In his interview with Ginger Jentzen, a member of socialist alternative who out raised the establishment in Minneapolis, Jimmy Dore praises her for "looking out for the workers and not in bed with wall street or the bourgeois".
Tbh, its only a matter of time before Jimmy Dore shows his true power level.

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Heres the link

I hope he becomes a Maoist Third Worldist.

He had Abby Martin on recently as well which makes me think he's been reading a lot more radical stuff lately.

We really need to work harder to get Papa Wolff on his show

Right that's it, I am going to do it.

I have been mulling this over for months, but I am gonna getting mildly drunk and write Jimmy an Open Letter: advising him to Run for the Presidency of the United States of America and suggesting a platform & means of doing so. If he never sees it, fuck it, if he doesn't act on it, oh well: but if he does, if he sees there is a way he can build a movement for the genuine abolition for the present state of things and he constructs that movement, then at-least I would have done my part in raising the red flag in America.

I will post a version of it on leftypol before I send it.

Do it comrade

pls do it

Seriously. Fucking do it.

Okay, i am necking knock-off Bailey's and baning out IWW songs as we speak. Does anyone know an email address I could use? Tbh shotgun tactics might be the most effective here.

How will these go towards the fulfilment of the communist programme?

Send Jimmy an email here:
[email protected]

Also for

[email protected]


These are the only emails I could find but I would suggest also commenting it several times in his videos. Idk if this is too much effort but you could also make a reddit and a twitter and post it in his subreddit and tag him in a tweet of it

Jimmy's fanbase is a mixture of succdems, left-leaning lolberts who voted for Gary Johnson, anti-idpol liberals and people who generally don't know much about politics but know that there is something afoot that is screwing them over. If he started to slowly filter in Marxist theory on his show it could end up converting a lot of these people to actual Leftism and help build a stronger movement.

Mine? In three ways:
1) The creation of a coherent and unified leftist, red, socialist movement in the United States: built around the Dore 2020 campaign.
2) The dissemination of leftist, and specifically marxist,, theory among the general populace.
3) Finally, highlighting the flaws of attempts at reformism in the bourgeois liberal system and thus pushing the populace towards more revolutionary action.
Zizek lays out this strategy in more detail in the preface to Lenin 2017.

Thank you comrades, tbh I am not sure how much that would help but having Jimmy ask to read the email with "x title" from several sources could get him to actually do so. I will need help with this leftypol, but we could get something started here.

He can introduce a bunch of dogwhistles to massive amounts of people. Not only that, but Jimmy absolutely BTFOs neoliberals, so thats a plus

ginger jentzen is a hot mama wow

Yeah, he's markedly started using the word bourgeois, where he did not at all before.

Right I need help: what orgs ran a presidential candidate for 2016 who are leftist and that aren't ☭TANKIE☭s, the PSL or the Greens? Also I need people to look up the PSL and Green primary rules with regards to candidates running: and if they can run in primaries for other parties.

Many thanks comrades.

This too. I know it isn't very materialist but tbh we have to destroy the neoliberal centrism that dominates in America as quickly as possible and shift the overton window as far Left as we can. The people have to start speaking in language that speaks to actual issues rather than still bickering endlessly about identity politics and resorting to the "both sides are stupid" South Parkism that they have loved for the last couple of decades. Bill Clinton and the Democrats did a huge number on the American Left in the last 20 years and we need to destroy their bullshit narratives and rhetoric's legitimacy as soon as possible

SPUSA ran their own candidate I believe but that's about it. SA supported Bernie than Jill Stein after he capitulated

Jimmy really likes Draft Bernie for a People's party. Perhaps you could say something about him running on their platform if they can't get Bernie or something like that

make a thread about it every once in a while, don't expect it all at once

I have seen that in his work, I am suggesting he runs on a unified banner (provided he loses the democratic nomination [which he will]) with many different orgs.


You do realize that if he did, he can spread those kinds of ideas all across the country?

Read Lenin 2017 you turd.

never heard of a comedian running for presidency? It's really not that unusual

What is that picture from? A book? Looks like a good read

Mr spit man?

Those ideas don't need to be spread. They arise naturally out of the contradictions of capitalism. Have fun 'spreading class Consciousness'

cool, makes it easier, but we still need to organise

No we need to wait for the correct conditions and aid the proletariat in forming their own organs of power. Communists don't start revolutions they aid the proletariat in the revolution.


Correction conditions don't exist, they will never exist, read Zizek.

