Holla Forums walks into a gun store

What would you do is this xir walked into your humble firearms cooperative and slapped your bibles on the roof?

Okay but anyway this just looks really bad. If I go to my local socialists meeting or a demonstration is this what I am going to see? This person walked in just trying to bait the worker so hard with all kinds of buzzwords and the worker was just very patient and stellar through the whole thing. I'm not even sure what they were trying to achieve here.

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Leftism is dead. IdPolers and LARPers are the maggots on its corpse.

We need to start over because these people are not going anywhere.

(S)He could easily just be a fucking psychopath, bipolar, or schizophrenic. Mental health in the states is god awful.

I told you, bro, I told you about antifascism.

Oh and

How is she antifa?
Does the right just think anyone who wears black is antifa?

Pretty much yes.

Did that thing just say "kikes" out of nowhere and then try to cal the store owner an antisemite? I don't even care if people use slurs, but seriously, I thought for a second there was some confusion in OP's original statement.

obvious viral marketing

Everything that xir says reads like a antifa twitter account, dressed in all black, thinks a Gadsden flag is a nazi branch flag or something, trans, relates everything to identity, thinks owning guns makes one a nazi, thinks saying the right things will get the worker to show xir the secret room with nazi flags and full auto rifles.

It is very depressing how hard liberal idpol has penetrated leftism of all stripes.

This is how I imagine the board owner.

It’s a long way to the top kiddo, Even Big Smoke betrayed the Johnson family…



That's basically Xir but with less shitty goth makeup.

What happened to the swoletatiat? What happened to the union men who fought on Blair Mointain?

Hard to tell, when there are so many fake ones.

Aside from being idpol, I've never seen anyone in antifa do any of this.
It still just sounds they wear all black, therefore antifa. Could just as easily be a random angsty liberal

This should actually be supported as long as guerrilla armies make a come back. Rightards already feel vindicated whenever they see a tranny leftist or whatever, as long as they believe all leftists are weird and weak some Fusako Shigenobu type mother fuckers will burn their houses down before they know it.

idpol and liberals

They're depressed old men. Now we have a service industry worked by twitter activist.


waaah a fat person bought a gun my world is ending

BO is not as fat as tranny in video



Can anyone prove that is not the BO? The burden of proof is on you, Holla Forums.

this is the board owner


I’m bo.
That’s not me

tbh its actually funnier if that is the actual BO

Becket was a filthy liberal

Report it to our dear supreme leader

According to Holla Forums antifa supersoldiers are everywhere

To be fair, professors actually do this.

I fucking wish I could whatever college you're at.

What the fuck is that razor plugged into, his own chair?

Fuck off and read Goldman and Stirner.

do you also write down your lecture notes by hand?
life must be hard in albania

gay orgy antifa school is my idea of paradise

t. bernout

I'm just saying, I've never met a single professor who talked openly to the class about forming a blac block. I'm jelly.

What a meme.


Every time with the black flags.

You may not like these kind of people, but your egalitarian ideas facilitate their spread. Being leftist and anti idpol is like being gay but anti AIDs.

This but ironically.

America should be wiped off the face of the earth

This is representative of what the IWW has turned into also



Then why was it free from this shit until the 70s?



I didn't call anybody that?

You kept calling them racist.

this tbh



gun store employee being a typical asshole, guy in black sounds like a Holla Forumsyp. I miss my gun store that was always courteous to the sketchy arab guy who came in frequently to stare at AKs, they always helped him out. Unfortunately, they had their FFL frozen because they're being audited by the ATF, probably due to getting their store robbed twice after people drove through wall with stolen cars. I would've though, after the first time, install bollards, unless it was insurance fraud. yeah, they'd definitely sell to a mass shooter.

Are we watching the same video? The guy was stellar the whole time.

Really, nigger?

Yeah seriously that meme is literally fascist. Don't promote it.

You can judge a tree by its fruit.




Wish he didn't dicksuck the cops so hard tho



Gun sellers dont really give a fuck who they sell too. Judging my the many muslims, mentally ill, and dishonorably discharged soldiers that somehow still got a gun.

Acting like a dick is just not polite