So, Nazis are going full Stalin

Neo Nazi white supremacist Andrew Anglin calling for bourgeois to have their wealth taken and state central planning to distribute all resources to the people. How does that make you feel?

Also, black grl thread

succdem tier bullshit

as always nazis care about memes and nothing else, not surprising in the least.

Useful idiots, just remember to deal with them before they turn on us.


Janny! Tell me to my face they arent triangulatong to pick up leftypol

And quit deleting my shit faggot

Have they ever considered that maybe capitalism created that culture not the other way around?

He explicitly says that "capitalism" is an outdated term and inapplicable to modern world (which is true). But it is clear that he is opposed to what you, as brainlets, anachronistically and erroneously call "capitalism."

Please take off the Stalin-stache, you’re making him spin in his grave plus seeing this ignorant post gives me a headache

why aren't you banned yet

I agree with Stalin, who threw homo in gulags and hated Jews. We need an alliance of nationalism and communists

you know, i was gonna post something snarky about tanks but they don't deserve this kind of abuse.

Mods are literal str4sserit3s which is why they filter every word needed to discuss this fact

Take that fucking stache off motherfucker

Ban this jerk

now it makes sense why the stalin-stasche wants to kill leftcoms in another thread


Is this a new stalin stache guy?

Is that unusual?


the fuck are you on about?

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Dugin was right, right and left must unite against neoliberalism
Comrade Anglin is /ourallly/

This is some good news. Hopefully, it will show the less retarded red liberals that fascists actually are our allies in the struggle against Capital

are Stalinstache's consistently bad posters or is it the same person?



Clever. He only calls for the government to seize the assets of the "insanely rich" to avoid alienating his petit bourgeois donors (who donate several thousand a month to his website)

It's a clever out to give the porky who makes $200k a year running three mcdonalds but still considers himself "upper middle class"

This is a new one. Last two we got weren't that bad

Who are these people?


So what you're saying is that I'm supposed to know every post on this board, dissociate them with from their flags, infer from your post that you're talking about this particular poster, and remember that they want to murder leftcoms? You're terminally retarded.


Its our sworn duty to support the daily stormer against the liberal imperialists
I mean this unironically

Just another leftist who is sick of idpol bullshit that's been going around this place

Probably an anarchist false-flagging


yes, you fucking animal, except that it's even easier to tell who it is by the close timing these shitposts have been made by one flagposter. did you ever assume that this was ever different?

Why would a leftist spam reactionary idpol if he's sick of idpol?

Anglin, Dugin, and other ethnocationalists are idpol you fucking retard.

You should take a break from posting, you're clearly on here a lot.


The only difference between fascism and capitalism is that the man pointing the gun at you is doing it in the name of defending the master race

a few Holla Forumsyps have been raiding Holla Forums consistently over the past few days. All they do is create idpol threads, so they can then swoop in and go "hey fellow leftist, don't you just hate idpol? we should join forces with stormniggers against the SJWs"

I'm not the one blubbering about LGBTBBQ and "muh equal rights" all the time.

Race isn't inherently idpol, it's the psuedoscientific application of it, such as the forced unnatural equality of the races, that is inherently idpol.

I think you mean ever since this board existed.

read Bordiga

This. They also used to try other things to demoralize the board.

Right. Race isn't idpol, but basing your politics on it is. Even if there is a disparity between races that has a genetic cause (which isn't true) that doesn't imply any political orientation.

wow doesn't take long for the mask to slip does it

it's been flaring up this past month, like a bad herpes infection

I actually miss Hapa Stalin-poster he was alright he just had shit taste in women tbf

Facts are not idpol, it's perfectly okay to base one's politics off of material realities like race. What is absolute insanity, however, is to pretend that all mankind is equal. Socialism will not survive with such delusions.

It explicitly isn't, read Dugin

Daily reminder to report Holla Forums posters.

legend says that if you post this image he will appear ready to defend her honor and go against a horde of posters calling her ugly

you ain't even TRYIN at this point

Am I being meme'd on


I never claimed that they were, brainlet.
Christ you're a fucking moron. Let's assume for the sake of arguing that Autism Level is over 80% heritable (not true), that Autism Level actually measures general intelligence (not true), that Autism Level is almost entirely the product of genetics (not true), that there's a disparity between races, and that the disparity has genetic origins (not true). Even if all of that were true that still says nothing about the interests of any individual within your society. The average white person wouldn't directly benefit from eugenics (which is bullshit, but that a whole other conversation), or any other racialist policy The material conditions for any individual need to be improved in order for a policy to be a good idea.

If you want to claim that racial politics aren't idpol you need to prove that it's in every white person's material interests to implement racialist policies.

Autism Level should be I⁠Q tbh


Huh, really made me think, user


It will never become common. Elites won't allow it.

Literally what


Andrew has joined the Nazbol gang.

Race is a category based on (extremely shallow) morphology, not genetics. How people currently understand/categorize races has more to do with history and geography than anything else. Stop being so stuck on race and look at the facts, user.

And why wouldn't they? This is a pretty big hole in your ideology, if you're gonna dismiss it you need to have a reason for doing so.

It will at least be available to the rich. If intelligence is primarily genetic, some people have access to genetic engineering, and you've set the precedent that people can be treated like shit because of low intelligence, you're in for a hell of a time.

How long until the Ancap/Libertarian side of the Alt-Right long knives the Anti-Capitalist side?



pol pls go

feels like Hitler could have said it himself