Race Realists utterly BTFO once again

The Alt Right is too dumb for Genetics & Physiology:




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Damn look at that like/dislike ratio. They are mad.


Despite his name, RaceRealist88 has actually become skeptical about race realism and genetic Autism Level differences over the last year and unlike 99% of the others, he actually has training in genetics.

You can tell from that thread alone where the others bitch and call him a "race denier" etc. They hate him for being an intelligent heretic to their racialist religion.

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I don't know enough about the field to know who is right or wrong on these issues. Still working on trying to reach the 1st/2nd year grad student level. Unfortuntaely, anything related to humans and genetics is going to be intensely politicized, whether it's Progessive bias (Gould, Lewontin) or racialist bias.

Someone care to explain what happened to Kraut and Tea? His old videos are almost insufferable and, at times, outright dumb. But these last three against the alt-right are pretty fucking vicious.

I'm no saying that because I'm mad that he hates socialism, but because I simply think his quality has improved tremendously. Why does he focus on the left again if he so much better when he goes against the right

You know I'm starting to think that the aut-right isn't as smart as they pretend to be. Half of the comments aren't even addressing any of the arguments actually made in the video and the ones that do are just rants.

First of all, that's bullshit. There is a small amount of physiological evidence, which is growing day by day. Around 200 genes have been so far identified by gene association studies as impacting intelligence. Our understanding of the human genome is increasing exponentially, so I suspect this number will continue to rise.

As an aside, the burden ot proof he is demanding is hilariously high. Would he demand a similar amount of proof if someone asserted that Swedes are genetically predisposed to be taller than Koreans? I doubt it.

The far right is literally claiming that certain races have genes which make them more intelligent that other races. They have done nothing to prove what those genes are. Therefore their claims can be dismissed. That's the gist anyways.

Go live in a Black or Muslim area. No need to study genetics.

He might just be pleasing your priors on a subject you know less about. Obviously if he goes after Marxist theory, and you're well-read in Marxist theory, you will think he is an idiot.

Many of them are, but there are some knowledgeable people on race realist twitter I guess. Also a lot of geneticists would likely say one thing in public and then another in private, if they knew no one was listening and planning to report them to a tenure committee.

RaceRealist88 broke with the race realist crowd. Just look at the autistic screeching in that thread.

Also, here's Ryan Fault/TheAltHype getting BTFO by RaceRealist88 and EnderRaptor:


Like I said, gene association is essentially in it's infancy. A free hundred genes affecting intelligence have already been identified. No genotype is equally distributed across all populations. Their evidence from the social sciences is almost entirely circumstantial but it is being rapidly vindicated as the function of individual genes are understood.

Regardless, the burden of proof he is demanding is absurdly high. Would he give similar scrutiny to claims that some people are genetically predisposed to be taller than others? Would he demand to see the specific biological mechanisms that cause Koreans to be short and Swedes to be tall? I doubt it.



That Swedes are taller than Asians is not influenced by environmental or social factors assuming the same nutrition, whereas intelligence clearly is.

Kraut and sea? 20% of Nigerians are smarter than the lowest 50% of germans?


Juche friend, are you asian?

It's really telling that even in this thread, the Aut Rightists have absolutely nothing besides "lol of course niggers are dumb, go live in a ghetto or in Africa."

They barely get out of the house, what do you expect?

Intelligence is overwhelmingly heritable this is not up for debate by anyone except brain dead sociology majors aka "blacksplaining"

Nice strawman you got there.

so where are the arguments explaining why Kraut and this guy are wrong?


Regardless of Autism Level, people deserve to reap what they work for, someone being dumber doesn't justify harming them in any way. If someone less spooked can tell me why we absolutely, positively need to castrate the retarded, please tell me.

I'm not looking for them. I just sit in threads here and on /r/fullcommunism and call out logical inconsistencies and fallacies when I see them.

Nah, but I've spent a fair time in Asia. But I'm not a weeabo or fetishize Asians or whatever. I've been to the DPRK and liked it, therefore the flag.


