I know we often joke about this being a "chad board" or w/e but I wanted to know how many leftychads we actually have here? Is leftypol more chad than pol?

[spoiler]I just ask because I think I'm unironically starting to become a Chad IRL. Thanks to the lefty fit threads and such, I've been running every single day and lifting every other day. I've lost a ton of weight and I switched out my glasses for contacts.
It works, girls like me alot now. Me and my crew of buddies went on a pub crawl for 4 nights in a row and I pulled a girl every single night. Girls look at me different now, they turn around and smile at me, and i can see the lust/attraction in their eyes and expression.
Going from being the nerdy world of warcraft kid to fucking fit 18-29 year old girls weekly is insane. Feels fucking good man [/spoiler]

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Leftypol is probably more chad than pol, but most people here are probably still single virgins. also, your spoiler is broken.

I have friends, a job, past sexual experience and I look like a normal guy so I'm lightyears ahead of most people on chans but I also have legit autism.

isn't that correct spoiler format? Are spoilers broken now or how to do?

can i be a chad if i'm a skinny sub boii?

Sex is bourgeois

only if you start reading heavy theory

/lefty/litfit/ GANG ASSEMBLE!

I get laid have a job and a degree and go gym although I've been out due to injury. I read a lot an am thus increasing my mental capabilities to also become a Chad of the mind. I can socialise like a normal human being these days after an upset. If you want to take the next step in becoming a bona fide lefty Chad you need to get involved in lefty groups, get with the lefty chicks but most importantly take a leading role in making these groups actually revolutionary. We need an army of lefty chads to replace the SJW and that happens organically if you join because of the Chad powers

Honestly I don't know what happened, back home I was a massive nerd (never unfit, rugby sorted that out) that people avoided apart from my few good mates. Came to uni, and now I am a massive nerd [on theory] who is getting fitter due to a really cheap gym membership and who can pull legit 9/10 Russian third years in my cocking pyjamas and who gets asked on nights out to the point where I start having to say no more than yes. Honestly, nothing fucking changed but my life is great now, explain leftypol.

Probably because uni is a drunken fuckfest.

Don't stay in school, kids.

its simple.
you read theory. A healthy mind in a healthy body is the font of human flourishing and all self-improvement.

sure in BBcode, over here it's double asterix on either side

But what does this have to do with means of production?

Holla Forums needs to be the real /litfit/.
If you are not working for this cause you are a shame to this board.

This, leftist chads sre going to attract many people to the movement


I'm getting healthier after 2 months of working out, results are starting to show up and I never felt better about myself
But I'm also hugely antisocial, few friends and such, at the risk of souding like an edgelord, I just dont feel like trying to deal with people, but thats okay, the few friends I have are the best someone could ask for

I'm good looking and fit, only flaw is clocking in at 5'9" and it's not a huge issue. I pull at least two above average girls a week from Tinder with mininal effort, and can pull easily irl but too busy to do it regularly. Dunno if that makes me a chad, but I'm better than the maga chuds.

I'm Chad but I don't think I'm Chad in the right way

I hang around with a bunch of lumpen-proles that are incredibly /fit/ and excellent fighters but lacking in another obvious area

Although I get obvious benefits like sex, drugs, a form of social power and respect within the town I live in, I constantly feel like I don't really fit in and like I'm a wolf in sheep's clothing because I just know if I was to open my mouth and start talking about leftist theory I'd be considered a weirdo or not right in the head

Anyone else feel this unironically?

Do you chads know any good fitness routines to start with? I bought a gym subscription a few months ago but now I only go about once a week and mostly do rowing and cardio shit.

It's only bourgeois if you cum first

I exercise but never actually loose weight. I'm chad right?



nope just lazy and awkward

Starting strength to build muscle, less weight but more reps for weight loss. Do cardio.

Fix your diet.

Chad is metrosexuality, aka pretty boys.
There is nothing good or brag worthy in being a generic nu-male created to glorify selfie culture, internet advertising and superficiality.
Man under the urrs was a hard working, rough, ultra skilled, bad boy.
I've out-pulled so many supposed chads.
You can look good, but if you got no confidence, game or interesting stories you'll get humiliated by the first asshole who walks in on you.
For all the people who lurk itt thinking that they are fucked, start lifting, get a bit fitter and then become an interesting person.
If you are in america you are probably fucked because everyone is a no brain there

Real chads are not going to waste time on fucking Holla Forums. I've been coming here for a year now, and it's pretty clear it's mostly volcels/incels.

