

>The Sami people (also Sámi or Saami, traditionally known in English as Lapps or Laplanders) are an indigenous Finno-Ugric people inhabiting the Arctic area of Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of far northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Murmansk Oblast of Russia.
Alright now I'm confused. Why would they (and Unruhe) look "red" or like Native Americans?

Jason has said that he's an "indigenous person" and that the Saami were originally "red-skinned, identical to Native Americans".

Well that's fucking stupid. Saami people aren't indigenous to America (as far as I know?) so there's no reason they should look like Native Americans.

Also, look at this picture. That's a sami man. I don't think it's unlikely that he and some Irish woman could produce a child that looked something like Unruhe. He's probably not lying about his heritage, but I don't understand why he would say "we wuz native americans and shiet".

He hasn't brought forth any proof of his alleged Saami heritage, which is highly suspicious.

Also, assuming he was Saami, why would he insist the Saami were "red like da Naytifs"? Wouldn't he have a much better understanding of his own people's heritage?

Why would he do that? Seems like a pretty weird thing to try to prove to the internet unless someone came up to him and asked. If I told you about my heritage I would expect you to just believe me, and it wouldn't cross my mind that I had to prove it to you.

Do you carry around some paper that proves you're Irish, or whatever you are?

He's probably just really stupid, user.

Rachel Dolezal? Is that you?

Never change leftypol.

She's an idiot, but seriously, I have never felt the need to prove my heritage to someone. I don't even know how I would do that anyway (except like, calling my grandma or something). What kind of evidence do you wish Unruhe would provide?

I just don't understand why it's so hard to believe. Saami people exist, and it seems like such a weird thing to lie about. We already know Unruhe is dumb as shit.

Family tree, 23andMe, family stories of Saami or Scandinavian heritage.

Someone on this board said Roo learned he was Saami because a Native American shaman had a vision that Roo was descended from a "Native-looking people".

Jason Unruhe? Is that you?

Why did you reply twice?

It's problematic for a white person to claim Indigenous heritage without first being accepted by an Indigenous Nation. Is Jason accepted as Saami by other Saami people? Can he provide genealogical records proving he's part Saami? If not, his claims of Saami heritage are not unlike Rachel Dolezal's claims of black heritage.



To add, in Finland there is a Saami council which decides who is "authentically" Saami and who isn't. I highly doubt they'd recognize Roo as one of their own.

It's even worse how Roo claims to practice the indigenous Saami religion. Shamanic "religions" (and I use that term loosely; shamanism isn't a religion per se) are all passed down from teacher to student or through families orally. Unless Jason flies to Finland and gets himself a guru I highly doubt he has any basic knowledge of this tradition.

Off topic, but this kind of shit would without a doubt be viewed as disgusting (and rightly so) if it weren't a marginalized group, like saami people, who were doing it.

They don't want random people joining their nation. It's identical to why some Native Americans go by blood quantum levels to determine if you're Native enough for the tribe.

yes Hitler, that would make perfect sense given how long they've been in a climate where melanin's sunscreening function is relatively unnecessary also I remember tumblorf having a hissyfit about muh hwitewashing in Frozen a little before it came out, and the few relatively-coolheaded non-imbeciles there spamming pix of pale-ass Saami with the caption 'LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL NUBIAN GODDESS'

jim kicks ass at web design

Please explain this. I haven't seen Frozen, and I don't hang out on tumblr. What happened?

When it comes to North American natives, there are people in my tribe that are blond haired and blue eyed. But they have the records to prove their lineage. For many tribes, your connection to the tribe (family, participation in the community) is more important than your blood quantum. I'm half native but because I moved away from the area and haven't been back in over 15 years, I'm am no longer enrolled. The "white" people back home are probably more native than I will ever be.

Im guessing the story comes from saami folklore and people were complaining about the characters being white people instead

So, people not knowing what saami people look like just heard something something native, something something indigenous, and then got mad the characters were white? If that's what happened, it's really funny.


