Poltards are literally insane or larping

Holla Forums thinks that le 56% face is made by the CIA to divide and conquer them…
just how funny it is to see them confront the fact that half of their white nationalist crowd is made up of mutts and non-whites who fell for frog images


Why are they still afraid of the CIA?

it's unreal, besides trump is in power and named a new cia director… wtf

I love memes and all but does this really deserve a thread


"poltard" here, I browse Holla Forums for about 8 hours a day for the last 5 years (yes I'm a huge fucking loser) and "the 56% face is CIA" is something I've never heard of meaning it certainly doesn't represent a mainstream Holla Forums belief or I would know of it.

I only come to leftypol to drop redpills into the heart of darkness. I literally believe Hitler was a hero and am a "far right extremist" by your warped definitions.

It's from KC, autist.


Why does the person in the second image possess a cloaca?

KrautChan, did Holla Forums let you in from cuckchan?

youre even worse than a loser, youre a normie larping as a loser

so this is the power of autism

Ok kameraden.

don't tell me you think anarchism is right-wing.

stick around, maybe you'll learn something

He does

muh race
muh jooooos
muh failed corporatism

step 1 is learning duh jooos aren't behind everything and le evil satanic cult behind communism made to kill Christians and white people is false and Hitler just appealed to dumb proles for votes so his special snowflake version of fascism could exist

step 2 is learning the economics and reading about them rather then shitty pngs you find on Holla Forums and then becoming a Asserist or a nazbol

Step 3 is dropping muh race muh muh nation and being for the working class whenever their Asien,White or Black


It's a good meme because it implies that miscegenation leads to the death of a once proud, powerful, and mighty nation.

implying that it wasn't cause of it's economic and political choices rather then muh white race.

why do mutts and non-whites even post white supremacist shit?
self hating masochist?

post pics, mutt

For mutts, I imagine it's serious self image issues and projection? They think that if they hate on mexican dudes enough, they can 'make up' for their 1/2 mexican bloodline and be an honorary white? Maybe their asian dad was abusive so they associate their white mom with purity, or something. Who knows. For whatever reason they've decided that they're half orc, and their projection and self hatred motivates them to fight harder for white nationalism then any full white nationalist could, giving them some of the loudest voices.

As for full on self hating fashies of colour, I imagine they could be largely foreigners who are alienated from their home culture and have latched onto a foreign culture, of which they only get glimpses through media and not the full picture. I picture them being similar to weebs- weebs think that their white nerdy ass will somehow find acceptance and nirvana and submissive moe pussy in a society that fucking hates foreigners and nerds. They think this because their primary motivation is their home culture rejecting them, and desperately wanting there to be some kind of magical neverland somewhere over the rainbow they can escape to, so they either ignore or keep themselves ignorant of any facts that might shatter the fantasy.

This meme is simply amazing and I can't believe the neverending butthurt it causes.

Fun times folks arguing with the mentally disabled

I'm not saying it was the jews
but it was the jews

I would have thought any kind of authoritarianism was incompatible with whatever anarkiddies believe.

Or maybe they are this way because they have been taught they are inferiors to white people by well meaning white supremacist teachers that feel guilty about it that work for white supremacist education institutions that have official policies about being nice to the untermench because they just aren't up to white standards. Now these people and institutions would rather die than admit they are white supremacists that feel bad about it but their actions and policies clearly display that they believe whites to be superior.

The youth will always rebel against bullshit.