Democracy and Other Neoliberal Fantasies by Jodi Dean

Here's the PDF

Thanks m8

Which party will take him? Democrats had big problems even with succdem lite Sanders. And USA do not have [constitutional] laws to enforce media to give equal exposure to all candidates.

I will. Can you meantime quote relevant passage of book? I wonder what Croatian meth sniffing man has to say about this.

Has any comedian ever in US running for presidency got more than 5% votes?

I only have it in paperback, and I am kinda writing a letter to Jimmy "Break the Chains" Dore.

Donald Trump, albeit an unintentional comedian

Go back to r/commumism faggot

Stop reading Bordiga

Do you have a PDF by any chance?

Your best bet would be to get SA and the Green Party together. Maybe PSL but probably not. Most US leftist orgs are sectarian as fuck and have a hard time working together. Apparentl DemSuccs of America, SA, and PSL work together sometimes though, so that's probably the only coalition that would have a shot

I'm not saying that their is a magic train of history we can just get on and ride. I'm saying that the ideology of communism and communists are not revolutionary forces. The proletariat is a revolutionary force and they can only become revolutionary in the correct conditions when capitalist contradiction has pushed them to be so.

None of that matters. They arise organically and they can only succeed organically.

Probably not but you are talking about pre-internet, pre-meme times.

Also googl Jon Gnar

How exactly is is supposed to arise 'organically' when the American populace, myself included, has been bombarded by constantly by propaganda?

Leftcom is idealism and should be derided as such. Even anarkiddies have a more materialist worldview than you faggots

Do write him letter, I like him and it will be flattering for him. But don't get upset when he will, like any sane person in his position, reject that idea.

Fair point, but I do not think Jimmy will be offered to run as republican candidate.

Capitalism itself drives people to become revolutionary inspite of the propaganda. You basically want to impress your ideology on the proles when in order for them to become revolutionary they must devolp their own Consciousness based on the contradiction in capitalism they see in the real world.

In america, most people who are disillusioned and alienated see no alternative. They view socialism as "when dah gubbermand does stuff" and communism as "when dah gubbermand does everything". Only through showing the masses what socialism and communism actually are will we get anywhere.

Explain fascism then you fucking idiot

Giving them tidbits is one thing, but the moment that it turns into another brand of ideology to be followed, one creates a movement which can quickly go awry and incorporate liberalism into itself. The core of the movement, filled with serious and rigorous intellectuals, should not be infected with this liberalism, or any ideology whose methodology and conclusions are bourgeois, reactionary or both. I agree with to an extent because of this, though genuine emphasis must be placed upon support of the broad communist programme with emphasis on the end of a 'classless' society (whether named as such or not) and opposition to the liberal and reactionary programmes in all their variants, so dogwhistling liberals will have to be for those who are new or lack the present capacity and/or time to analyse matters and understand communist theorists.

1) Campaign? Please be more specific.
2) One must ensure to the greatest extent that they understand that theory. Even if they read the theory, they won't understand the definitions and nuances. This is a reason why we war so often with the likes of right-libertarians who differentiate between 'capitalism' and 'crony capitalism', the latter often being referred to as being a bastard form of the former. One must make them understand these definitions.
3) You'll need Marxist theory to explain this to them first.

From being disillusioned by capitalism communist ideas (even if they are not called communist) arise. You can't force someone into class Consciousness. Your basically saying "those stupid proles who don't know they're being exploited! bah!"

Reactionary movements also arise in responce to communistic ones but this doesn't mean that communist ideas don't organically form from the contradictions of capitalism.

Fascism happened because the Ruling Class used reactionary "third way" politics as a way to maintain dominance in a crises while appearing revolutionary. That's literally the reason the Nazis had the word Socialist in their name. Fascism and other similar phenomena are encouraged by the elites because they give workers a revolution without a revolution. If you don't have a strong and well organized labor movement with materialist and dialectical ideology whatever hope for a Leftist uprising is decimated by a Fascist one.

So shut the fuck up

I never said we should force someone into class consciousness, I said that we should leave a couple of dogwhistles and tidbits here and there to help them. Also, some proles genuinely don't know that they're being oppressed.

This. To achieve class consciousness you have to figure it out yourself, otherwise you end up with a cult.

You can't deny communist ideas became more common because of the greatedepression aswell. Nazism was backlash against that and it worked because of the general disogranization of the proletariat at the time.

