How do we make Americans less retarded? Post any and all ideas. Please, for the sake of everyone...

How do we make Americans less retarded? Post any and all ideas. Please, for the sake of everyone, do not say that America must be destroyed and repopulated. We know that's the easy way and not very fun.

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Fix our diets in all honesty

Don't include non whites in the school statistics and Americans are about on par with Europe if not better

Go on…

I doubt you're sincere but you know that's not true either way.

googling bookchin

Make sure there is proper schooling and welfare programs for the poor. Also better sex ed and proper reproductive healthcare.

It's definitely true and I'm definitely sincere.

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Tell them to read some fucking books.

Individuals can be changed. The masses can't.

Best advice for a burger leftist is too learn a foreign language.

Get into a high position in government and propose legislation to get rid of Common Core, increase academic standards, and hold colleges accountable for the giant mess they've made of our education system.

Children absorb knowledge like sponges. By pandering to the lowest common denominator, they feed all children less information because a group at the bottom "doesn't get it" and they don't want anyone to be left out. Nowadays, teachers are saying that since so many students are failing algebra, we should get rid of it.

In addition, the capitalist system in America currently gives schools and universities very little incentive to ensure their students are performing well in subjects that matter for the future; colleges today are too focus on identity politics, worrying more about representation of women and minorities in their classes and degree programs over ensuring that every student who wants a quality education gets one (and doing everything to make sure nobody's feelings get hurt, because words are more violent than thrown bricks today for some goddamn reason). In addition, after government intervention mandated standardized testing as a measure of student performance (standardized testing has been around a very long time, but the No Child Left Behind Act reformed it and mandated testing on a large scale), combined with the later push for Common Core, schools began changing their efforts to continue getting their funding rather than doing their job by educating children.

Of course, NONE of this happens until someone who actually cares about our citizens and our future gets into a position of power where people are forced to listen to them. People in power today only care about themselves, consolidating money and power in the hands of a select few to ensure that they alone hold the keys to the future. They don't care if you're dying in the streets, if your children can't do basic math, or if you're in debt up to your shoulders; they want to keep you there so only they can have a bright future and the best for their children, making the rest of us slaves to their machine.


Americans only vote for one kind of ideology, and is populism.

The people need easy consumable left media. It's a pschological problem, because americans are conditioned to have bad associations to terms like "socialism". To change the behaviour of the people, we need to restructure their minds. But this is only possible, when we control the mass media. Otherwise I see no solution.

This tbh. It all goes back to education which is absolutely fucked for most americans (as in non-rich americans).

.30 cal to the brain.
t. burger

As a burger, I have no fucking clue what is to be done. Perhaps the accelerationists are right, or maybe they just need an option. I think a legitimately leftist group would have to come about, and talk about thing alike debt cancelation, wage increases, so on and so forth. The "truly" socialist policies would inevitably be an afterthought for most people. Think about how many liberals really care for the philosophy of liberalism? How many are going to say, "Have you even read x thinker?" A socialist revolution will inevitably be supported by people who haven't read theory, and aren't aware of theoretical issues. These are the people who will get outraged and support the more radical members and their movement. My point really is that a leftist movement needs to come about, cater to people's wants, and will eventually/inevitably spark revolution. I'm almost certain that is what the Bol's did.

Get some proper education and people with common sense in the government, its a start

hi nazbol. fuck off nazbol.

Basically this. I had the opportunity of attending an all white high school, after going to a “diverse” middle school, and the difference was like night and day. People actually trusted each other, and were polite.

Unironically prefer loud mouthed screamers to the "white sensibility" of people like you, and lot so white people. Maybe there is some value to racial theorizing, what is it about race that unfailingly makes people retarded? I believe it is cultural in all actuality.

U.S. needs a huge despooking. They have so many fixed ideas about private property, freedom, collectivism, Protestant work ethic, the flag, veterans, etc. It’s hard to have a coversation with them without making them triggered. It’s real easy to accidently trample on their sacred belief.

Seriously though, living here can feel like a private hell sometimes. I know it’s cliche to call people you disagree with brainwashed, but most of the people around me just parrot talking points about leftist ideas they’ve seen on tv. It can make it hard not to wonder. For instance, my relatives bought into the whole Russia conspiracy and they think I’ve been corrupted because I said not everything on RT was wrong. Never mind, this was part of a broader point about how most mass media is propaganda and it’s important to disseminate it carefully. I swear, Ed Bernard really helped do a number on this country, and the public relations industry is always working over time.

*Ed Bernays

Get rid of the dumpster fire called the first-pass-the-post voting system.