Here's an aside: Intelligence shouldn't matter. As a matter of fact, it's only used as a politicized weapon. The alt right calling people unintelligent is the equivalent of a small child yelling at another group "YOU'RE ALL STUPID! YOU'RE DUMB! STUPID! DUMB!"

I mean, possibly true, but that doesn't make you necessarily smart (if you have no friends you're more likely to decline in health, both mental and physical), and they could be dumb.

But honest to god.

Who cares. This shit is only negatively effecting your mental health more than it is the people you're obsessed with.

This, people shouldn't have to be smart just to survive

People are so obsessed with intelligence these days because, theoretically, it can make you prosper better in Capitalism. Which is bullshit to begin with, so why exactly is intelligence important

That's basically what they are, though.

Cool. I'm half korean and wanted to learn more about juche and maybe in the near future go visit north korea too

Not really. The alt-right obsesses over it to argue against immigration and diversity. That's really it.

Why do you think that is sweetheart

The charisma stat is way more important and promises more chance of success than the intelligence stat. Being intelligent under capitalism either gets your ideas stolen while you get nothing not even recognition or you end up as somebodies shovel boy who nobody appreciates.

Because they're racist…

First off, what is a stat, and second, why should I care. This is simplified gobbly gook that has nothing to do with my point.

Intelligence, and even charisma, do not matter in capitalism. So these people arguing about the intelligence of other races are doing so for no other reason than divide the working class.


Are you a fucking bitch?
You know what I meant.

You have to be racist to be against diversity and immigration though. They're just trying to have an intellectual scaffolding for it.

What you meant has nothing to do with what I said.

God bless your pure soul. I mean that unironically, your experience is unique and I appreciate you.

I'm so glad you faggots like pol will never get your world. I'll burn the cover of das kapital and use the pages to wipe my ass with.

My apologies your right.

You would seriously be better off reading it, it's actually a much better book than Mein Kamph.

My point being, you can breed people like purebred dogs to get the most intelligent people, even hypothetically. Capitalism (what is wishy washy defended by the alt right) still needs a work force and you've done absolutely nothing.

Intelligence will not give you some magical rainbow utopia. In fact, intelligent, charismatic, any kind of person is probably unlikely to commit anything good to mankind in capitalism without any incentive to do so. All your arguments about genetics, culture, fall flat on their face when it comes to organizing a working system that doesn't dissolve instantly.

You are more utopian than any vision of communism is. You actually think if everyone is intelligent and white then all problems would be solved. For some strange reason, I might have to argue with you on that, I don't believe you

Dialectical Materialism if you understand that, all the debate of Intelligence and Race, is immediately dismissed.
I wonder if these reactionaries like Kraut and tea will ever read Marx.
I hold no hope for them but wew they fucking have to.

I hate pol too dumbass.
I'm one of the ones who understands both you and pol are power hungry channers except you guys play humanitarian to look like the good guys.

No one plays humanitarian, that's a liberal thing, the only "game" played is how best the working class can be liberated from wage labor and the market system, nothing more, nothing less.

t. nu-left

You can still be a marxist and a racialist as long as it doesn't make you spooked.

The reason why attempted class-based movements in the modern day US aren't working is because they will get shit up with neolib idpol along with brown lumpenprole who will turn it into "we gotta fight whitey's capitalism with brown capitalism!!!"

Too obvious, Holla Forumsyp. Fuck off and take your racialist pseudo-science with you.

That's not what he's saying fucking retard.

t. r/socialism

I must be another one of those ebil class-reductionist brocialists

I love how these threads always devolve into infighting.

Wait, I am not really a political guy one way or the other, but aren't the races different physiologically, isn't that just a fact? There is nothing racist about it, that is just the way it is,

So much for the tolerant left.

Where is the physical evidence. Where are the GWAS. I refuse to believe that genetics affects height until I see physiological evidence.

Everything i'm looking at is cancer.


the aut right doesn't have institutional power. Why do you think that the media and establishment is giving them so much attention? could it be that they want to distract people from fighting against porky and instead keep them spooked about a handful of irrelevant reactionaries?



