Is anyone on this board religious, if not do you think religion of any kind has a place in a socialist/ communist society. If you aren't religious what religions are the most attractive to you, I personally like Islam, and roman religion mostly because of how deterministic they are and they have a nice aesthetic to them.

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No, I'm not religious, I'm an atheist. No religion I know of really appeals to me. they can all write a few nice paragraphs in a brochure, but if you actually begin studying them, they're all oppressive. Even the really chill ones like Buddhism, Bahai'i, Unitarians, they all have some really shitty dogma and prescriptions they force on you.

You should follow a religion because you know, in your heart and mind, that it is true, not because you masturbate to images of Leila Khaled.

I admit it was a shallow question, but I didn't mean which religion do you agree with the most or want to join just which do you find to be the most interesting.

I have a soft spot for Christianity because of its socialist elements, but I’m an atheist.

Hedonism probably if that counts.



anti-materialist garbage. read Marx

I'm a Heathen but I used to be a Catholic when I was younger. My Catholicism played a big part in me being a Socialist.

How did being catholic get you into socialism was it and why believe in an ancient religion built around an ethnicity.

what ethnicity?

Who was Tzipora in the Bible?

Who was Ruth?

For fuck's sake, you know converts are accepted and loved as Jews, right?

I'm talking about his belief in norse paganism not catholicism read the post I responded to.

Apologies. Sometimes I'm trigger-happy.

Pretty much the parts of the bible that talked about giving your wealth to the poor.
I'm not a Folkish Heathen, I'm a Universalist one. To answer why I'm a Heathen, I was also quite familiar with the Norse and Greek pantheons while growing up and I ended up becoming disillusion with Christianity and I started reading more about Norse mythology until it started to click with me.

I think communist societies should be irreligious, if not anti-religious. I wouldn’t want to force the latter, since that can result in severe backlash, so I’d just opt for the former.

I like Zen Buddhism. I’m not religious at all, but if my arm were being twisted and I had to pick one, I’d go with that. I like Zen’s focus on destroying the self and seeing the unity of things through emptiness. It maintains a very world-centred philosophy by essentially reducing all noumenal elements to nothing. It’s pretty dope, honestly.

Roman Gadolic reporting

As to why I personally like Islam as opposed to other religions is partially that it has a very deterministic view on the question of free will and it has some interesting stances on transexuality, despite the fact that the quran is clear on it's stance on homosexuality there is an argument to be made that it supports transsexuals. The justification for this comes from the story of Muhammad dealing with a Mukhannathun (basically an effeminate trap), where Muhammad treats him as if he were a woman. a number of Islamic scholars support this interpretation and sex changes are even state subsidized in Iran, though most Islamic countries just see transsexuals as gays to be punished.

Just why?

What's the source of this story? Because nearly all Hadith are faked.

Religion is the epitome of feelz>reals.

It is something humanity will have to get out of its system eventually. Churches and religious organizations simply shouldn't exist. I don't understand why USSR or any other socialist nation simply didn't abolish the Church as a whole. Instead they let them roam free.

it was a hadith.

I just passively think it has interesting aspects, not like I agree with it or want to join it so why not.

You kidding me? If you've read any kind of social history, you'd know that the USSR did exactly that.

Religion is about a search for truth and isn't limited to a single set of practices.

are you religious.


They didn't abolish it as an organization. They only had anti-religious campaigns. Then 1941 came and out of nowhere Stalin pulled out the Church for propaganda and moral purposes.

And this was only Stalin. After 1953 the Church was looked down upon, but tolerated.


Materialism is also metaphysics, silly.

Too bad everything's already been discovered, eh?

care to elaborate on what religion and why.

Is that a real tweet?


Had I never been a Marxist, I would have never become religious.


Christianity was never meant for the Gentiles. Paul preached to the pagans and they turned Jeebus into a pagan god-man. Nowhere in Judaism does it say Moshiach is Gd.

I'm actually interested how did marxism make you more religous you would think the opposite would be true.

you're not wrong I dont know of any of these anons.

Any good videos about Pol Pot that give a different account than him being a shit?

Revisionism, not actual Marxism.

A combination of things. I don't want to go into too much detail since some of it is very personal (most religious experiences are).

