Democrats have learned nothing from Trump and are going to double down on the "minority turnout" shit instead of...

Democrats have learned nothing from Trump and are going to double down on the "minority turnout" shit instead of attempt to win back white voters in swing states. Guess what happens when Trump starts a trade war with China and all those white swing voters get their jobs back.

Well, the net effect of most Democratic programs tends to be a transfer from whites to PoC. Whether or not you think this is good, whites are not going to be eager to get out and vote for it. In multiethnic democracies, you vote your race and religion (t. Lee Kuan Yew)

Also, I think the Dems can't get minorities to turn out enough without identity politics. Many of them are also true believers about the ascendant Coalition of Color and make no secret about it. They will be fine if they can get enough upper-class whites to vote Dem in the name of anti-racism.

Democrats still think belittling white people and becoming the SJW party will actually work even though Hilary proved it won't, as all it will do is cause more and more whites to vote Republican. If the parties actually do become based on racial lines, the GOP will easily get a 4/5ths majority across the entire country and easily retake congress. For everyone Republican seat won in blue states, two Democrats are lost in swing states. And on that topic, even Wisconsin and Minnesota are swing states now.

The "obama coalition" won't be coming back, especially as millenials keep moving into big cities meaning non-urban states dry out and become Republican.

This is a good thing. The whole entire situation is radicalizing people and bringing them to our side
Donald has literally nothing of significance during his first term, what makes you honestly think hes going to do anything his second?

It will work perfectly fine if it's not Hillary running. Don't underestimate upper-middle-class goodwhites. They won't turn en-masse to Republicans, they'll mobilize in great numbers to Defeat Racism and protect Our Values and Our Democracy.

True, although most whites would happily subsidize nonwhites if they get something out of it. Namely protectionism which was a Dem priority in the 1960s when the national civil rights act was passed. The problem is Democrats can't even convince themselves to do that, because they won't tolerate higher iphone prices and think third worlders are more deserving of wagelsavery than middle Americans are deserving of Unionized factory jobs.

But the goal of the Democrats is free trade and free movement. Why would they advocate the opposite of their end goal?

It all depends on the state, Pennsylvania being the most undecided. But states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Florida have been voting for Republicans since before Trump. And all of those states (except Ohio), are Right-To-Work states that damage Democratic turnout. Ohio itself will probably go RTW if Dems fail to retake it next year.

Middle class whites flip -R when economic conditions are pessimistic and -D when they're optimistic. Which is how Dems won Virginia, because it's a suburb of DC and has a lot of money flowing into it. In Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan their future is largely predicated upon steel and auto tariffs, a thing Trump at least said he's increase.

Their goal is to create a more "just, verdant, and equal" society. Ideally free trade would be disposable but there's too many Dems drinking the kool aid and not wanting to help anyone outside the big cities they rule.

You're getting it backwards. "Just, verdant, equal" is marketing. Free trade and free movement is the goal. To accomplish this left-liberal elites have a long history of mobilizing the lower classes in the name of fulfilling such idealistic values. Many of them are even true believers, but the real goal is and always will be centralizing state power. Free trade won't be negotiable, because that's what the donors are paying for. Nowadays liberals just extend their "low" to the entire globe.

Killing free trade increases the state's power though, as it means more production is moved into domestic businesses underneath the government's direct influence. It's just not a good policy even if the goal is to enslave everyone.

I agree, the problem is that US elections are still domestic.

Not really. Every free trade deal requires a ton of regulatory oversight and growth in State power in order to protect intellectual property. These bodies are of course unelected and operate behind the scenes of actual governance. This is typical of the division-of-powers system in the US: the State appears to do nothing most of the time, while unelected bodies run everything in the background. What does it matter if the same people who own the businesses "not under government influence" own the government in the first place?

The Democrats would be thrilled with this idea.

Sure, but the problem is that either a new apparatus has to be made to accommodate that, and that other countries can still abuse it. This still ultimately cuts down on the US's power because companies outside the US can freely ignore US laws as their governments won't prosecute. This is how China managed to get away with their mercantilism for so long.

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Everything inside the DNC is geared towards racial politics now. I was reading a thing in Time magazine (borrowed from the library, I didn't buy it of course) about how some left-leaning polling groups discovered that people outside of big cities are more concerned with economic issues than racial ones, and that much of the country still hasn't recovered from the '08 crash. This was presented as new, potentially disruptive information.And of course all of it was written off in the next issue which talked about how "brown is the new white". Even if they were to attempt to swing back to economics issues, most of the party would fight as they conflate all economic populism with Trump.

That's the level of self-delusion they have cornered themselves into. And it won't get better until after Dems are fully smothered in 2020 due to Gerrymandering.


Despite all of the shit thrown at the GOP they'll still win so long as Democrats don't even attempt to compete. If Trump actually does jack up steel tariffs then there is no way the midwest won't swing hard Republican in 2018 and beyond. Blacks in Philadelphia aren't going to turn out for another Obama (because "first black president" has been done before) but suburban and rural whites will absolutely turn out for a Republican if steel production rises.

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Most urban Democrats have this idea that industrial workers are totally beneath them because they're unconcerned with racial or fag issues. The divide has grown a lot in the past decade, ten years ago people wouldn't openly say it and twenty years ago anyone who even hinted that workers weren't important were ostracized. Younger Democrats especially don't care about workers, because they cannot conceive of a reality where the available jobs aren't working in retail or working as a web developer.


They always double down. It's part of this generation of liberals' memeplex.