Fuck off already. Any leftist can see the positive in debunking racist pseudoscience.

It doesn't matter if they have institutional power or not. Porky loves the alt-right (because they support capitalism) and if you prove their ideas wrong their movement stops existing. Would you rather do nothing, letting their ideas spread, furthering the division in their favor? Also. Actually understand the situation here, aut-righters are masturbating over Autism Level scores as an excuse for a etho-state, the other party is being logical and telling them it's nonsense. But yeah, keep defending alt-right propaganda, and then screech when the left does it.

You forgot someone.

I would definitely want that kind of evidence though.
Because swedes used to average around 160-170 centimetres just 200 years ago, so there's very little to indicate that the height-difference is solely or even partly genetic at all. Newer generations of Koreans are getting taller and taller, and this is what to be expected, as it was the same that happened to the swedes since the beginning of the 20th century. In Korea, industrialization came much later, though.

See, that's what happens when you hate SJWs and Islam (not Muslims personally), but don't make it clear you ain't a fascist from the jump. Holla Forums's gonna feel like you led them on.

to me it seems they pick specific parts that fit their ideology and push for it

nah, there are non-racist arguments against both. even if in practice they are mostly utilised by racists who cannot use the inherently racist arguments to support their position

no, (far-)right movements are based on irrationalism, rational arguments aren't going to destroy them. some more rational-minded will be discouraged though.

When he claimed, backed up by two German scientists mind you, that donkey's were a subspecies of horse, now that was vicious. The alt-right will never recover from that one.

You don't have to be smart to survive though. I have yet to see any connection between intelligence and hunting skill for instance. Apparently being a good hunter and being intelligent are two separate traits that have very little to do with each other.

Yeah, same here

Haven't people almost everywhere been getting taller too? The average person is now what, 4 inches taller than 100 years ago? Also I'm poised to believe it's both some genetics and the rest environment/nutrition. Having "the genes" to be 6'8 means fuck all if you don't eat right since infancy.

you guys understand that just admitting that different races of people exist and that Autism Level can be heritable dosent make that person a Holla Forumsflake whose a racialist or some shit right?

They focus on it with the purpose of deconstructing your worldview, if Autism Level is valid and human races are meaningfully distinct what else is the left wrong about? It's a way to construct a collective interest different than class

This. "Race realists" ain't just curious observers of nature as they want you to think, they're playing a political game by painting a picture of people being different down to their very nature based on which continent they (or their ancestors) are from and what the colour of their skin is. If they can make you think x people are more intelligent than y people in a society where education's seen as your best bet to secure money and power they can drive a wedge between people by sorting then into categories of superior and inferior races.

Let the bourgeoise milk the blacks and arabs for all they're worth. Let not a single cent remain on them and make them fully reliant on the state (lel they already are) so they make perfect slave pets.

At least you didn't blame "DA JOOS" like most Holla Forumsacks. Maybe cross-posting on Holla Forums's actually teaching you a thing or two…

The absolute brainlet.




My god, he's destroying these Aut Right retards. Someone stop this man:



I expected JFG to be all shirt and no trousers. Not that this is meant to be an argument against his positions, but my intuition seems to be right again.

Why this nigga still has the name racerealist88?

He probably thinks it's funny to troll race realists with that username.

Dicky is a controlled op, most WN are retards though I can agree with. They rather blame "MUH ISLAM KILLING BASED GAYS" than addressing any degeneracies white people carry.

Why not? If anything, the current height difference between North and South Koreans, racially almost identical, would point to the overwhelming predominance of nurture over nature.


You can cite the whole body of Autism Level/gene association studies and that doesn't show any type of causation. Re causation like *how do the purported SNPs cause the difference in the trait.* Try again.

No one knew who he was until he put on the media associating Trump with him.

Well Ryan made a reply vid.

Kraut and Tea is a pesud who fakes his accent to appear intellectual. This video destroys Kunt and Tea.


