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A new trend is sweeping the deeper and darker parts of the internet. Sites known for their right wing extremism, such as reddit and Holla Forums, have begun spreading their views into the online world of anime (a Japanese form of cartoon) discussion. Anime, which has been growing in mainstream Western popularity for years, has long been regarded as a progressive and forward-thinking medium of art. This has made it the target of the large and hostile neo-nazi wing of the world wide web.


Through a new artificially created meme, "Cuckime", these extremists are attempting to divide the anime world. Cuckime, a play on the words "cuck" and "anime",  is meant to describe anime that does not conform to conservative ideals. Anime in which, say, the protagonist does not conform to masculine norms. Anime in which the female characters are dominant over the male characters (an area in which anime has been ahead of the West for years, by the way). Anime with love triangles, "NTR" (not entirely sure what this is), and no clear romantic resolution have all apparently earned the label "Cuckime". In other words, anything that goes against a euro-centric traditionalist idea has been slandered with this new and troubling form of hate speech.


The meme originally started on 4chan, but the moderation team - headed by celebrated Japanese Tech guru Hiroyuki - acted quickly to ban it. It was only when the notorious site Holla Forums, known home of pedophiles and fascists, picked up on it that the meme truly began to catch fire. Threads on the site's Holla Forums (politics) board called for the "creation of some quality propoganda OC we can spread to the normalf*gs". This "OC" (chan terminology for "original content") has reportedly been spread everywhere from reddit, to tumblr, to myanimelist, to the kissime comments section. Luckily, most of this has been deleted and the userbase's have reacted with widespread hostility.


This is clearly part of a larger attempt by conservatives to take over the internet as a safe space for their hate. In fact, the "Cuckime" meme itself harkens back to the recent "Cuckservative" meme that caused a minor firestorm. Mainstream, reasonable conservatives like Jeb Bush have joined a long list of others - blacks, gays, Muslims, transexuals - as a target of ridicule for this small minority of extremists. If the internet is to remain a haven for free, progressive thought then memes like this need to be excised like the cancer they are.

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Both whoever wrote this and the Aut-right are both stupid


This is so retarded and confusing. I'm not touching this one. You're free to remain a faggot on whatever terms you actuallty are OP, have fun with him, I'm out.

Anime has always been fascist

Anime is bourgeois mass-marketed garbage save for very few high quality titles. Anime is not a healthy occupation, read theory instead.

Holy fucking jesus anprims were 100% right

Reading theory will just get you more isolated though. Anime can at least get you a friend or GF.

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As is every bit of pop culture you consume.


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This will never take off because anime watchers like cute girls. Manime is trash. Moe is the future.



everyone is entitled to their hobbies but i think anime and video games are absolute shit and the most pathetic waste of time, even worse that a Holla Forumsyp can be a "proud nationalist" while being an absolute fucking couch potato all day and not see through their own bullshit hypocrisy

i would rather get drunk, play music, and watch porn any day of the week.

Porn is way fucking worse than anime or vidya you braindead faggot.



Anime is leftist by default, famrade.

That being said, that OP is one helluva copypasta bait. I'm sure you'll understand when I say I'll believe it when I see it.


Now thats what i call confusing

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Anime is reddit

Where is this from?

No, anime is imageboards. reddit is for normalfags. Go back to reddit.

You should've left that shit behind when you became a leftist.