New US political party, fuckers!

New US political party, fuckers!

DraftBernie Launches "Movement For a People's Party" endorsed by Jimmy Dore

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nice social democracy

Fuck off

Are we still talking about political parties? I feel like everyone kinda agrees that ship has sailed

its to early

This would negatively impact the places scattered throughout the US where the cost of living is incredibly low. Urban progressives need to travel more.

Do you have any studies that support your argument?


Scratch a progressive and a liberal bleeds. A lot of progressives can be radicalized into comrades, and America will be a better place if they take any power, BUT we must beware of the man technocrat "progressives" for whom these reforms are the stopping point.

It's not even socdem it's just left liberalism.

would free college be allowed in left liberalism

"Studies" can be created to prop up any agenda at any time. That user gave a perfect way to prove the statement made.

Oh okay so you got nothing.

Wow, another Green Party!

free college is a meme that will never work under capitalism

why not

You can find conservative parties in Europe with a similar agenda. They don't even demand nationalization of central industry. Weak as fuck.

It works pretty much in every non-anglo country.

Repeat after me: idpol is not a distraction

I have no studies but I can say from personal experience having lived on less $10 an hour in rural Appalachia. The business owners simply would not be able to pay that much money to their employees. Wages would either go under the table or businesses would shit down. Any national minimum wage initiative should exclude areas with extremely low costs of living.

UBI is preferable to 15 if we go the succdem route.

The fall of the Democratic party would be the first step the american left needs. I don't know why your all being so cynical about this. I know this is a chan where we all try to out cynic each other, and a lefist board where we jerk of to our intellectual supportity over the center left,center and right wing, but can we just be a little more groundend for a second. Something like nationalization of major industry is simply no t political viable at the moment

Not big on IdPol but I think every leftist organization in the colonized countries should at least include the goal to improve indigenous communities.


What is "racial justice"?

Fuck porky

Why are Americans such cowards?

Fuck off all you purist faggots. Seriously not one post is positive. It seems like if a party tries to actually have universal appeal and doesn't parade around pictures of Stalin and copies of das kapital it's not good enough for you.

What they mean is "free college for people who fall within a range of arbitrary income levels." The socdem solution is free college for all regardless of income.

"Progressives" in America are still capitalists. You should join with some of the already existing left wing groups instead.

It's such a vague, catch all term. You either have libs/socdems calling themselves "Progressives" to sound different and appealing, or it's either actual leftists/socialists using the term to hide their true, Red intentions without sounding scary to the apolitical.

wish they'd remove indigenous rights and racial justice and add in "For non-interventionism" and "For no drug war" to bring in the anti-war people and potheads

it's liberalism

The Greens already exist and have anti-capitalism in their charter. What's the point? I'm still not convinced this bullshit is anything other than a waste of resources and a tactic to divide the Left.

Just so people remember, this "Progressive Party" shit centered completely around the strong personality of one person has been attempted at least three times in the last century. And it fell apart after those strong personalities died or gave up every single time. This idiot needs to open a history book already. The challenges the Greens face is much more than its name, and another progressive party is going to have to deal with the very same issues. The problem is system, the problem is Duverger's Law. What the left should be doing right now is coalescing into one party that's already spent decades struggling for ballot access and changing the voting system should be its singular focus. Once we've replaced plurality voting with Approval voting and/or proportional representation, people are free to split off into a million different sects if they like, some of them may gain power.

This is a double edged sword OP. Not being cynical or negative, just realistic.
One the one hand, as a prole I absolutely support soc dem policies. I don't want to suffer needlessly while the revolution gets its shit together
On the other hand, there are good arguments against soc dem policies. For 1) it creates complacency within the working class, keeps them docile instead of mobilized and angry. 2) they are impermanent bandaids on permanant problems, half-measures that will not solve the inherent contradictions of capitalism.
So I'd support this organization, and even vote for them, but don't fool yourself into thinking this is the end-all-be-all. That's all

We don't need to form a mass party of the Left, we can just skip straight to organizing the revolution, guys

Okay, so where's the organization? Do we have local councils, or really dual power of any description? Do we have any significant support within the military and police? Do we have an active, organized mass movement on the ground?

If the answer to all those questions was "no", then the answer to whether we're ready for a revolution is an emphatic NO. While we're still building power, the formation of a mass party of the Left is a huge positive development, even if they're still just socdems. We have to meet the working class where their consciousness is, and as of the moment, that's in parliamentary "party" politics and reform movements. If you want to push consciousness forward into a revolutionary attitude, you need to be a part of that movement.

Daily reminder that there is literally nothing wrong with DemSoc and SocDem while capitalism is not in a state of collapse. What we need to do now is to start building institutions of working class democracy and alleviating the conditions of the proles, and when the political and economic system ceases to function at all (I’m talking post WW1 Germany or Russia 1917 kind of collapse and dysfunction) then we move to make those proletarian systems of governance the only systems of governance. Basically what the Bolsheviks did, except we don’t dismantle/neuter the Soviets after they have taken power. Agitating for revolution itself is pointless, Revolution will arise out of the natural progression of history. Apart from the possibility of capitalist crises, all polities eventually reach a state of unsalvagable decay, and when people see this and start demanding change, we have to make sure that they change they demand is socialism.

History will make the revolution, we will make the revolution socialist.