The reason Samis are white as fuck is that they have breeded with Norwegians and Swedes. In Finnmark (the northernmost province of Norway) you can find neighboring villages were one village is Sami and the other one has zero people who would call themselves Sami, but with very little genetic variance between the two villages.
Had Samis and Norwegians never breeded with each other, they would look like their eastern brother, the Nenets people (pic related).

So, Asians.


The Finno-Ugric people arrived after the Indo-Europeans in Scandinavia, and the two peoples have lived side by side for centuries. To claim that they have not interbred would be ridiculous.
Samis and Nenets are closely related culturally, linguistically and genetic.

Saami are indigenous to northern Scandinavia. Do you know what Saami is in fucking Canada? Not indigenous. Jason Unruhe would be just as much a colonizer as Whitey McWhiterson even if he actually was Saami (of which there is no evidence)

I didn't doubt that part. I've just never heard that that's what sami people would look like if they hadn't fucked any swedes or whatever.

>The Finno-Ugric people arrived after the Indo-Europeans in Scandinavia
Interesting, I browsed a bit of tumblr (thanks to ) and someone said that sami people lived in scandinavia before evil whitey got there.

So all this applies to regular finnish people too?

His evidence is a shaman's hallucination.

gave you away

Never believe tumblr, the genes that are specific to the Uralic peoples arrived later than Indo-Europeans in northern scandinavia. However, it is true that Norwegians, Swedes and Russians have later on appropriated land within northern Scandinavia that had up until then been exclusively Sami.
There is no way the entire genebase of the Finno-Ugric people comes from their cultural Uralic forefathers. To quote wikipedia
The passage has sources listed on the wikipedia article.
I've also read somewhere else that less than 10% of Hungarians, who also speak a Finno-Ugric language belong to this haplogroup.
The reason for this is of course that when a new people arrive to an area, they only extremely rarely genocide or push out everyone who lived there before, but only enforce their language and culture upon them (or the people living there beforehand willingly integrate into their culture).

Nenets don't look "red like Natives" either, they look 100% Central Asian (which they are).

You are right about the looks, I just tried to clear up some things about Samis.

Also, if you search on google, you can find pics of Nenets with red hair and other white-looking features.

That is absolute bullshit. But I would assume that the Saami have more in common with Native Americans than with germanic or celtic Europeans, considering they are both from Sibiria.

There is this theory out there according to Wikipedia that the Saami are just ancient Scandinavians that underwent a "genetic shift" due to isolation, making them more Sibirian looking, but I don't think that's the case.

Well, Native Americans are just Sibirians who got tanned. The emigration to the American continent only happened 15k years ago, thats only two millenia before the neolithic revolution. Unless you believe this theory that non-homo sapiens humanoids emigrated to the Americas 70k years ago, met the homo sapiens from Sibieria 15k years ago and interbred.

I have native American ancestors. It literally means nothing because I was raised as an American and have nothing to do with that culture or community
Even if he had that ancestry it wouldn't matter because he's just some fucking Canadian dude

They've been genetically distant for quite some time. This is like saying Ukrainians have a lot in common with Yemenis given that Caucasians originated in eastern Europe.

It means you get fat faster because your metabolism can digest complex carbs slower. Stay away from pasta and white bread.

L2 dialectics, m8.

Whales evolved from mole-like creatures but moles are not whales or vice-versa.

I don't think anybody except the burger census uses "Caucasians" anymore. That's outdated. You could talk about the Indo-Europeans, and there has been this theory that the European strain originated north of the Black Sea, in Eastern Ukraine.

There is even this crazy theory out there that the myths about the great flood (Noah's Ark) and Atlantis are stories from a culture that existed in Crimea and then got destroyed by the rising tide of the Black Sea. This spawned a lot of völkisch mysticism, seeing Ukraine as the Aryan homeland under blue skies with endless wheatfields - Hitler even ordered to take Ukraine despite a strategic disadvantage because he was so spooked about it. Nowadays, this right-wing mysticism has a revival amongst NATO-funded Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

Daily reminder Roo is a goddamn psychopath, a literal Columbine cracker waiting to explode.