Why do you listen to this porky "classical liberal" anyway, just because he's against the alt-right? He thinks being intelligent is pretending to have an upper-class accent and parrot bourgeois talking points. He is wrong about genetics, why can't we just accept that the alt-right are correct about genetics? doesn't mean we can't have leftist economy. It's actually easier to convert rightists to the radical left than the "skeptikz" anyway. Most on the alt-right are anti-capitalist. Varg is essentially a racist Communalist, and Richard Spencer is NAZBOL (and idolises Lenin). We should just accept they're right about race, and not huddle behind pseudoscience like TalkingPoints with its distorted Lysenkoism.

This is so obviously a Holla Forumsack arguing in bad faith. Who do you think you're fooling?

I agree but most here won't accept it. I think the best course of action is acknowledging that race is real and differences exist but the differences that exist will not only be reduced over time (especially under socialism), but that the differences don't warrant fetishizing over race. Economics is a fuck ton more important in effecting people's lives than race ever will be and much is still to be discovered about human genetics.

Ryan Faulk isn't alt-right. He is an autistic homosexual that wants the US to be disbanded into different new states some of which would be ethno states.

Well Bill Nye the magic science guy said that sex is a spectrum and the science on that is settled so how the fuck can race exist?

you can be a Post-Keynesian race-realist

It does mean you drank the coolaid. Exactly how many drops does it take to make me black?

Keynesianism and anything of the sort isn't leftist. Furthermore, there's no such thing as a "race realist," unless you're a rightard.

Even if muh Blacks were dumber the difference would be a few measly Autism Level points (which is normal genetic differences for all humans) and considering a good education compared to a poor or average education gives you like an extra 25 Autism Level and no education or a total shit one (which is the majority of black schools) due to social/economic conditions drops you like 50 Autism Level points along with environmental factors ranging from prenatal conditions to culture and how your raised giving you like 99% of your Autism Level it's a non factor. It's a dumb meme pushed by pseudo science and racists wanting muh ethno state and the continued racial hatred which is in many southern American culture which is the real reason for the Autism Level tests.

Heck even if they had 10 less Autism Level points on average which is a huge difference and is beyond the realm of possibilities going from 110 to 100 or 100 to 90 isn't gonna make you some ooga boogo must rape whitey women like you retards think it is. And your average lower class white probably has an Autism Level around 90 and someone who finished highschool has around 100 dipping down to 97 and 103

You can also go look up muh adoption studies and all of them mention that the studies prove nothing because you can't eliminate culture for these things, and you can go ahead and tell me 1970's America wasn't racist at all and being the only Black in a white neighborhood wouldn't result in ostracisation. Do it with a Korean in Japan and then see how well his Autism Level goes when his peers hate him. Nazbol is a meme and is full of retarded Russian neo nazi's who like ☭TANKIE☭ tanks and music then don't even read any literature on communism or ☭TANKIE☭ literature. le ☭TANKIE☭ don't read meme. These retards stop at the social issues cause they fell for the muh russia strong fuck poles lmao. You also scream Holla Forums immigrant as fuck and I recommend you actually read some books on worker solidarity rather then muh state which i can smell coming off of you

How many Swedish meatballs will a stunted born North Korean woman have to eat to bear 30 cm larger blue eyed teutonic blond elves? And what makes the hundred thousand or so Koreans living in Europe even into the 2nd and 3rd generation still immune to the overwhelming dosis of Vitamine Ginger and Vitamine Jawline in our food?

Because it destroyed the very egalitarian ideals of leftism. Why do you think Stalin enforced Lysenkoism, which denies heritability and focuses on how the environment influences phenotype?

If one is stunted, you can't reverse it in one lifetime. That why they call it stunted.

To be fair now they just handwave it away with "yeah so what if genes have an impact on human behaviour/intelligence, we'll all be genetically-engineering our descendants in a few decades anyway, so why does it matter?"

Genetic engineering is tricky as fuck. And you need to be genetically fit to undergo the process. You can't carve a statue out of shitty marble.

