Let's talk about reddit (I know, >plebbit)...

Let's talk about reddit (I know, >plebbit), but it's admittedly the last big place for leftists online besides Holla Forums after Revleft declined, and Facebook or "leftbook" is the worst of all these.
Is /r/marxism_101 objectively the best subreddit for Marxists?

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Yeah, nah, don't shill your dead leddit board here.

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Shut the fuck up, you dumb faggot. Don't pretend like we don't have honestly good discussions about good reddit boards from time to time.

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Took literally less than a minute. How retarded are you?

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no it doesn't, nor does it change reddit's policy of shadowbans, auto-censoring posts containing words critical of microshaft surveillance and other intense hotpocketry

People already know how shit your board is. You sperging out is only driving home the point.

Redditors get really rustled when they're reminded that their site is hated almost as much as gaf.

Those are literally archived Holla Forums posts, which goes back to my point that we can reasonably discuss something without someone acting like an insane triggered retard. Literally nothing you say isn't proof of your smug faggotry.

so are screencaps of Holla Forumsyps falseflagging as BLM and celebrating shootings or spamming zippocat in our name. so are the 'freeze peach is bad, my fellow leftists' and 'anime is misogynist my fellow leftists' threads that get posted every fortnight or so. that doesn't make any of it representative of Holla Forums, nor does it make Holla Forums a hivemind.

What the fuck are you on about, faggot?

if you don't know, you need to lurk moar

fair point to the mids for bumplocking this turd

Shut the fuck up, look at your own de.generate post and tell me it doesn't look like the insane blabbering of the mentally ill.
So, we're not a hivemind because otherwise we would have avoided a nuanced discussion? What a stupid post, can't believe that you actually come up with this.

you seem upset and spooked

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if you had a mental capacity worth anything, you would notice that the original post strongly implies there are other places unlike and besides /r/socialism

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