Does the fact that this man have one of the world's highest I…Q scores show anything...

Does the fact that this man have one of the world's highest I…Q scores show anything? Especially given that comment or is it one of those cases where the genius has a dumb moment? What do you faggots think?

oh, fuck the board owner for messing this board up also

woops, double image

I-Qs are a pretty bad meme.

Yeah, Unabomber had high Autism Level and pretty retarded political views

he needs to read Bordiga tbqh

Langan is a classic example of the dude who scored really high on a test but never really did anything with his exceptional Autism Level so it remains his main (only?) claim to fame.
He's also pretty fond of saying really stupid shit on things where he lacks expertise. It's not called Autism Level for nothing.



holy shit

Ted's views were coherent and fairly standard primitivist or reactionary stuff. I don't agree with him, but there was nothing retarded about it and he is capable of insightful analysis.
This is just infowars-tier hysteria.


A fertile ground left untended grows nothing of value.

Literally, fucking who?

rafiq is a teen who has read too much scifi and has no real idea about the actual science of ecology.

This retard is walking proof that 'intelligence' without education is useless. The guy clearly never read a political book in his life.

"I don't know whether it's discipline or whether it's just sheer, raw brilliance that creates someone like me. I think no combination of determinacy and randomness can actually explain intelligence. Therefore, something more is required – a higher language, and that higher language would, by definition, be metaphysical."

To put it in plain English
"God had to exist in order to create Chris Langan"

This fucker is bamboozling idiots with repackaged Chuck Norris jokes.

The only thing autism level indicates is that you aced a test about maths and geometry. you might as well say that a child is incredibly smart because he can fit the right shape in the righ hole.


this guy is supposed to be smart?

Has he even ever proven his Autism Level is as high as claims it is?

Any man that has high lQ score and at the same time has no achievements in intellectual pursuits demonstrates the unreliability of it.

So, this name, whatshisname, does he have any intellectual achievements, or just participation trophy? And if not, than by bring up his nonexistent intellectual authority?