People who meme about le Lysenkoism know nothing about the history of genetics.

Yeah I know it's a stupid response, but hey, this board is still wondering what exactly the USSR got wrong so…

The alt-right never makes any direct claims about genetics. They have yet to identify the genes that make someone "white" let alone intelligent and white.

The thread should have ended here. SAGE.

Do you also read Gould?

Well genius, please explain to the rest of us soft-minded plebs what part of Stalin's support for Lysenkoism was scientific, and what part was purely political

What if I just don't want to put up with spics blasting reggaeton at odd hours on the morning, or living with black dysfunction in general?

Race denialists ain't just curious observers of nature as they want you to think, they're playing a political game by painting a picture of people all being the same down to their very nature despite their ancestry. If they can make you think that everyone, regardless of genotype, is the same they can push the narrative that class is the only thing that matters. You can bet that the jews will use this turn the rest of humanity into a brown, docile, estrogen filled slave race of bastardized mongrels who will never rise up if they get their cummies.

Hunting does require intelligence. Making tools and using tactics isn't easy.

Isn't @RaceRealist88 basically just arguing that Autism Level isn't a measure of intelligence, no known genes for intelligence exist, and it might not be normally distributed?

This is fine I guess, but how do you reconcile this with studies of Autism Level being highly heritable with higher Autism Level correlated with "good shit"and lower with "bad shit" in general? It would seem that this model is getting at "something". Even if these tests are culturally loaded, it doesn't really undermine arguments against diversity, since diverse peoples will need to succeed in a given culture and Autism Level tends to correlate with various good life outcomes.

Don't tell them, let Holla Forums have their brief triumph with a pretentious hack Youtuber who has been destroyed with every video he ever made on this subject.

I suspect Jean-Francois Gariepy will do a response as well.

As always, lefties showing they hate homosexuals when convenient.

Jews are white.

It's always nice to see the newfag Holla Forumsredditors exposed by the word filters.

The wordfilters only came back a short time ago, though.

homossexuality is crypto-fascist, there is nothing controversial about that, either you take the (pink) pill or you take the bullet.

Nope. google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi829Tjlr3XAhWF5oMKHS1tDUEQFggoMAA&url=http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/ashkenazi-jews-are-not-white-response-to-haaretz-article/&usg=AOvVaw0CNp8wRy3Bdcx4KEYpaT5k

Your BO is a literal cocksucking tranny and so are half the people here

traps aren't gay. HRT is the cure to fascism.

The virginity is palpable. Always online faggots have such a hard time discerning actual reality it's kind of sad.

Isn't there a 4 inch circumcised cock that you should be sucking?

I like how the Holla Forums is reduced to autistic screeching when they're out of their echo-chamber.


If we're really gonna play that game.

Nothing wrong with fact based insults. Ad hominems are just a way to enhance the facts in your argument.


But those kids have nothing to do with Holla Forums. The "people" I posted are from here, they were in a goddamn Holla Forums discord for fuck sake.

Keep telling yourself that


This was a Holla Forums meetup.


nobody over age 16 knows what discord is

It doesn't count because there's no proof in the pic


What's with leftists and selective literacy?

So 95% of this board knows it then?

Holla Forums isn't mentioned a single point in your screenap, either. This could be one of a multitude of leftist discord groups.

take you're autism pills

Post a link that isn't all fucked up.

Take some jew dick in your mouth.

there there buddy, just go back to your containment board and cry it out

That's right, our BO is Goddess Nicole. Jealous much?

Only an actual autistic teenager would have this little self awareness.

And just like that the Argument is lost

Really fires those axons

Sure jewish zionists basically control western Euro and the US
But does that mean those people run all things?
eastern europe and central asia are controlled via a bunch of russophile oligarchs
China and its vassals are run via groups of sino-phile oligarchs
The catholic church still holds massive influence over large amounts of nations

The truth is that the issue isnt that cliques like the zionists rus/sino-philes catholics exist
The issue is the system that allows them to exist in the first place
and that system is capitalism

Woke post.