The proletariat has to become conscious themselves. We can't force them too and even letting them know of the existence of marxism doesn't help because its not Marxism we are trying to recruit them too but revolutionary anti-capitalism.

Name a non-Marxist version of revolutionary anti-capitalism that has any intellectual weight.

This fucking proves my point though, what are you even trying to say anymore

Any movement that aims to abolish capitalism is a proletarian one. So it doesn't matter if the proletariat call the movement wewladism its still the real movement to abolish the present state of things.

I'm not against organizations just artificial ones. Workers themselves will create organizations when they are suffienctly conscious.

This is nice, but it should be about more than our media. Have our neighbors reached class consciousness? What about our families, our friends? I know that I haven't been able to get through to the people around me in my personal life.

But what if they are fascist or succdem organizations you stupid fucking faggot

What the fuck is the critique of activism anyways? Everyone here is a wage worker or a student, it's not as if we're magically outside of the proles, we are the proles, an incredibly niche subset but proles nonetheless. The whole reason the proles are the revolutionary subjects is because the traditional lower classes (peasantry, poor merchants, slaves) have all been absorbed into the proletariat. I haven't seen a single definition of "organic" and yet it gets tossed out as a prerequisite for progress.

I am finished, should I post it here or a new thread?

post it here, this thread is at the top of the catalog

Section 1: Preface
Dear James Patrick Anthony “Jimmy” Dore,

Before I start, I would like to say that regardless of your response to this email that I am a great fan of your work and wish; if you do not accept the proposal laid out in this message, that you continue with it. I would also like to point out that I am a resident and citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and I write this communique from a position of proletarian internationalism; one of building a legitimate, internationalist socialist movement.

Mr Dore, I implore you with all my heart; not for myself but for the downtrodden people of America and the people of the world, to run for the post of President of the United States of America in the 2020.

This is quite a request to be made by a random stranger who lives an ocean away; let alone one that has never set foot in the United States of America, but I ask that you at-least read this email and give it a moment’s consideration. Because if you were to run, if you were to run a campaign and unite the left of the USA: you could create a movement that stands the tests of time and finally sets the American people free.

Section 2: Means of running
Now if you are still entertaining the idea of running, and haven’t just stop reading by this part, I have a suggestion of means, methods and a basic platform to run on.
For means, I suggest what could be described as “a presidential primary shotgun strategy”. Much to the average person’s surprise, the USA actually has quite a few Democratic Socialist movements and parties, it is just they have no real organisational coordination nor have they ever had the chance to unify for a campaign. These groups include The Greens, The Democratic Socialists of America, The Party of Socialism and Liberation, Socialist Alliance, The International Socialist Organisation, Socialist Party USA, The Industrial Workers of the World and others. Now combined, the organisations than ran candidates for the presidency won less than 2% of the vote in total; but that is not the issue at stake here. These are organisations with similar goals, similar aims and similar ideologies, a decently sized collective membership of actual activists (compared to just registered supporters of the Democratic and Republican Parties) and a will to see socialism brought to the United States. What I suggest is that you run for the nomination of the aforementioned parties AND That of the Democratic Party. It seems like an odd strategy, but I beg you hear it out. You see, to be quite frank, it is highly unlikely that you would win the Democratic nomination. It is not because of any insult on your character, your beliefs or your ability, but due to the inherent corruption that festers in the heart of the organisation. A great many members of the Democratic Party would rather die on their laurel of centrist crony corporatism than even entertain the concept of mild social democracy: let alone legitimate democratic socialism. This is what separates the party from that of say, the Labour Party of the UK: where a legitimate democratic socialist was able to take the reigns and dictate policy. However, defeat in the Democratic primary would not be defeated, but a means for securing a different path to victory. The press, resources and support generated by a run for the Democratic party nomination would allow yourself to run as a third party candidate under a broad-banner of many of the aforementioned organisations. Jill Stein said herself that in 2016, after Mr. Sander’s defeat at the hands of the DNC, that he was welcome to take the nomination of the Green Party for president. His refusal to do this was perhaps the greatest mistake he ever made: as he would be POTUS now, in my honest opinion, if he had done so. That is why I suggest this strategy, use the corrupt DNC and Democratic Party to build the momentum required to run a third party candidate. To my knowledge, the only individual to use this method in earnest was Teddy Roosevelt: the man who was the last non-duopoly candidate to came second in the history of the US. You will be attacked and harassed for this, it is true: Corporatist liberals will call you a traitor, the Republicans will likely call you something along the lines of a radical socialist and the corporatists of both sides will call you an idealist. Well what is wrong with being a traitor to corruption, lies and abuse? What is wrong with being a radical and a socialist in a time of capitalist decadence and decay? What is wrong with having set principles and ideals to carry yourself forward rather than being motivated by your own greed and selfishness? Take you criticisms in your stride, make them your strength and you will make Ross Perot look like nothing. This strategy, of using the campaign for the Democratic Nomination to highlight corruption, the party’s failure and to generate support, then running as third party candidate with the support of the coalition of actual leftist movements in the United States is, in my estimation, the most effective way to run a proper campaign for the presidency of American today for any member of the true, red left.

