Introduction to anarchism

Alright, so since I became interested in socialism, I've read a bunch of Lenin and Marx, and now I would consider myself some kind of Marxist, or Leninist. Some time soon I wanna give anarchism a chance though. I've read quite a bit about anarchism (on Holla Forums, on reddit, youtube vids, etc.) but I haven't read any books by anarchist theorists.

Where should I start? What's the most essential, best introductory anarchist text? Is it The Conquest of Bread, or something by Bakunin maybe?

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It's good to see, when people are open to other socialist theories. Bakunin's bread-book is indeed a good start. I'm also a former Marxist and I'm going more into anarchist theories.

Did you fuck up, or is there another bread book I don't know about?

Mutual aid, debt the first 5000 years, what is property

He fucked up

Essential read tbh.

read bordiga first


Read Bakunin
These are all shot but great.

Sorry my mistake. I've meant off course Bordiga's book.


Here is a good and quick read to get a decent enough idea of what anarchists mean by anarchy and state. You can look through pic related for more works, it's not comprehensive but should serve to get you antiquated with various strains of anarchism. Most importantly read for yourself and take most summaries on Holla Forums or youtube with a grain of salt, while completely disregarding anything you read on reddit.

These are all a good place to start. Just remember that we cannot abolish the state without first abolishing civilization


Google Bookchin

We need a libcom reading list to counter both of >>2251969 your garbage social theories.

Read, (in chronological order):
Proudhon, Stirner, Bakunin, Jura federation, Kropotkin, Goldman
Rocker, the Platform, Bonanno and McQuinn

You'll get a complete, panoramic understanding of anarchism; from it's inception as the first scientific socialist economic theory (mutualism) to the various currents around today.

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I'd recommend the anarchist stuff on organizations and organizing.

Good, short starting text by someone who's basically a lifelong activist.

these are all wrong books for you if your ideas about anarchism come from sites like reddit/tuvan throat singing boards.

this book is like ABC anarchism its written in a very consumable way for a first step.

and as an added bonus the writer fucked Emma Goldman and shot Henry Clay Frick so there's that.


Anarchism is really good