Shining Path

Are they correct?

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Where did they say this?

they've got a point

m8, that's the bog standard position in developing countries.

I wouldn't say they're bourgeois, reactionary, or counter-revolutionary, but they're certainly a weapon of Yankee imperialists.

friendly reminder that the shining path was a cult that threw boiling water on the infants of ""reactionary"" peasants and set back socialism in their country for decades, having destroyed all of its popular support through senseless massacres of their supposed support base.

Gib us da sauce OP. But anyhow they are probably talking about human rights organizations that have ties with a lot of political and Western government entities that explicitly target opposed to their foreign policy. Victims of Communism is a great example. Amnesty International can be pretty retarded at times too. If that is the case I get what they mean, but I hope that they won't massacre people willy nilly as a result.

I'm asking for the source of this quote.

give source or fuck off

Human Rights orgs are basically just Anglo-American fronts. It's not that the idea of human rights is bad, or that everything they do is bad, but that their main goal is to set up shop in a country where a regime change is desired, pump money to pro-"democracy" groups, and install a more pro-US regime.

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sure, but it's like asking for source on them saying "American imperialism is bad"

Yeah, nah, this was probably never said.

Why do so many human rights groups criticize Israel and Saudi then?

Controlled opposition. One has to keep up appearances. Also, unless the US is actively funneling money to liberal groups, it doesn't really mean much. The US isn't about to try a democratic coup in KSA, and Israel has de-facto colonized the US already.

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