Section 3: Methods of running
As for methods, it will involve much the same: organising with local parties and pressure groups; for example the Vermont Progressive party which while only a state-wide organisation, would provide invaluable assistance in organising in that state. Unification of these groups into at-least a common banner, the banner of the Dore 2020 campaign, would lead to a utilisation of political labour and capital not seen before in the United States to my knowledge. There is also another key strategy that once mentioned, seems obvious for a third party candidate and makes one wonder why it has never been properly tried: focus campaigning on safe states. Now at first glance it seems idiotic: why try to win states that are sure to go one way? Well for one simple reason: they can be the most receptive to third party candidates. You see, one of the greatest arguments against voting for a third party is the concept of the spoiler effect: that “if I vote this way well it will help the guy I hate”. In safe states, this is not a risk, which is why the State of Vermont; which has been a blue state since 1992, had high third party votes for Ralph Nader (8%) and even write-ins for Bernie Sanders (7%). This was with candidates that didn’t even campaign there with any real meaning. A target of focusing on safe states, specifically ones with low turnout, could yield useful results: such as reaching the 10% minimum for future federal election funding. It would also allow for the post-election creation of the substantive movement in these states. You see, these states are never visited by candidates. The hard blue or red or flyover states are ignored utterly by the political class. Now if a candidate came along with a genuine workerist message to these working class Red and Blue states, offering a genuine alternative to the present state of things, this could rejuvenate political feeling in these states in a way that hasn’t been properly seen since Eisenhower’s whistlestop tour through the wheatbelt. Because the aim of the GOP and Democrats is to win swing states and reach 270, the goal of a Dore Campaign, while still to aim to win the presidency, must think in far longer term ideas. It is to create a movement, heck maybe in a wholesome party, and the best way to do that is to reach those that either feel they have no power, or those that don’t even vote. US turnout is abysmal, even for a western democracy, were you to tap into the population that does not vote, even just a quarter of it, you would be the most successful third party candidate since Ross Perot. To tap into a third of it would make you the best since Teddy, to tap into half of it could, in the right circumstances, achieve victory. Jeremy Corbyn proves that this works, and it is a strategy designed to work in the United States of America. Reach the real working class, the people left out by the system and they will put you into a position to break the system that keeps them down.

Section 4: A platform for the people
Finally as for a platform, I won’t be overly specific, but I suggest a platform based on a single maxim: “Break The Chains”. This is a phrase that evokes many a meaning in America’s mythology and appeals to both its anti-slavery and libertarian sentiments. The first of these would be breaking the political chains: wholesale reform of elections to the presidency, congressional elections, campaign finance and lobbying. Ending the chains that constrains the people from participating in a true, free and fair democracy; thus breaking the influence capital has over the governance of the USA. The next is breaking the social chains: implementation of a truly libertarian social policy. Ending mass surveillance of the population, ending the repressive prison-industrial complex, legalisation of marijuana; actually creating the state of personal civil liberties that Benjamin Franklin dreamed of when the United States was founded. Rejecting both the liberal nanny state, and the conservative moralist one. Finally, breaking the economic chains: to put it simply the implementation of socialism. The creation of a fundamental welfare set, single payer, socialisation of existing state owned industries (such as Amtrak), the creation of a citizen’s investment bank to foster the creation of socialisation industries and the end of foreign imperialist action: such as the war in Afghanistan. If you wish to know more about what this kind of economy would look like, I suggest you read and watch the work of American Economist Richard Wolff. This is a simple platform, one of three parts, but one America needs. She, and her people, are kept under Chains both visible and hidden, and it is time someone like your person ran on destroying what keeps the people back.