That's right, they know that if Holla Forums gets deleted all 8ch would soon go red.

A lot of the Youtube Right are starting to veer left again. It's happening with Bunty too


The banks that rule over those people you mentioned are jewish. Politicians have no real power.

Oh i also forgot
Pure West-Euro Monarchs still have massive land holdings in most of their nations
Thats not what a Oligarch is
An oligarch is rich as fuck pork who holds massive influence over a nation its government and politicians

Think about the shit you post

June/Shoe0nHead is starting to move left again and she has even more YouTube subs than Sargon.




it's retarded because spergs can never come up with a satisfactory definition of "White" and no one wants to bother removing Non-Whites when everyone knows the "Whites" will just fight among themselves at some point.


Porky loves you.

That guy seems based, I hope he really does punch all the nazis.


im honestly leaning towards the option of forbidding Americans of all races, religions, and ages of not posting politics online for a year
this includes me

*blocks your path*

First picture
From left to right:
Cristobal Cantwell, Andres Anglin, Gavin Martinez, Gerado Taylor, Ricardo Spencer, Nathan Dominguez


To be honest, if being retarded could be fixed by proper breeding it would have been done long ago. Culture and society makes people stupid.




Imagine if illiterate 1700's european aryan-gened peasant was given an Autism Level test. Im suuuuure he would beat Obama

Wow it's almost like AltHype/Ryan doesn't understand genetics.


anglos were a mistake

Probably. Knowledge and cognitive ability aren't the same thing.

bump for pol tears

Daily reminder that Asians in many countries (both in asia and outside of it) have seen a dramatic increase in Autism Level in just over 100 years. Muh genes is not an argument.

Thats the wrong imagination.

Imagine if a sample size of 1000 western Eurpopeans were given an autism test and the results were then compared to a sample size of 1000 Congolese Africans could you reasonably assume that the Congolese Africans would outscore the western Europeans?

Do you honestly believe that in order to know that a trait is heritable you would have to know all the genes responsible for that trait?

That's where you are wrong. There are plenty of people who think race is a real meaningful categorization that are not on the right. Plenty of lefties talk about race as if it is real.

You don't have to know anything about genetics to know that Lysenkoism is garbage. Lysenkoism ignores thousands of years of agricultural knowledge in favor of ideology.

You don't have to know the genes in order to know that white skin is an heritable biological trait.

This. They want to use their flawed """Scientific""" studies to impose racial laws.

You are. This is game theory and tribalsim at work.

Nice race revisionism.

You don't have to know the genes to know that dark skin is an heritable trait either.

Funniest part is that RaceRealist is the epitome of description is not prescription, which is not equivalent to racial creationism, although creationists love flocking to him for some reason. I wonder…

Case in point.


Out of all the fields of study that fall under psych psychometrics are the most solid in terms of repeatability so what is his point of bringing up the rep crisis at all?

Go ask him, inductive reasoning don't real and predictive power is irrelevant when discussing genetic selection now I guess. Sounds pseudoscientific but okay

Oh wow twins that each inherited a different trait from each parent.

Which one is smarter?

Well you could have them take some sort of a test that tests for cognitive ability I guess, if such a thing could exist without knowing the genes.

Well, you can measure height without understanding the genes and how they interact.

Not any more, according to Kraut and his science-man.

So are "race realists" technocrats or white supremacists? Half of them seem to want some kind of Autism Level based monarhcy while the other half just hates niggers.

t. Someone who didn't watch the video

Race is a creation though. If you think that white is a real thing then you are a creationist.

I did and his argument is the same one Stephen Gould was making. It's denial of inductive reasoning or any predictive power something might have because of irrational skepticism.

I did watch it and I am just mocking Kraut and his stupidity in an exaggerated manner.

Race is a social construction of a biological reality.
Race is not 'white'. That's not what a race is. What is and isn't white is up to interpretation, but that is not what a race is… Skin colour isn't race.

Evolution is a creator now?

