Liberal slogan

Make America Great Again is a good slogan that trump made for his base. I think the liberals need better marketing.

What have you got?

I've thought of:

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What about "workers of the world unite, you having nothing to lose but your chains!". I know it is a bit marxist but you see THIS IS A FUCKING MARXIST BOARD WE AREN'T LIBERALS YOU TWATMONGER.

We're not liberals, fam. Also, your slogans aren't very good.

This is a leftist board, fam.

Trump didn't make it. He stole it from Reagan who in turn modified Thatcher's slogan


I think for this to work in burgerland, you have to hide the internationalism and appeal only the US workers, i.e. "Workers of America unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains"

All power to the bourgeois

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion.

Imagine, Jimmy dore gets on the state, the people chant:
"Break the chains, break the chains, break the chains" as Jimmy stands there and mutters to himself "they should have listened, now they will hear".

how accurate is this video /lpol/? I edumacating myself in marx

For liberals? I could care less
Welcome to leftypol friendo

I really love the idea of "Make Great", taking out the nationalism and reaction of Trump's slogan and leaving a call for republicanism and civic engagement, as a slogan, personally.

But take note that we aren't liberals.

it's: "I couldn't care less"

you just said that you DO care hah

man, where is the liberal imageboard? reddit? kek

liberals seem to have no sense of humor and are lame

There’s your answer.

well, the video immediately starts by saying capitalism needs to be reformed. So not very accurate at all.

The whole issue with Marx and his analysis of capitalism is that capitalism cannot be reformed, at least not in a permanent and meaningful way. There are inherent contradictions in capitalism, such as the pursuit of profit, that create irreconcilable conflict that will eventually result in the collapse of the system. Not amount of bandaids on a tumor will stop its spread.

no judgement, the alcohol has taken its effect

Terrible. I remember doing the same mistake.

is there a better video you guys can link me to?

sorry for the trouble.

not quite. I am partake in the grass, my freind

if your looking for pop philosophy then wisecrack did a much better summary of basic marx
You'd still be better off actually reading though

I'll read tomorrow morning when I'm sober. I can only watch videos for now.

fuck yea blaze it friendo.


Awful. They get basically everything wrong. Watch kapitalisms101s law of value video series if you reall want to understand marx.

just watched this video. Very informative.


video one is just an intro. He starts to really explain marx in video 2. The whole thing is roughly 3 hours long but its the best non-reading source for information about marx.

thanks anyways. Will continue watching on and off. Just finished the intro