Trump Asked White House Kitchen Staff to Make McDonald's Menu Items


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this is high grade comedy in america

People can and should have the liberty to eat whatever they desire, and that includes burgers.

I guess now magachuds are going to swarm mcdonalds for these shitty burgers.

Yes, and we can and should have the liberty to make fun of them for it.

Good the Rick and Morty shit ruined Mcshitty for a bunch of people the only thing better is it being associated with kekfags and nazis

Good, make you own food that is laden with fats.

do white libcucks condescend to niggers for eating McDonald's every day too

just curious

nobody cares except for OP, who is a fag regardless.


Yea sure go ahead I love me a burger as much as the next murican but I atleast have the dignity to charbroil it myself from better meat.

Americans are all the same.

never mind,it's already happening lol

fuck off, I'd have more respect for him if he had been caught eating literal shit, at least I would have understood that it's a fetish. He has no excuse not to know better.

enjoying McD's food when you've grown in total material comfort is like enjoying the feeling of wearing a wet shitty diaper after you've outgrown the need to wear one
yeah, it's your right to enjoy your diaper rash you retard, but don't expect me to take you seriously

Trump is a nigger, though.

We should meme that we're triggered by pegging so massive numbers of chuds will post images of them getting rammed by dragon dildos.

I swear, they would roll in shit and engage in all the degenerate acts they claim to hate, if you told them it made one leftist mad.

bourgeois snobbery tbh

the pepe poopoo pictures are basically this anyway

I can't even imagine what real fascists would say if they saw them, but I know it would end with Holla Forumsyps getting packed into the nearest cattle train.

Isn't bourgeois snobbery,
fast food addiction

I'm not saying you should go rob a caviar truck when you're hungry but take a long hard look at what you're putting in your mouth

The real bourgeois snobbery is that he went with the quarter-pounder. The McDouble is the true prole meal

Is it bourgeois snobbery if it's the bourgeois eating it?


Sure. Old money turning up their noses on "less sophisticated" new money is about as old as america itself

He needs to have a healthier diet for fuck's sake.
Junk food affects the mind as well as the body.

And a I'm a Trump supporter.

I'm starting to believe Holla Forums and /r/TheDonald saying all leftists are just middle class white people who are fighting them and the very people supplying them.

How's it feel being a brainlet?


Whining about McDonalds' shitty food is actual, unironic virtue signaling. Of course they have had some but they don't want to admit it. Trump's obsession with it is strange though.

Feels good that we finally have someone representing working people instead of the Jew 1%.


Oh, so you really are mentally inept.


Trump needs to eat healthier tbh he is getting fat as fuck.

I believe you, I don't think someone could come up with something this retarded if he was merely pretending to be sincere.

Truth is "retarded" in modern times.

Yawn. Keep trying though. against trump&first=1&cw=1349&ch=638 against trump

Oh lordy. I am laffin.

The Secret Service spends millions protecting the president's diet (even going so far as to collect the president's shit in plastic bags to keep foreign powers from collecting it for chemical analysis) and the current admin blows it all up by letting the public know which restaurant a foreign agent can slip something into Trump's supersized french fries

ON THE OTHER HAND I could just as easily see this article as a plant by the Trump admin. It has all the pieces of a good fluff story for his base: Trump eats regular people food, libs get riled up by it and insult his taste, Trump voters get offended which reinforces their support for him

Matt said on an episode of Chapo that Trump was elected to piss off the coastal lib elites and it's 100% true. His base doesn't want real change they just want a spectacle

Trump's offline base (i.e. his actual base) is petty bourgeoisie white dudes and women. They want "change" just not in a way that would be beneficial to anybody below their economic class.


A lot of them are perfectly content with (right-wing) signaling and media spectacle

so… why is this fucking news? i mean, who fucking cares?

Jewish comics stump against Trump | The Times of Israel

Jewish Republicans Line Up Against Donald Trump

All of them, user. All of them. And not just Trump, Farage and that other horrid brit whose name escapes me, Le Penn, Geerters. Quit fooling yourself.

Pickles fucking suck. Don't blame him.
Good example of fast food addiction though.


They should just ban Maccas. That shit's bad for you.

This is another huge victory for the Left. Drumpy gets more and more ridiculous by the day. Looking forward to see how he is going to worm his way out of this one.

Stop false flagging, Holla Forums.

That’s also true, but even poor people would eat better if they had the opportunity, and I actually think more of them try to than you think. I use to live on beans and brown rice growing up, for instance. I would still say it’s better than that slop.

Honestly when I get to be as old as he is I would just eat whatever the fuck I wanted myself. Gonna be gone soon anyways.

user, the ultra-rich who are getting massive tax cuts again aren't what we call 'working class' here

Yeah, the difference is he’s the president. He’s kind of supposed to want to stick around for another 7 years.

