Newbie here

Newbie here.

Should I learn the ideas of Marx and Engels from primary or secondary sources? If secondary, could you provide some relevant pdfs/links, and if from primary sources am I going to have to read all three volumes of Capital? Because it's nearly 2,000 pages in total.


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Das Capital it's a hard read. i suggest starting "more soft"
i redirect you to the reading list thread.
start form here :

No, nearly every one of the "reading guides" is extremely biased towards the writer's own projections onto Marx.

You WILL have to read Capital eventually if you want to actually understand Marx, but it's best to get a good background on his writings and philosophy first. Start with the manifesto or Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Engels, then move on to Wage Labour and Capital, Value Price and Profit, and Critique of the Gotha Program. Anti-Dühring is also a good read, but I don't think it gives adequate background to not get lost in Capital.

Start with Wage labour and Capital. Its super short and simple and you can find it for free online. If you like what you read there are more detailed reading lists available here and elsewhere on the internet

Also, capital is a massive investment to read. Read the basics first to see if this appeals to you or if you want to learn more.

dont read marx, you wont like it

Honestly I wouldn't bother unless you're planning on becoming an economist or some other academic purpose, reading Marx is really hard work. Read Gramsci and Hegel instead.

Seriously, Marx is fucking shit.

Read Kropotkin or Bookchin, seeing as Marxism is responsible for millions of deaths, and isn't really socialism anyway.

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Ideally both but if you have to chose one: primary.

>from primary sources am I going to have to read all three volumes of Capital?
At some point yeah, but I wouldn't start with that. What I would start with (not necessarily in that order):
- Engels – Anti-Dühring.
- Engels – Socialism: utopian and scientific (an excerpt of the Anti-Dühring).
- Marx – Capital vol. I (only the first section).
- Marx, Engels and Weydemeyer – The German Ideology.
- Marx and Engels – The Communist Manifesto.
- Marx – Critique of the Gotha Program.

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Just read this


Volume 1 of Das Kapital along with the Communist Manifesto should be enough to educate you on the nonsense that is Marx.
Especially chapter 24, read that chapter nice and slowly.

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If you're gonna go to a secondary source, "Introduction to Marxism" by Ernest Mandel is pretty good

otherwise the other recs in the thread are solid

What about his book "Introduction to Marxian Economic Theory"? I have it already but haven't read it.

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