Why do both communists and right wing parties want to leave the EU? Why is it such a bad deal...

Why do both communists and right wing parties want to leave the EU? Why is it such a bad deal? Is it because the officials are unelected or the economics are shit or something?

If I remember right, Corbyn wanted to reform the EU, and that communist that ran against Le Pen wanted to leave/reform the EU as well. As well as Le Pen leaving.

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Commies want to leave the EU because the EU is extremely neoliberal. Idk about rightists though, probably something about "muh immigrants" or whatever.

The fact that the EU officials are unelected plays a big part for right wing people.

I mean i've heard that from left people too. Honestly, I wouldn't have an issue with the eu if it ran on direct democracy and socialist principles, but its extremely corporate and neoliberal.

Lots of communist parties in europe are against mass immigration too. Fuck even corbyn to a certain extent is

Read Marx on Free Trade.

Marx is a full accelerationist on that topic. Not sure if he's right. You could very well disagree with him on this and still be a Marxist.

the migration crisis is literally importing an entire continent to europe user. its not good.

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For the left, economics mostly, the EU follows a neoliberal logic, the EU rules and frameworks are set up to destroy national monopolies for example. Its political project also relies on deepening economic co-dependence as driver of federalism. In that sense its almost Marxist: the EU uses the destructive power of capital to weaken/remove nation-states and increase the concentration of power into the political and adminstrative institutions of the EU.
Right-wingers tend to think the EU encroaches on a sacred national sovereignty.
Both left and right euroscepticism also bemoans the power of the technocratic, undemocratic elements of the institution such as the commission, ECB and so on.

Thank you for this brilliant explanation.

There is no "free movement" there is movement strictly in one direction into already desperate prole communities.

Honestly the EU does a lot to stop Fascism in Europe.
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Doubling down on free trade and immigration because "muh accelerationism" is how you get nazbols at best, and fascists at worst.
And why should workers care about accelerationism when their livelihood is on the line?

The EU by design is an instrument that serves capital first and foremost. It's started out as a fucking cartel, for fuck's sake. Almost all legislation it pushes is to stimulate and ease commerce. To the extent that it has anything to say about say the welfare state, it wrecks it under the guise of fiscal responsibility.
OTOH, something EU like is geopolitical necessity for the people of the EU. It's a big empire, and without a big empire you will get eaten alive by the other empires.
Can't live with it can't live without it.

You mean Germany. Euro being lower than the Mark means German exports dominate.

The EU has a hard on for shitting on nationalisation and no matter how many liberal faggots will tell you otherwise the fact is that even when you attempt "nationalisation" your attempt at nationalisation has to compete on the free market with other companies. Funnily enough the Germans make an absolute fucking killing with this model, having their "local state owned companies" take on the utilities of many other countries. It's a kraut scam and linked to many groups that don't have your interests at heart, like the Bilderberg group.

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he really isn't, and it's one of the few things that annoys me about him. if he changed his public opinion on that he could probably btfo May once and for all.

Fuck Corbyn. He is against European immigration from countries like Poland or Spain, but letting in thousands of medieval Muslims from a completely different culture is totally fine.

The EU is the fourth reich.

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I won't dispute that. The Euro as it exists has to go, as long as there is not a fiscal and social union to go with it.

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It is neoliberal bullshit. There is your answer.

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No, European cultures are not necessarily all the same or very similar, but Europeans and Muslims generally differ a lot in their values. Sometimes, these values are just not compatible with each other.
Polish culture is very different from English culture, but Poles are far less likely to hold religious fundamentalist beliefs than people from Muslim countries are. (Yes, I know that there are many religious fundamentalists in Poland compared to Western Europe, but their numbers and the extent of their ideology is still nowhere close to what is found in Muslim countries.)

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Anyway, the equation is pretty simple. If you're in an independent small state, then average prole has no power regardless of the internal political system because they become a satellite of another great power and international capital. If your state is subsumed in a great power, at least you get maybe a a vote, and can also organize at a larger level. Or, if the political organization is as it is in the EU, no say. It's a Pascal's wager. Better keep the empire on the off chance that we can reform it.

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Tbh when the Guardian are calling you "too right-wing", you are doing well because fucking Hillary is leftwing for them.

The guardian are possibly (likely) in thrall to the deep state. You can see them torn to shreds regularly at off-guardian.org

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I mean remember when Owen Jones was calling for Corbyn to go? The actual left remembers.

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It used to be pretty good, at some point. It became objectively worse than the Indy in 2010ish and started publishing numerous idiotic middle class articles like interior design must haves, then bottomed out when GCHQ raided them for the Snowden leaks. The Independent went to shit when they replaced the disqus comment system, where the bulk of the papers intelligence was and replacing it with social media retards.

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It's because the EU is a neoliberal corporate dumpster fire and it's pretty obvious that anyone not in control of it is getting shafted.

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Right wingers are reactionary and want to leave the EU because they saw a scary picture of a black guy pulling a white girl's hair or something.

I think the EU is just a centrist cesspit and we need to give it actual powers and enforce that EU jobs stay where they are. Basically, make the EU the Warsaw Pact with schengen. I actually like schengen because it makes my life kinda easier.

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