Basically, I've always felt there was something very spiritual about communism, i.e. the utopianism, the apocalyptism, the existing world we know is false.

That's all you need to know.

Christianity was absolutely meant to be brought to the Gentiles, Jesus makes that very clear when he says to make disciples of all nations. Paul wasn't even the first to do so, Peter was with his baptizing of Gentiles. On the topic of whether the Jews thought the messiah would be the Son of God or not, the Talmud makes mention it would be the son of the king and we have manuscripts from the dead sea scrolls making explicit mention of the messiah being the son of God.

Oh, okay. Never mind. It was a bad idea to ask you about anything.


"Son of Gd" means something completely different in Judaism. The Jews themselves are referred to as the "son of Gd". Also, in the Tanakh, Moshiach is only referenced metaphorically. That Isaiah 53 passage missionaries love to cite is always out-of-context.

Can you point me to a citation in the Talmud which backs up your point about the Moshiach being a god-man?

What's wrong with spirituality?

Speaking of which, what do you think of norse paganism?

It's true though.

I am an atheist who advocates for theocracy.

Yeah I'm religious. I just view it as a very personal connection I have to my God. I'm part of one of the more obscure Islamic sects which has morals and doctrine that fits for me. Socialism kind of made me hate established and organised Faith though, because of the corruption and dogmatism. I think that this is a material world and in dealing with it we should treat it as such. Keep your personal philosophies and abstractions to yourself and your own personal destiny you foresee. Seperate your mystical magic from the Earth which obviously isn't affected by it.

In a method that focuses exclusively on materialism? Everything.

My family is mostly Scandinavian (Jewish grandmother is from Copenhagen) so I grew up with Norse traditions (Xmas tree decorated with pagan ornaments, etc.). I know some Norse myths but not too much about the rituals/practices.

I really hope you're not pushing some hard materialism/vulgar empiricism.

only protestant on this board reporting in

Christianity will be the state religion under socialism

By Voegelin's definition you're a gnostic

What's your opinion on Isaiah 9:6 and somewhat relatedly Psalm 2 of the Babylonian Talmud?

What happend to your trip Scott?

I'm not that loser, fuck all tripfags

tfw Eastern Orthodox and Bordigist

Was raised Protestant, never identified with it and at a very young age decided I was an atheist. I remained a fairly staunch atheist until I started really digging into philosophy and realized my conception of faith and the overlap of spiritual and material magisteria were completely wrong and misguided. I became a Theravada Buddhist for a few years, became officiated and lived as a monastic for awhile, but ultimately realized it wasn't for me. After a great deal of searching and reflection I found my way back to Christianity under different pretenses. I credit my sympathy for Christianity with allowing me to overcome my biases and really look into Communism. A society built upon the moral and pragmatic principles of Jesus Christ would be inherently Communistic, in name or not, and I believe the best society to be one built on theocratic principles.

I was born and raised a Muslim, but then my fedora atheist phase hit me and I became smug towards religion.
Until I became a leftist and realized conflict doesn't arise because of religious differences, while I still like Islam I find myself really drawn towards Christianity, part of me towards it's aesthetics but it's mostly because I like Kierkegaard and do not think he's compatible with Islam

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Organized religions should be abolished, but it doesnt matter if people want to have their religious icons in the privacy of their own homes. Also culturally important buildings should be left alone, but they would be cultural monuments free for everyone, so no private mass allowed in church or anything like that.


How can you faggots call yourselves """"leftists"""" if you unironically believe religion is bad because it's what shapes societies and not their material conditions? only a brainlet thinks terrorism and crusades were Islam and Christianity's fault and not simply geo-politics at play.
Saying you want to "ban" religion is the same as wanting to ban ideology, which is pretty fucking stupid.

And class-diving atheist scum are first in the gulag, and first in Hell after the day of the rope

Triggered much? Organized religion should be abolished because it's an artificial hierarchy. I don't give a shit what wizards and fairies you want to believe, be my guest and believe, but don't expect the society in any way enable your schizophrenia to move forward.


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new Holla Forums convert I see
Communism is not against voluntary non exploitative hierarchy, your argument is the same as calling a doctor-nurse relation in a hospital bad because it's hierarchy.
Not to mention that current religious institutions would change to conform to the new base of society as with every superstructure aspect of it, read Marx before posting.

