Hi Holla Forums. I came to ask you if you've any literature that would help me understand your world views...

Hi Holla Forums. I came to ask you if you've any literature that would help me understand your world views. I tend to favour Holla Forumss view of the world but admittedly I've never tried to understand the lefts point of view in earnest. Both sides of the fence agree that the world we live in right now is a fucking nightmare so I'm at very least interested in the lefts solution to the chaos.

Whilst I think marxism and communism as a whole is childish fantasy bullshit I've come to realize that I only have an elementary understanding of them. I know more about how it's failed rather than why.

What do you suggest?
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This book will show you the true nature of the ebil bankers

What is the book about user?
when you say bankers, do you mean 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧bankers🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧?

First, antisemitism is socialism for stupid people.
Now tell us what's wrong with socialism/communism in your opinion.


You should probably tell us all about how socialism is welfare and nationalisation before anyone explains anything to you so that we know how many layers of bullshit you're on.

there's a pinned reading list thread, genius

Why the fuck don't you say what interests you? Are you interested in economics, philosophy, history? I'm not going to recommend you to read Capital if economics bore you to death. As for the basic understanding of Marxism or whatever, check out the basic reading lists. It would be helpful if you'd tell us what you think Marxism or socialism is.

It's too much to explain in a simple imageboard post. But if I had to sum it up. Human Nature is why communism cannot work. Especially in the european mindset. rather than attempting to condense my understanding of this into a series of badly-written imageboard posts I'd rather recommend you read Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald. This book above many others showed me just how badly Communism can fail those living under it. (pages 41-52 would be of particular interest)

I believe Not Socialism can work well. Socialism in and of itself is not bad or evil. It's there to ensure that everyone has the same chances (not the same outcomes, thats communism) in life and it can be used to protect the weakest in our society. Implementing it on a national scope ensures that it's manageable and applicable to a particular region.

Yes my friend I'm aware there's a pinned thread. that is why I stipulated that I'm interested in literature that would appeal to someone who shares more Holla Forums leaning views rather than someone who is sympathetic to the left off the bat.

I'm more interested in economics and philosophy. history I find is more of a research into the practical applications and as such tends to function as supplimental reading after I've come to understand the concepts behind the system.

Introduction to Marxism:

Muh human nature argument is the most addressed argument from the entire left. You must have never lurked here before.
Socialism is the same thing as communism. And it doesn't mean same outcomes. NutSac is a form of capitalism.

You still have said absolutely nothing about what you thin socialism or communism is.


Stop reading propaganda for fuck sake. What's next? Cultural Marxism?

i mean, this book is an entire history of banking and pre banking, money, credit, and debt and currency in general

read Bordiga

read Bordiga (2)

Google Bookchin

human nature shows that mankind will naturally cooperate with one another for the survival of the group. We're one of the few species that actively worked to take care of the sick and elderly ffs.


Nigga, I…

The biggest "redpill" the left has to offer over the right is the realization that the world isn't shit because of evil people plotting against humanity. There's reasons why the world is the way it is, and there's ways that you can change the structure of society to fix these problems.

Take the issue of mass migration. Holla Forums's take on this is essentially "fuck the mudslimes, keep them out of my country". The (anti-idpol) left's take is more along the lines of "hey, there's loads of people being displaced and flooding into our country illegally. Let's address this problem by providing aid and ending wars so the problem doesn't get worse. If we didn't we'd have a lot of desperate people doing shitty things to the people living here."

Dude, read a book. Socialism is when the WORKERS own their WORKPLACES, their LAND, their TOOLS and the FRUITS OF THEIR LABOR. Communism is when socialism is global, and all existing counterrevolutions have defeated, and we can demobilize the military forces we have been using to crush counterrevolutions. We don't give a shit about equality, we generally consider the notion of equality to be abstract and idealist, and an appeal to bourgeois morality.

Dog not even being secretarian or anything, but you need to read Peter Kropotkin's Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution
Whether or not you ascribe to anarchism that book will put to rest any idea that communism flies in the face of "muh human nature". Communism is human nature. Capitalism, on the contrary, pits us against one another in an unnatural way that leads to suicide, depression, and alienation. We are meant to cooperate, not cut each other's throats. And look at the consequence, mass shootings, d.egenerate society, materialistic and shallow bullshit on TV, consumerism, ect.
This has nothing to do with race. Making a racially pure "uptopia" is a fucking joke, which ignores centuries of wars between people of the same fucking race over petty bullshit. You need to educate yourself on class

Also highly recommend you read Karl Marx's Wage Labor and Capital. After that, read his 1st Philosophical Manuscript of 1844. After reading those 2 books, in conjunction with Mutual Aid, you will understand why I, as an American, am a full-blown communist, why being a NutSac is laughable, and why you have been lied to your entire life. Here, I'll even link pdfs:

Once you are done, come back and tell us all about how communism is "evil and unrealistic"

Unironically, try Stirner.
Not only does he blow a lot of arguments like this out of the water, I’ve met ex-fashies who got into socialism because of him

No. The biggest fundamental divider between the 'left' and the 'right' is constructivism vs essentialism. Once you convince a rightwinger that you can change the people by changing society and not the other way around you basically already make them a leftist. An essentialist isn't going to accept constructivist arguments by definition.

Read Kropotkin's "Mutual Aid: A Factor in Human Evolution" for a good summary of the anti "but muh human nature" arguments. As for Marx, Critique of the Gotha Programme, Wage Labour and Capital, Value Price and Profit, Socialism: Utopian and Scientific (Engels), and the manifesto are good introductory texts, however keep in mind that the manifesto is basically a propaganda document that explains the demands and attitude of the Communist movement at the time. For advanced shit, you really need to read Capital, at least volume one and two.

Socialism is a highly varied ideology which desires to, through one way or another, bring economics and politics into collective control and abolish all means to accumulate capital. Whilst many of them are based off of Marx, or some aspects of Marx, you cannot understand the greater socialist movement via only reading Marx. I can assist you primarily with libertarian socialist writings, as I'm not knowledgeable enough on Leftcom or other ideologies to really recommend any writers.

For Syndicalism, make sure to check out DeLeon for an example of state syndicalism, and Rudolf Rocker for Anarcho-Syndicalism. Keep in mind that the prior was a Marxist, and you would need basic knowledge of Marx to understand his ideology. Syndicalist writings are generally very bare, because Syndicalism was a tactic of mass union action and general strikes that they intended to use to bring their ideology to existence, which was usually anarcho-communism or Marx's ideas of socialism.

With Bookchin and Communalism, you can primarily check out Social Ecology and Communalism, The Next Revolution, and the Ecology of Freedom. Democratic Confederalism by Abduallh Occlan also apparently is a good document, but I've never read it, so I can't speak for it.

Anarcho Communism is something I'm not knowledgeable enough to recommend on, but keep in mind that Bakunin was its grandfather and Kropotkin is a fairly large figure. You'll want to check them out.

I'll save you the headache and tell you now that Marxism isn't about sexual liberation, feminism, race-mixing, and state-provided free shit. Marxism is first and foremost a set of economic theories about the instability of capitalism and why it cannot support itself in the long term, and why it will inevitably collapse and socialism (meaning public, rather than private, ownership of industry) will replace it. There, you now know more about Marxism and socialism than 90% of Holla Forumsyps. Read Wage-Labor and Capital.


This is a fun one.

Marx, Engels and Weydemeyer – The German Ideology