Anyways, I've been fit for a year now and started wearing contacts but it hasn't made a difference.

Because belive it or not looks ain't everything.
Like I said in the previous post, you can look good but if you have no game, no stories or peculiarities you are gonna get out skilled by the guy next to you.
Be an interesting guy above all.

Holla Forums isn't Chad, but it also much less /incel/ than Holla Forums or imageboards on average. We are chads by imageboard standards, more or less.

I agree, so can we drop the whole "just lift bro" meme now?

Stronglift. Do interesting shit. Socialise. Brainswash people to read Marx

I used to work with refugees and bang their women into socialism. 3 of them are now solid socialists.

No, lifting and sport is integral to your strongness. Your strongness reflects how far you push yourself for your goals. Big muscles are only for those who work hard (or use roids but fuck them).

I have interesting stories but that doesn't matter if no one invites you anywhere or talks to you.

No you need to lift. Anyone who says otherwise is a faggot.

We just concluded we don't though.

Read my previous post, you have to lift.

You are a massive beta and already lost if someone needs you to invite you over.

This is literally what I'm talking about when I say that if you need confidence and game above anything else

The hapa even said to do it. You don't have to look like pic related but skinnyfats aren't hot.

This. Alphaness is not about being all cool and shit. It's about being active, ie masculine. Ask chicks around and if they dont like it then go away. There are enough women in this world. Literally failure is only a learning process.

My boy this is truth. You can be fat but be a stronglifter then

I've got one chick who literally cannot stop trying to fuck me.
I'll just be sitting there talking about pop culture bullshit and she'll come out of nowhere talking about how she'd let me cream me the week before her birth control "resets".

Why haven't you creamed her?

He volcel

This is probably the thread for this, my neighbour pretty much wants to bang me but is obviously a sociopath and is already displaying signs of cling even though we have only lightly flirted. She regularly talks about how she's has "dealt with" people who have fucked with her at work etc. She is 35 I'm 25. Kinda wanna bang her but at the same time I know only bad things will come from this long term. What do chads?

Yes. I don't know about the rest of these faggots, but I work out regularly (8 pac abs nigga), have been sexually active since I was 15, and have friends all over the world. I am very open about my political views, carry around theory at all times, and convert new comrades daily.

No, we aren't. If you are a virgin and over the age of 16 you need to self-crit right now and go to the gym.

I don't know if this is out of the ordinary, but in high school I had 5 grills come up to me during my senior year and asking me out. Due to unfortunate circumstances though, I never went out with any of them (2 were overweight and kind of ugly, 2 were too young for me (both freshmen), and the last was a hot black chick that I would have gone out with but my parents are hardcore racists who would have kicked me out the house). I even had a gay guy ask me out once lol.

Oh, I have. Once. It was alright. I mostly wished I was at home posting on Holla Forums.
She won't go away


It was pretty unfortunate. We knew each other well (had 3 classes together and I stood next to her during graduation), but if my parents ever found out that we had gone out they would have immediately make me call it off or disown me. The funny thing about it is that she was the "whitest" black girl I had ever met (not in terms of skin color, but rather the way she presented herself). She was basically a valley girl and her parents were rich. If my parents weren't racist they would have loved her but oh well.

Blacc girls r best girls

Don't stick your dick in crazy

If she's already clinging don't.

Tell her to fuck off or say you've got a gf.

No, I have little hope for the future, and merely spend my time reading theory and thinking about leaving the house, and what could've been.

Perhaps I'm too young to be feeling this way, but I've been in a fucking timewarp for four years now.

Haven't even started University yet, but right now I don't even want to.

We get high every couple days, it could turn out to be a chill kinda fuck buddy thing and she has expressed that's what she is looking for definitely displays large signs of crazy tho

Also got all clear from doctor today, operation stronglifts 5x5 engaged, cooking prep right now

I have pretty good social skills, but I'm pretty sure I'm too mentally fucked to be normie or to consistently get normie and not gross qts so I'm just a punk edgelord with my own twist to it instead.