Alt-right science: Intelligence works just like in World of Warcraft

Honey, I…

Probably one of the worst videos on race realism I've ever seen, he still hasn't learned about 2-3 months. Was completely BTFO by alt hyp afterwards.

Show me the genes that make intelligence work just like in world of autismcraft. Since you cannot you are wrong.


This is your brain on contradictory rhetoric.
If althyp decides to criticize capitalism, watch everything fall in line.

You are boring me.

E for effort.


Not denying intellingence. Just saying that it's overrated in the grander scheme. Or, if you're so smart. How come you aren't rich?

Like class is on this board, yes.

Kraut and Sargon are basically centrists, sometimes annoyingly so. They felt that they needed to form a backlash against SJWs (rightfully so) so much that they ended up engaging in right wing apologia (stupidly so), but now that the extreme right has begun to gain traction they are backtracking.

take the Osama pill


Thoroughly BTFO by based JF and alt hyp afterwards

Then why don't the alt-right embrace technocracy instead of beta virgin ethnostates?

because the alt-right are bizzaro SJWs, MUH AUTISM LEVEL is their own brand of special snowflake-ism

The alt-right support capitalism, but if they achieved their basic goals (expulsion of non-whites, no women in the work force, economic nationalism) it make capitalism unworkable. The alt-right are a minor and brief annoyance they will never get institutional/elite support like the 20th century fascists so they'll never be a real threat.

Sounds like a member of the working class to me.

literally what the fuck is wrong with these people, they honestly seem to have no interest whatsoever in understanding how society works on any theoretical or practical level but think they have society figured out wholemeal

even if they were right they would still be fucking retarded

Meanwhile, doctors work with quantitative genetics all the time. AKA, they don't wait until genes are singled out and the physiological effects are explained in order to understand and take precautions on trait inheritance.

Genome wide studies with hundreds of authors control for margin of error you fucking idiot.

Why are race deniers such dishonest dunces? Races have different levels of testosterone. Doesn't testosterone affect behavior? Races have different levels of melanin concentrating hormone, doesn't melanin concentrating hormone affect behavior? It really isn't that hard.

No shit height becomes environmental when people are starving to death.
Excluding cases of poor nutrition, height is almost entirely hereditary. I have most often seen estimations of it being something like 80% hereditary 20% environmental.

pro tip: If in the actual paper it's written "heritability" it doesn't mean how much a trait is hereditary but what percentage of variation in a given population in a given environnment can be explained by genetic variation.

It’s actually comical how stupid the right-wing is.

They're so completely pathetic they have nothing to claim for themselves and so have to take pride in things they had nothing to do with, such as their Autism Level, or the accomplishments of others, because they share the same skin pigment.

You can see this manifested too in how these intellectual masterminds insist on conflating modern communists with the USSR for example, or whatever sin they believe the USSR is guilty of at the moment. They cannot conceive of individuals as being distinct from whatever arbitrary association they project onto them, because to do so would invalidate their own arbitrary racial associations.

This is true for a lot of them because they don't have any interest in how it works or changing it, because for one reason or another they like it how it is and the outcomes it produces, or at least promises them. They'll prattle on about the "traditional family" for example, meaning specifically the nuclear model that emerged out of WW2, and project that across all of history as the one right, true method of organizing a family unit, despite it hardly being the most predominant familial organization even in the 20th century.

But they don't care about whether or not its true or the material reasons underlying its existence or even the implications it would have for them personally or society at large. In their minds it means satisfaction of all their physical and material desires in giving them a docile, virgin wife, obedient children, and a comfortable 2.5 bathroom home. They don't understand and certainly can't explain how this conception of family life came about. It just signifies all the things that they want and which they can't get, not because the material circumstances that produced such arrangements have fundamentally changed, but because the kikes have turned all the women into feminists that will only date Chadmal Thundernigger and cultural marxism turned all the fish gay.



Vulgar Autism Level fetishization isn't the be and end all of race realism lol there are other important civilisational promoting factors such as time preference

dude that ginger looks like a nigger. Race isn't just skin colour.

Muh jeans! where are muh jeans!