If the words trans rights is used - purge

If the words trans rights is used - purge
if woman's rights is used - purge
if mens rights is used - purge
if someone wants something different because they are not white or a male - purge
if someone thinks they are more exploited - purge
if someone equivocates on overthrowing capitalism - purge
all opinions from the proletariate are important, all opinions from identity politics? - purge.

We live as a proletariate class and we all work together to help all of us.

Death to liberalism. All power to the working class. Start making sure your branch, your organization, pushes out all these liberal activists immediately, by hook or by crook - they'll take advantage of you every chance they get.

Shit thread.

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if 'rights' -> purge

samefag - and you're a liberal. sad!

You should join the HR or even PR department of a large corporation or NGO. You'll do really well organizing consent : )

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OP is correct and whoever anchored this is a faggot.

anyone that cares about things other than arming the proletariate with the physical, material, and mental means to enact the progress of history is literally a liberal because they believe in acquiescence, or that the relation of production on reconcilable (liberalism)

I have no idea how you plan to overthrow capitalism with such a shitty attitude. wtf man?

you say that to me and not OP who wants to purge everyone who shares even slightly different values than him?

I pretty much agree but this post's LARP factor is way too high

your plans to do something other than class struggle with absorb class struggle and organize consent to capitalism you fucking retard.

*will absorb

This has nothing to do with purging people who hold these values. You're not going to grow a movement if you exclude anyone who cares about more things other than just class struggle.

this is what a reactionary Holla Forums transplant """""leftist""""" looks like

this is the actual marxist left. you haven't seen it in awhile.

their work is conservatism that helps capitalism. there is no good reason not to purge them.

No war but class war.

Idpol need get the fuck out.

glad to know you're just LARPing and to not be taken seriously. have fun with your brocialist faggotry while everyone else laughs at you.


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looks like was 100% correct that you fags are from Holla Forums


To the mention-less shill
No I'm a laborer, I'm a Union member, I believe in the syndicate, I believe in working class struggle. Identity politics are fucking cancerous to working class struggle. Us syndicalists fucking hate identity politics. Like I give a fuck if you think I'm a shill or not.

Remember when leftypol laughed at faggots using this unironically?


so, if someone supports gay people not being executed they are liberal scum?


Gulag the Feminists
Gulag the mra
Gulag the nazi's
Gulag blm


There is a difference between gay people who are non idpol and recognize class struggle. And there's gay people who cry muh idpol muh lgbtqifignt oppression. We need communism to specially mention lgbtfjhjfsehf people otherwise we won't support marxism.

Also gay and trans stuff may or may not grow or shrink a ton when capitalists get the fuck out and muh rainbow smiley face muh special liberal snowflake syndrome stop happening

I fight capitalism, I don't reform capitalism to fit anyone's ideology.

Why is there a liberal here?