I'm chubby, but I look average if I don't wear tight clothing. I really want to get /fit/ but I can never tame my appetite and it's hard to find time with my school and other hobbies.

Adding on that I also ofc do read theory, but I need to read more frequently

I've been /fit/ oriented a lot longer than I've been Holla Forums oriented and I've noticed personally that most fitness forums are right wing or libertarian (not "far right" as in fashy but more MAGA teens). Go out and lift brahs. Unless you want to make activism look like a fucking joke.

I would go to the gym but I'd probably get mocked.

Grab hold of your balls or fuck off this board.

I don't have any balls tbf. Complete pussy.

Well, if you spend enough time there then nobody will dare to mock you.

Yes they will, I'm short.

Go to Holla Forums, you'll do more good for the left as an embarassing chud than you would openly being a communist.

No one cares. I'm 5'9" and no one has given me or a guy I assume is 5'4" that goes to my gym any shit while we're lifting.

Don't worry lad, I have no friends and even if I did I'd just go along with what the group thought.

I'm 5'7", which means even if I do gain muscle I'll still be short, so I'd have no good reason to do it. For women? Haven't even talked to one other than family for a year, even then my height precludes any success there.

I used to be an awkward loner in highschool who did a bunch of drugs and watched anime.
I only had like 2 or 3 friends at the most but they all moved away. I had a pretty normal childhood, just liked to play video games and shit. I was always more introverted. When I got to university I didn't know how to deal with women. The first year I got rejected hard a couple of times and it really affected me as a person. Broken hearts and girls flaking on dates, typical.
So I decided to change my social approach, focused on myself and my happiness and finally got laid at the ripe, young age of 20. Never had to lift, I'm a skinny fuck anyway but changing hairstyles definitely helped in the looks department. Since then I've bettered my confidence and got laid with over a dozen chicks, it's not hard to talk to them now, just ask questions and listen to their answers yadda yadda small talk. Never been in an relationship, girls I fuck are either crazy or move away for some reason. I want a relationship but it's a lot of work and most girls in their early 20s aren't looking for that yet, they're just trying to "find themselves." As someone who used to be a almost neet who virginposted on imageboards, I feel like my advice to other anons suffering from sexual frustration would be to get a good group of friends before dealing with women (hopefully they'll be able to bring girls around). Socializing with others is the basis of connecting to another person, whether they be male or female. Sure lifting is important but so is focusing on your confidence
thanks for reading my blogpost plz liek n subscribe
Also I took this chick out to the movies last night, it went well but idk what will come of it

As someone who has started seeing results after about a month of lifting, fucking get to it, comrades. Do it because it feels fucking good if nothing else.

Remember : the opposition went to the gym today, did you?

5'7" isn't that bad, the 5'4" guy has a wife and kid. You've allowed yourself to be defeated before even trying, either get a hold of yourself and start lifting or fuck off somewhere else.

For what purpose? So after maybe a year I can have sex with some 4/10 fat bird?

I'd say to stop being an unbearable faggot, but it's becoming clear nothing will cure that. Just kys or go gay.

This is what happens when you best someone in a debate; they just resort to insult flinging.

Not sure if I'm too old for all this chad shit but pretty much my only problem is finding a good job.

Oh and I did used to work out. Got hit on by chicks all the time but otherwise it didn't really feel necessary. I prefer running more tbh. The only reason I can think to start again is that I can get my bf to work out too and we can be hot bods together instead of regular guy-core.

If eating to much is your issue getting big will be easy, as a naturally skinny guy eating enough is the hardest part for me, im not even big at all but now i have some muscle and it makes a huge difference

Honestly is it even worth going chad if most normies who get to know you call you highly mentally unstable and get repulsed by that

volcel is also chad-tier


Holla Forums is 100% a chad board, if you're not pulling at least two girls a week with sheer knowledge of theory alone then you are not my comrade and you do not belong on this board

If you know what "Chad" means conceptually then you are not a Chad. If you post on imageboards you are not a Chad.


spoken like a true beta who has no idea what it means to be a chad

Is beta the opposite of chad? I think you're running off of dated memes.

