Yemen facing world's biggest famine

Libertardians will still manage to spin this as a socialist famine


This wouldn't have happened if they had just sold their oil fields to Exxon instead of nationalizing them.

Yemen doesn't have much oil. They're mainly targeted for geopolitical purposes.

Israel has to be involved in this some way.

This is the result of statist cucks, jooos and the free market not being implemented. Yeman is also a socialist so that's why they're all going to starve now cause socalism makes people hungary meme.

It was just a joke.
Still, I think oil + entrepot revenue is several billions and could have easily been worth many times as much if the country had been peaceful and stable. I'm sure Britain or another imperial power would have seen that it remained so if they hadn't gone socialist.

but I guess it wasn't REAL socialism, huh?
Checkmate commies.

You know the drill, comrades, blame capitalism for Yemen's famine just like ancaps blame communism for The Soviet Famine just because it happened on Stalin's watch like he conjured up some kinda biblical plague to starve the Ukrainians to death like Moses or some shit.


I kinda want this famine to get more deaths than the Soviet famine so Libertarian autists can try to spin their heads into how this was communism actually but I'm not a sick fuck who wants the pointless deaths of civilizans

Also, what is Yemen's importance if i might ask? Actually curious

None, this is why this is happening to them. I'm sure if this was in Cuba the fucking International Amnesty would be losing their shit.

I mean importance for the Saudis

The rebel Houthis are Shia. The Saudis don't want an Iranian aligned faction on their doorstep.

It's a criminal war of aggression and an actual engineered famine (unlike the so called holodomor). But the Saudis have the backing of the US and Israel, so they will not be held to account. In lieu of the sword of Ali to behead them with, all I have are these humble memes.

Unification was a mistake. Partition Yemen again.

Wait, Yemen was divided?

Yep a "socialist" south half and a Pro-US north

seeing the pictures coming out of yemen are horrible. i really hope the starving kids die though, famine causes brain damage and they will have no real life even if they survive.


no importance. the houthis are irrelevant, the saudis only intend to bait iran into a war.

South Yemen is also more south than north yemen

And reunification occured under the North.

Forgot pic

Only as a friend of Saudi.

WTF? Why would Gaddafi side with Americans over socialist Yemenis?

Because gaddafi was a suc-Dem cia puppet

Probably to secure the straight so he could ship oil through the suez.


Yemen has the worlds largest hyper-apartheid

still, should have been East/West
idk what is so difficult about that, I see this happen a lot

turns out saudi arabia were /ourguys/ all along

Many Israelis are of Yemeni heritage, so it makes sense they'd want revenge.


Was South Yemen even socialist tho?

No, countries don't "change" modes of productions between different bourgeois leaderships.

South Yemen never had bourgeois leadership.



So, where is the outrage over Yemen among the so-called Ummah?

Where are all the protests holding up Yemeni flags and condemning the Saudis for fucking genocide?

We see plenty of Palestinian flags, plenty of FSA flags, but zero Yemeni flags.

None of this would be happening if Yemen were controlled by Shias.

No we don't.

the ummah is split between the saudi and iran dominated factions.
your western MSM only feeds you saudi POV.
thats why you dont hear anything about yemen

What's your point?

thanks obama

he wants to make syria look like the most important and only important thing in the region right now because theres some faction there he likes but doesent really know shit about much else.

but I guess that wasn't REAL socialism now was it?

yemen down there was never socialist

If I had to guess I would probably say that it has to do with the fact that the Houthis nearly set up a pro-Iran state in on Saudi Arabia’s doorstep. The same reason the Soviets invaded Afghanistan.

This. Also if we made it east-west then the commie-directions wouldn’t be tainted. Remember comrades, North and East are /ourdirections/.

If this carries on much longer the death toll will spiral, estimated over 1 million over the next 12 months

Few people live in the east part, it's mostly desert. The population centers were south of North Yemen.


There should be Yemeni flags.


I haven't seen a Palestinian flag for years.

more houthi memes please we must fight sunni imperialism