Although i like the double quarter pounder better. Atleast my burger game is higher.

Isnt rice also bad for you?

This, rice with pretty much any seasoning is better then mickey-d's by a wide margin.

Is this supposed to make him more hated? Because it doesn't achieve that, it makes the rumour mongering writer look like a snobbish clown.


who cares

OP had an opportunity to post Trump-related news and he posted his inconsequential shit. What the fuck?

Delusion, ladies and gentlemen, of the highest order.

That is upper-middle class, yes.

Yeah, sure, by a metric made by retards back in the 90's. Now, you're either poor as shit, or you're rich. If you're making six figures you are definitely RICH.

Only a Sith thinks in absolutes.

Consider your thread thoroughly derailed.

🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Keith Schiller🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Man you leftists just don't get it do you. Keep falling for the Jewish tricks.

Werent they trying to practice necromancy?

Only after they couldn't keep their loved ones from dying. And you say that like it's automatically a bad thing to bring the dead back to life.

But they murder a bunch of people

Only Chinese rice exports.

“Evil is a spook.”
-t. Sheev

Like who? The Jedi who were trying to murder them or arrest them for merely existing??

Being responsible for the empire?

Not buying it.

Trump either really likes fast food or he's trying to appeal to the working class for next election

He's a child in many ways. It wouldn't surprise me if simple, comforting flavors appeal to him. Also, because it's "American", he actually believes it must be superior, therefore his brain tricks him into thinking it tastes good. You could give him the best Mexican or Chinese food on the planet, and he would say it tastes like garbage.

I think he just has a fast food addiction.
It's probably his comfort food and reminds him of better times when he use to do advertising for those companies.
Vids related

They blew up an entire planet. The only good aspect of the empire is that its a decent stable government. Only a fucking nazbol would like the empire.

He pretty much admits he loves the stuff here.

And the USA bombed half of the middle east because they were harboring terrorists. What's one planet among millions, to keep the peace?

Aldaaran was not a millitary target. They just did it to prove a point. The pork is strong with this one

They would have selected a military target if the terrorist leader would have capitulated under torture and revealed the location of their base of operations. Also, that was just Tarkin being a dick. It didn't really reflect the intentions of the Empire as a whole.


He died like… two days later.

Anyway, I'm convinced that allowing the Death Star to be destroyed was all in the Emperor's plan, along with allowing Tarkin to be the convenient scapegoat who was killed, to save political face.

The empire is not good.

There is no such thing as "good" or "evil". It's a nonsense concept invented by religion to separate those who get to go to Heaven, from those who do not.

Dont play that card. The empire is nothing but a oppressive fascistic organization.

the US would probably LOVE to do that, but we can't even move people who literally aren't guilty of anything into prisons that are actually on US territory without politicians blocking it because "IT'S SOFT ON TERROR, IT'S SOFT ON TERROR!"

Which was never shown. All we have are the rebel's word for it.

It's really more of a junta than anything. The Emperor might have "absolute power", but he hardly does any actual ruling, except sometimes by proxy. Even then, given Tarkin, it's obvious that Vader can and does get outranked.

In any case, we're getting off track. The Empire isn't the Sith just because Paplatine was using them for his own devices.

Kinda like how we have your word for how the empire is actually good.

You think the most advanced technological wonders of a unified galaxy could have been produced entirely under slave labor? Luke had no qualms against joining the Imperial Academy until he was indoctrinated by Kenobi to believe that they must be evil, just because Vader was part of them.

We never see the empire do a good thing, and see plenty of bad things

I'm sure you think your city government never does any good things, just because you don't see them do it. But they are the reason you have a road to drive on and a store to shop at.

we don't strictly speaking SEE half of that, the bare minimum of a functioning government is not a "good thing" it's the absolute floor of expected behavior, and at least in the case of "clearly has a surging economy" you're straight up making shit up, we know absolutely nothing about the imperial economy

There aren't any worlds that are in complete destitution among the core worlds, and they have enough of a surplus to fund a goddamn Death Star. It tells enough.


Liberals ridiculing someone they dislike for plebeian food choices.
Not surprising.

I have to say that I would prefer that it does not include burgers until we alleviate the suffering of cattle by perfecting the manufacturing of in-vitro meat and milk. But in a world where those more humane options are unavailable and everyone eats meat and milk anyway, such purity is pointless and the concern itself secondary to the more immediate problems of cultural supremacism.

Of course, the determining factor is the bourgeois being a snob.

Or, you know, they do want real change, but in the absence of viable options, they chose whatever change they could get.

I'm starting to think Trump is the very avatar of modern America. If you could make a composite of all American stereotypes and jokes, it would be him.


Mcdonalds is barely even food, I wouldn't feed farm animals that slop.

Liberals view black people like disabled children