Section 5: Victory regardless of result and conclusion

Now comes what comes afterwards: in either a win or a loss, it is critical you secure a long term victory. A Long term victory would be the creation of an American People’s Party: a broad front alliance of democratic socialists that can contest elections from the smallest of school boards to every presidential election from 2020 afterwards. A party that would finally represent the people, represent labour, representing the working class of America. For to quote, it was the American people “who plowed the prairies; built the cities where they trade; Dug the mines and built the workshops, endless miles of railroad laid”, and I think it about time those great people, the origins from all the wealth in the world flows, from where progress derives had a true political movement to serve their needs, to speak up for the proletariat.

If you have read this far, I thank you for even entertaining the notion of what I have suggested. I admit it is a lot to take, but please at the very least consider it. I think you have the potential to light a flame that shall set America ablaze, one that generations from now will thank us for starting.

With Regards, “Red Al”*
*If you are to read this or quote me, I ask that you use this moniker.

And well, erhm, there it is.

God-tier. Do you guys think this would actually convince him? I think theres a good change it would.
Also, if Jimmy responds can you post his response in the thread

What should the subject be?

This is glorious

"On A New Party" or something like that

Eh that makes it sound like I am propositioning him to form a party, which I defo am not.

Just finished the intro to this book. It seems really interesting and she explains some of the more "critical theory-esque" passages from people like Zizek and Ranciere pretty easily. I'm gonna keep going with it.

I am going to go with "On a new start for America". Wish me luck famrades.

Agreed, material conditions is just a fancy word for sitting aroud and doing fuckall. How is ideology not part of the "conditions" anyways? Ideology is one of the deciding factors of individual action. Spread the ideology, and you will begin the steps to bringing people closer to revolutionary ideas. Also those who don't think that reformism can't be a path (pretty much the only option with such a placid people afraid of violence) are denying a path that can shift power in favor of the proletariat.

And it has been sent.

Now we pray.


Godspeed, Based Email.

Communist organizations of the working class.

I have to ask why Dore? Some one like Wolff would probably be better, at least if he wasn't as old

because Dore speaks in the language of the working class, he doesn't try to be above the fray, he dives in it.

Bernie is older than the Wolf

well is that enough? I suppose just for getting leftism more popular maybe.

Both are probably too old to run in 2020 though. Bernie with Wolff as an economic adviser would be great though.

More than enough, it's exactly what we need. Jimmy gets it better than Bernie does I think.

Dore works fast…geez:


I am claiming this as a victory for my person, god bless the power of drunkenly written emails.

reminder that this is STILL their website's banner

It triggered me a little, but I guess it's better than nothing, am I right or wrong? I hope I'm right

America will not have genuine socialism break into the mainstream probably for another 20-40 years after another "progressive" reformer like Obama fucks things up again and there's another massive crash

Americans and America(US) are too stupid to understand Socialism.
Jimmy Dore is an idiot, who thinks only "predatory" capitalism is the problem.
Jimmy is not a socialist, he is a Liberal reformist, at best.

I think Jimmy understands, as anyone with a brain understands the problem with capitalism is a similar problem to monarchy, your boss might not be so bad, but for every "good" boss there's a thousand malicious, incompetent bosses who make life hell for everyone, which is why we gotta extend democracy to the workplace and eventually abolish commodity production

Honestly man, I hold no hope for Americans, I wished Jimmy started reading some actual socialist theory, instead of fucking liberals, like Noam Chomsky or his liberals friends who constantly publish books.
Lol, you made me laugh with that picture, I already did a Travis edit, with it a log time ago:

Holy shit he literally said a point I made in the email. spooky.



Salud Comrade, address it to him as Comrade Commissar Dore.

Abby Martin & Comrade Dore would be a based fucking ticket, but sadly will prolly go no where…

Comrade Dore, eternal Chairman of the USSA.

Wew lad. I hope this shit happens.

the problem of capitalism is the firm not the fact the firm has a boss.

Good point actually, under ideal social conditions we would basically be able to do whatever we want and not be defined or form identities around what our "jobs" are because there's no real "jobs"


Reminder that Jimmy is a Native.

Dore 2020

Wolff has actually run for office before, too.

You forget that every president needs a running mate. Dore/Wolff 2020 or vice versa

I just realized that '45 got more than 45%.

You beat me to it.

What's the problem there exactly?

Wut, isn't he slovenian?




He also stated that he's been reading Wage Labour and Capital during the last live stream a few days ago.

smells like anti-sectarianism

Dore is Lenin of confirmed