Why should i care about a reactionary parasitic institution that holds the working people in superstition, ignorance and fear?

Why should I care about your strawman?

Ironic coming from a raging christian
Lobbying schools to "teach the controversy" ie. anti-intellectualism, churches and televangelists tricking poor people to give their money to them, so the sky wizard blesses them, parents beating their children for not fitting into the cult. All just harmless fun in your opinion.

It's not a strawman, it's the truth.

Read my whole post you brainlet, this is an r/atheism tier reply

So people who literally believe there is a wizard in the heavens looking at them masturbate, will listen to reason under communist society instead of a capitalist spy that says "Pope would like you really really much if you were to revolt. Communism was invented by Satan by the way, did you know that?"

Religious institutions will fight tooth and nail to preserve the old order/status quo, just as they have been doing for centuries, millenia even.

In a society free of oppression and exploiting there is no need for religion.

The IWW is my religion

who /ignostic/

Materialism was since its birth spiritual. I wish all you Marxists took course in philosophy

I'm a socialist because I'm a good Christian.

Well, okay, I'm a socialist because I opened a fucking book. But I like to think it's made me a better Christian.

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I would totally be a Hellenist if it were more popular.

Read Swinburne and Plantinga

Reminder that most antitheistic Holla Forums users are falseflagging idpolers from r/socialism

That is the most ironic use of that flag I've ever seen

while the most annoying religious are from pol.

Holla Forums shits on Christianity for being a jewish religion, they are mostly pagans or atheist

Anabaptist? Because those are the only good protestants


I'm religious,marxist-leninist to be precise

I'm a hard secularist and would like to see all religions wiped off the earth. Yet as strange as it sounds I like reading about their history, especially Christianity and Buddhism.

Socialism is just a secularized form of Christianity tho.

Actually you CAN judge a religion's truthfulness based on what its followers choose to do.

Look at how Christians and Jews always take the reactionary side whether it be Zionism, supporting imperialism in the Middle East, imperialism in Africa and elsewhere. Now look at how Muslims (esp. Shias) take the side of anti-imperialism. Of course their religions drive them to act in this way, so yes if people of a certain religion act in a manner consistent with truth you know their belief system must be closer to the truth.

what kind of retarded statement is that, muslims (Shias too) take the side of anti-imperialism because they are receiving the fucked up end of the stick, they too were imperialist once when they were the dominant force.
And not all Christians fucking support zionism, that's just a burger thing

It means their religion promotes resistance to capitalism.

It's not their religion that is providing that, it's simply the material conditions they are put in.

What is Saudi Arabia.

What are Gulf States.

What is Erdoganist Turkey.

Muslims are some of the most reactionary, backward people on earth. We're talking about people who don't understand the concept of secular law, who stone their women for showing parts of their body.

You should look out Soviet policy on Islam. Actually it was one of the best things the USSR ever did.



I'm sympathetic to Buddhism, and I think it has real liberational potential, but the tendency towards vulgar idealism is dangerous and borders on reactionary.
Considering that it's been used to jusify an imperialist feudal monarchy for thousands of years, I don't think I'm too far off on this evaluation.

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Buddhism will free our minds, just as socialism will free our bodies. Even classlessness cannot eliminate suffering. For that we need Buddhism.

I was an atheist/agnostic who didn't give a fuck for a long time, until I recently started to have a severe fear of death after playing Valkyrie Profile.
I got over it and I'm still not religious, but I believe God exists, in the sense that it is the act of creation of this universe. In the process I became less harsh towards religious people, and while reading a book on the history of philosophy, I found out that medieval philosophers had pretty smart ways to conceive it and reconcile logical thought with the Bible, which I find interesting.
Kant was the smartest though, with his concept of noumenon. God is a noumenon, and it is kinda useless to elaborate detailed theories about it. From what we can perceive however, it's obvious that the anthropocentric conceptions of God in Abrahamic religions are not plausible (problem of evil, problem of hell, etc), except in fringe movements like pandeism.
In any case, I now prefer a smart religious person to a dumb atheist, and think religion is compatible with socialism as long as you can find ways to reconcile the two and don't limit yourself to literal readings of the "sacred" texts. I still hate the clergy though.