Why y'all gotta remind me that socialism isn't a cure for social hierarchies. Makes me want to full tradcath

Yo, I've started a job where I need to stand all day long and my lower back fucking hurts. I've heard lifting weights and building muscle on your core is good for this and I've been mulling over starting lifting for a while so this would be a great time.

But /fit/ fucking sucks. Is there anywhere else where I can get fitness advice and discussion where I won't be bombarded with fascist propaganda and closeted homosexuality?

would you care to "update" me then?

Shit I've had that problem. For me it would be a sharp pain in the upper middle of my back though so I'm not sure if getting fit would help.

I wonder if those special shoe pads work for this.

Don't delude yourself, 95% of people on Holla Forums are incel. Normies, let a lone CHADS, do not know about obscure fucking forums like this. We're like two boards away from legit pedo content man.

Sorry bro. I grew out of internet lingo when I lost my virginity. I just remember Aplhas and Betas was the thing on 4chan like 6-7 years ago.

I mean like I'm

And even though I'm an edgy punk fuck I still manage to be charismatic enough to get normies to like me who don't have massive sticks up their asses (both men and women) so I might just need to get /fit/ and I'll be good and finally be able to sleep with a at

I actually used to be big in high school, but that was because I was on my schools American football team and they had required weightlifting sessions to keep me in check. Also I was an awkward quiet nerd who was bullied by everyone.

so you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, gotcha

Yah you should probably call the knowyourmeme help lines or something if its that big of a deal.


wtf? stay on topic

this thread is just gonna end in somebody spamming soyboy pics or a robot going on rants about gynocracy or the matriarchy or whatever the fuck its called
if the mods had any common sense at all they'd delete this shit.

Everyone else gets invited out and hit on by women. I've seen peoples phones literally explode every weekend as people invite them out. Sounds like you're the real beta.

Hello, Holla Forums.

Why not become tradsoc?

Waste of trips.

Trad anything will make social hierarchies worse. Any faggot who thinks tradishun will get them a wife is absolutely retarded.

so very chad

what you guys do if you're at the bar/pub a girls into you but here friends cockblock her and drag her away

Again no proof this is BO
Besides clearly a trans girl isn't trying to be a guy so why does it matter if they're chad?



I'm 99% sure that even if I become a hulked out beast and women are throwing themselves at me, I'm still going to just go from incel to volcel because having actual sex with a real girl feels gross. The last time a woman i didnt know hugged me I felt like I was contaminated afterwards.

Are you gay or just very disturbed by intamacy?

If she fucks with you just strangle her in a hot-tub, it's worked for me so far.

Charles Bronson - "Solitary Fitness"

Move on.

The secret to being a chad is using drugs.

Sorry sir this is a christian civilized board so no unspoilered NSFW.

Polite sage due to not contributing to the discussion.

this probably describes a lot of people here. it's pretty general, but it definitely describes me. normal on the surface with a decent life, but definitely fucking autistic.

The latter, but I also have a strong fear of getting a disease of some sort.


As far as I can remember I have never not got with a girl I really wanted to get with. As far as I know I am an attractive person and in most social situations in the one making the humour tick. I came here when I was in an extremely bad place and had a road bump. Being on the internet isn't really a niche thing now, this place gets mentioned by the newspapers it really isn't that obscure

buy a bar and just hang of it for a while. scooby's tips about that helped me build the base i needed to lift myself when i was weak.

The true master race. Autism will conquer the world.

t. at least self aware and probably likable

I think I’m doing well but I could do better

eat lean meat and protein shakes. go buy some protein shake powder at a nutrition store, then once u get back from working out mix it with milk and chug it

Holla Forums here. Just wanted to say this thread gave me a good chuckle. Keep up the work boys

Go back to /reddit9k/

I reckon I could be somewhat chad if I choose to be. I'm 6'4'', blonde hair, blue eyes, reasonably fit - basically everything Holla Forums wishes it was. I'm volcel though, and I mean that because I've had clear opportunities I've turned down, not just one of these "volcel but actually incel in denial" kids. Not having chad interests like constantly going out and getting laid pretty clearly puts me in the "not chad" camp, combined with the fact I'm laid back literally all the time and not gregarious at all. So yeah. I'm pretty masculine and I have a bunch of masculine interests as well, but masculine != chad at least as far as I understand it.

Literally exactly me wtf