The Political Daycare

Where did the political daycare center phenomena come from? By "political daycare center", I mean kids from the ages of 11-13 or 14 spewing ideology and having absolutely no idea what they're even talking about. This kind of behavior has always somewhat existed, but I have never seen it as prominent as today. Do you think the younger generation's greater acess to technology has something to do with this?

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Gamergate politicized video games.


I'd send them to an orgie room where'd they would all have sex with each other then talk about their feeling. Sex is the best way to deal with reactionary thinking. It's the most progressive option.

How about no?

How about yes?

Meh, I was totally like that when I was 14, just from watching tv and reading newspapers and books. Being a political geek is a thing, you know.
Though I do suppose the internet makes that easier.

I mean, in all fairness, the problem of people spewing ideology and having no idea what they're talking about goes beyond any age demographic. That said, there's been an increased politicization of the internet in recent years, and it's cross-generational. It's not a bad thing; It's fecund ground to spread our ideas.


I can't wait for Bookchin/Ocalan Kid to be a youtuber, imagine a 14 year old ranting about the over a dozen US military bases in Syria and how ☭TANKIE☭s ruined 20th century socialism

Younglings will eventually change their position over time. I was a libertarian at age 15 and I’m a socialist years later. There are countless of example of others changing their position as well. The younglings tend to change more often. This is nothing new, we just see it more publicly now.

It worked for Stephen King, anyway…

When I was a kid back in my home country if you started spouting off bullshit in front of your parents you would of got put on your ass with a right hook to the face. So once generations of parents stop doing shit like this, you end up with fat little dickheads like the “communist” kid in less than 30 years. Sad, I know….

Do you occasionally get calls on your phone, with a Slavic voice on the other end calling you “Niko”, and asking you to go bowling?

I went from hardcore anarchist to full ☭TANKIE☭ during ages 14-18.
Then i just started reading some actual books

Now your just a red liberal, congratz.

I was a full blown nationalist during my teenage years. Also an unironic christfag.

Reminder this is literally what the Nazis did with the Hitler Youth and League of German Girls bunking nearby with the explicit aim of encouraging illicit pregnancies



Damn sounds hot. Why didn't the USSR try this?

better than the 70 virgins story tbqh

Yer, I was like this from 12-14.

And it wasn't always bad, either. I was reading enough that I knew about warrantless wiretapping a year before NYT "exposed" it. I mean, I read lots of bullshit, too, but at least some of the shit I revealed was right.

I also got it out of the way early, too. When I was 16 and saw people in their 20s "enlightening" all the "sheep" about Zeitgeist or Loose Change or whatever, I wondered why they were 12. Same with SJW shit, I sometimes feel like masses of people just got exposed to the existence of political thought way too fucking late.

It seems they did the opposite.

I'm going to be spamming this on Holla Forums at every opportunity.


No it didn't.

Is this an IT reference?

I hate to admit it but this kind of sounds non-reactionary of the nazis. Independent motherhood and despooking illegitimacy is almost emancipatory.

It was for purely practical purposes. Those bastard children were meant to be German colonists in the East, who would eventually replace the native Slavic population. They realized that they would never reach the planned numbers of new Germans through legal marriages. German birthrates have been steadily falling down since the beginning of 20th century and not even the initial Nazi campaigns were helpful, in fact they were minuscule. So they just said fuck it and went Lebensborn.

Internet access through phones.

The iphone was a mistake.