That's just supreme alienation. Have you never fantasized about killing someone? Young men often feel that way, it's natural.

Way to dodge my argument.

Saami have nothing in common with Native Americans/First Nations. Just because their ancestors both originated in Central Asia tens of thousands of years ago means nothing. They're heavily genetically distant, not to mention culturally and lingustically distant.

I'm male and a wage slave and no, I've never felt like going full Rambo on anyone at work.


Well, that's depending on the level of interbreeding with other Scandinavians. Obviously, I didn't say that they didn't evolve very seperately from Sibirians, but my argument was unless they massively interbred they don't have much to do with Indo-Europeans either.

What makes you assume one group needs to interbreed with another in order to be completely cut off from another group which they haven't had contact with in fucking millennia?

Both Nenets and Saami have white skin. Why? Nenets didn't breed with Scandinavians. Also, Central Asian Turks have a very high percentage of red hair, which most Native Americans don't have.

I was asking whether or not you ever fantasized about killing people. You might work at a better job than Jason's, which seemed to be hellish.

I never have, because unlike Roo I have a high degree of self-control. I would expect a self-proclaimed "Maoist Third Worldist" to have it as well. After all, if you're going to lead Third Worlders in revolution you might as well modify your personal behaviors to be more like theirs.

You do realize your sorry attempt at defending Roo is as pathetic as "I can use the word 'n****r' since the entire human race originated in Africa", right?

Because the enviromental conditions in Scandinavia are not vastly different from Sibiria.
Skin color is literally the most superficial, and fastest-changing feature of an ethnicitiy in terms of evolutionary genetics. You are living in taiga or tundra, you are likely to become a snow nigger.
Turkic peoples never emigrated to the Americas afaik. Based on linguistics, they have been isolated from other Sibirians for a very, very long time.Turkic peoples are also culturally very cohesive. A modern Turk can even partly understand a Kazakh.
t. someone who has dated a Kazakh girl with a Turkish ex

I'm not defending Roo, I'm just casually posting my hot takes. But I still think a high degree of self-control is not contradictory to fantasies of violence someone might have. I agree with you that Roo's behavior would not be accepted in most Asian Third World countries which are influenced by Confuzianism.

This is creationist-tier stupid. Do you study topography? You do realize Siberia has a substantially different climate than Norway, right?

Hair and eye color aren't, and we know Turks have high percentages of red and BLONDE hair which Native Americans do NOT have.

So why are Mongolian and Tunguistic languages full of Turkic cognates?

You seriously need to talk to a legitimate anthropologist, because I highly doubt anyone would agree with your "Roo is Native because the Saami originated in Siberia" claims.

lol is this a fucking joke? Someone with extreme self-control isn't going to think about bursting into a fit of rage like Roo often does.

And? What social impact would this different topographic design make? Would a bunch of change their diet and socio-economic condition? It clearly would have made way more of an impact if they came to, let's say, the Caucasus.
First off, the Mongols are Turks. Clearly. Secondly:

bunch of mountain ranges*

Saami don't have much white Scandinavian genes, dipshit. Also, if Scandinavia has a similar climate to Siberia, why aren't Swedes and Norwegians dark-haired and "red-skinned"?

Which anthropologist agrees with this? This sounds like Turanist propaganda.


Why the hell is a Saami in Canada?

Ask the shaman who revealed Jason's ancestry.




Maybe if you move the goalposts in between games of slaughtering Armenians and Kurds.

le Altaic Language maymay


Now I get it. You're a Sultan-Galiyevist. That's why you praise Turd Worldism, Islam, North Korea, AND Roo.



wtf, but wikipedia told me there weren't any indigenous people in europe

Self control would have more to do with whether someone acts on the desire to kill than having the desire in the first place.

