When the board actually prefers Not Socialism to intersectional social justice

How do you justify this without admitting to yourself you prefer- at least in theory- genocidal white supremacy to """"reverse racism"""" ?

I thought you guys said Sankara was BASED?

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are you the same guy from the SJW thread? christ buddy, take a chill pill already



You again? you fucking redditor.
Want to be humiliated again?

This board is 100% in favor of hwite genocide.
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lmao answer my question

[citation needed]

You too.

why does leftypol tolerate NutSac and nazbol but sperg at muh sjw?

Because they are liberals.

you know, the reason the mod brought up your post history is very clear now.

nah, how come you don't wanna answer my question? You only wan to talk about me lol

u know it

why does leftypol tolerate NutSac and nazbol but sperg at muh sjw?

ask yourself

read the board and count them and ask yourself.

National socialism is intersectional

There is no greater social justice than the international hegemony of the supreme white race


i already answered your dumb question in one of your dumb threads, look it up in the catalog.

Intersectionality is an inherently idealist and post-modern ideology. We can be inclusive Marxists without being "intersectional."


oh boy another Holla Forumsyp posing as a SJW to start idpol shitflinging thread

Nerd you're our token controlled opposition nazi, learn your place

Why do my threads generate endless asshurt? While actual white supremacist """socialism""" is tolerated?

Did someone say Natsoc gang?

even the reactions to me vs the "pet nazi" ITT is illustrative.

Is this fucking ancom flag just anfem poster reborn? Jesus christ

Stop posting with the swastika you are an deeply triggering and problematic Jewish kike shill

What the fuck are you talking about? Why do you think that bullshit is tolerated

look at them all. look at them crawling out to cry and rend their garments and shake their grubby fists.

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If you had half a brain you'd fight for white supremacy and accept your station in life as a house nigger.

Literally no one here says this.

criminalize autism

The white race is the fairest race. Literally.

you can't post in the same thread you're pretending not to have seen.

this poster sees bolsheviks the same way today's russian nationalists do- as strong modernists fighting against decay. It is an essentially reactionary value and not uncommon.

lmao come on I thought postcolonialism was BASED, leftypol

don't tell me Sankara is just another fucking BASED BLACK GUY! for you the same as they have on pol. He's more than a convenient nigger wearing your brand, isn't he? hmmmmm?

What the fuck are you talking about?

Ah, I see you merely pretend to know things about Sankara. That's my answer then.

Fuck off falseflagging shill

what do you guys actually think postcolonialism means lmao,
liberal colorblindness?

Nice, so that means you'll fuck off right?

The ga- showers are down the hall and to the left. I suggest you bring your soap bar!

oh I'm sorry are you a fucking dumbass who reads nothing you don't already agree with?

I actually want to bring special attention to this post in particular.

This poster is suggesting an ancom claiming to have read sankara is outed as a falseflag shill

Sankara murdered anarchists he wasn't based at all

LOOK AT THESE PEOPLE and try to tell yourself they are leftists. These are liberals, what's more they are conservative liberals.

Honestly, I'd rather have a thousand Hitlers than a single purple-haired bitch near me.

not my point, leftypol posts about him constantly but shows unequivocal disdain for his philosophical movement

thank you my friend

merely look. read every single post in the thread and don't lie to yourself for the next 5 minutes after that'a all it will take and you'll be free to live in honesty.

Holla Forums is not a single person, we were always full of all kinds of retards, especially the "economically leftist but actually reactionary" kind. It's sad but nothing new.

It's affirmative action but for revolutions. Third-world backwards countries are inevitably going to have revolutions closer to nationalism.

what if they are emo hitlers tho

yeah, but even the "normal" posters are way more tolerant of reaction than socjus

well it's unfortunate you feel that way because in fact these people are full revolutionaries in their own right recognizing correctly that they are oppressed as a race AS PART OF their country's class system. watch the battle of algiers tbh


stupid meme, nazbol is reactionary horse shit

there is no "the board" as in, a collective representing everyone's views here. i don't "prefer NutSac to idpol" as you stated, what a stupid fucking conclusion to draw from a few retarded astro turfers from Holla Forums

also not socialism is stupid as fuck, as is national bolshevism or any kind of Asserist bullshit that even vaguely preaches class collaboration. fuck nations

I prefer neither

you agree with me yet sage, as if this entire thread isn't people clearly prefering nutsac to (leftist) idpol.

the wiseman bows his head.,,

heh… there is no difference between good and bad things… kid…


All Hitlers are emo Hitler.

ahahahaha you moron. go back to pol now.