In the light of constant posting and obvious Holla Forums obfuscation over identity politics lately, this is how to properly understand and deal with idpol as a Marxist.
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Third one is fucking retarded.

Not really.

nationcuck detected


No it's objectivly wrong. When he says stuff like "your food and language is not your country" he's saying something wrong. Those things are your country, especially language.
He just comes off as the idealist leftcom good at writing but without any skills or idea when it comes down to real politiks

Wow, poster that calls Marxism retarded makes something even worse than the original post he's criticizing, how unexpected.

Wow user, I had no clue that "country" was a synonym for "culture"! Thanks for clearing things up.

Kinda hilarious some of you faggots unironically believe this shit.

Leftcoms gonna leftcoms
Or americans gonna americans


That first picture isn't accurate to leftcoms. They don't support national struggles like palestine or kurdistan.

How convenient that someone defends idpol in an anti-idpol thread.


You mean self-proclaimed Marxist?


That's right

Why don't you read the posts in the OP instead of being passive aggressive for no reason?

Meanwhile Italy got mussolini and the balkans "the bourgoise national liberation" got at least something resembling socialism.
Read lenin you fucking liberals

That's not how it works. Read Marx.

You're acting like Bordiga was solely responsible for the trend of fascism in Italy when there were others at the helm of anti-fascist policy which still failed to muster a defeat for the fascists.


This but unironically to an extent.




Literally redirect all idpol discussions to these posts from now on.

Holy Shit. Should one discart national liberation for what reason?

Do I have to be the first to point out how pretentious this shit is?

Why don't you look at the first equivalent replies here?

Why do you expect a leftist board to care about your posting sensitivities if you honestly find theory this repulsive?

your pic related is idpol liberal. leftists only support national liberation as a means to eventual socialism, and even that is pretty hotly debated within the left sphere

Because bordiga is literally talking shit about the balkans while they managed to kick the fascist out, form yugoslavia and market socialism thanks to national liberation while italy had to get bombed for 3 years and to this day have american bases build all over the country.
Because national liberation gave birth to more revolutions than anything else in history.
I don't need to refute shit, i got history on my side.

I'm fine with theory, but posting on a message board like you're the next Fredric Jameson is roleplaying and silly.

Dumbest shit I ever heard.

I read your post. You don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, I'm saying this guy in particular is roleplaying by writing like this on message boards. And it is disappointing if this wordy shit is what you associate with being a leftist.

Alright, then that just means that you have no understanding of the past 150 years of Marxism and the rest of the revolutionary left if you can't take this serious (despite however much you believe you have exposed yourself to it). But that is no reson to not get out of that habit.






no war but class war, this post will be censored just like the last time i said it



Idk dude leftists in the US and Canada are pretty big on national sovereignty for indigenous people. I agree its stupid but its hard to deny a large number of socialists believe this type of shit.

Reject post-modern pluralism. Embrace univeralism.