Jason has killed someone tho.

Control of thoughts is extremely important in Asian cultures.

We all know no one lives up to that idealist bullshit

Like you know what that word means.

The fact this has no replies speaks volumes about leftypol.

Roo has been outed as an intellectual fraud on various occasions on this board.

…the irony.

He's not wrong, though "forcibly sterilized" out of them is also true.

They actually had a gene for a different type of slanted eye than east asia. Wierd, huh?

Central Asians and Siberians aren't "red". In fact, many of them are very white-skinned.

What confuses me is the suggestion that white Europeans aren’t indigenous to Scandinavia. How many thousands of years do you have to inhabit a place before you are considered indigenous to it?

Only Africa and Central Asia had true native people, everyone else is a product of migrations and race mixing.

So where did those Central Asians come from? Or are you one of those idiots who believes humans are a "hybrid species"?

Lol what the fuck is this, even

Even if you didn't seemingly know nothing about this, it would be a non-issue.

For that matter, the Elizabeth Warren thing - take a look at who benefits from it being talked about. Now take a look at their policies and then hers. Warren mistook family mythology for solid genealogy - her mistake was literally trusting family members to know what the family heritage was. Politically, she's still a Dem, but this particular attack has almost no substance - she's better on issues than much of her shitty party and the people who attack her over the "Indian" thing just want to distract from the issues. You won't find a gallery of honest people with good ideas whenever you look at who resorts to this.

I wonder if Jason's into BDSM. He's violent enough.

I fail to see the problem. Stop being so spooked.


It's the eyes. Granted, many Irish have Asian eyes.

Wonder how Roo would fair against that Greenland guy who posts on here from time to time


He's got practical skills as well as theory. Excellent.

And someone on this board said that Unruhe is a murderer and then somebody with the same IP posted and claimed to be Unruhe. And that can only mean one thing: Unruhe is a murderer, he would know after all!

No he hasn't. Leftypol has an autismal hate boner for him because he's never lost a debate, and because they see themselves in him since he's a middle aged NEET incel. I'm not even a maoist, but everything he says is well argued enough that it warrants a serious response.

Why does he refuse to have a DISCUSSION (not debate) with Anal Water on dialectics?

More like, everything he argues is oversimplified garbage.

A Jew Trying to Be Chinese.

Everything on leftypol is oversimplified garbage, what's your point? Everyone going up against Unruhe brings even less to the table.

Did Jason grow up doing Saami cultural shit as a kid/young adult or is this all just “My ancestors!” ?

I’ll never understand why so many white people desperately try to project the minute amount of native/ancestral heritage they might possess as if it has any bearing on their lives if they didn’t grow up immersed in that culture.
My ancestry is painfully English but I’m not waving around a St. George flag. I have a small amount of Choctaw heritage but it didn’t impact my life in any way whatsoever and I never grew up in Native American cultural circles, so why the hell would I claim something that basically has had no impact on who I am beyond being some genetic signifier that I’ve chosen to embrace arbitrarily?

Headcannon accepted.

ITT: Redditors.

full-blooded Irish reporting in from the working class suburbs of Dublin : No, he doesn't


…sure thing, bro…

…just a bunch of white folk…

Everyone's a white person!

I suppose next you'll be launching apologia about how the Boers are the true african natives?

This tbh, he doesn't even have the celtic face.

That Sea Sami man only looks "Native American" due to the lighting of that photo.

There are plenty of other Nenets who look entirely white. Plus in those images they look closer to Central Asian Turks than Natives.

Jason comes out as a massive TERF.

You do realize that Jason is the only socialist YouTuber who is against IdPol, right? He has been against SJWs before this was even a thing. How is not /ourguy/?

Been thinking about knocking up a post about the LABF drama as a demonstration of your sorts cancerousness, reddit.

I'm dissapointed this thread exists, but not surprised, time to grow up Holla Forums