Lefty vidya

I know we've had threads like this before, but since new Tropico is announced for next year, and Nazi Puncher 2k17 released last month, I thought we should have a videogame thread again.

Is there a list of leftyminded videogames yet?

play Paradox. Stellaris allows even genocide based on race or political affiliations.

I've played few hours of europa universalis and victoria, but they seemed kind of pointless if you are not the kind of guy who wants to conquer shit. I guess I need to make myself a goal to keep interested in those games. Is it possible to achieve global communism in any of those games?

Here's a list.


you misunderstood those games. Try Stellaris, it's one of the fastest and you can work on creating galactic communism.

I wouldn't really call paradox leftyminded, they just have a gigantic boner for historical accuracy in their games, so they don't turn leftist views into shitty boogeymen.

try playing them a bit more mate, those games, especially victoria 2 is more about managing your country, and and becoing a world power. There are plenty of countries you can play if you don't like waging war, like austria in eu4 or England/great britain in both games.

Yeaaah, nah, not really.


Yeah, Im not into the whole gamergate thing

I'd like a transhumanist/crypto-communist paradox game about an international revolution where you can't actually play as the revolutionary entity. You can only play as capitalist states and fight wars against it or undermine your own side.

Kind of like pre-dlc Crusader Kings 2 only instead of crusaders versus keblobs it's capitalists versus international organically centralized revolution. Crusader CEOs? Corporate Kings?

this sounds like fun




It has nothing to do with Gamergate, it has to do with having standards.

Tropico is a great game, Wolfenstein I have not played but their ad-campaign was great fun. Dunno what your problem is.

You better be pirating that shit though

Torrent everything. Also stop calling it "vidya". It makes you look like a child.

Since when?

That's just one of the reasons why Kaiserreich is superior to the base game.


is kaiserreich available somewhere else apart from steam? can i get it off the nexus?

You can't find it on Nexus.
Go to this website, make an account and look for the HOI4 mod thread.

just get the darkest hour version, HoI4 is irredeemably shit.