Guns and shit

Is there anyone who, for the time being, is anti-gun-control so we can use weapons to LARP revolution, But once we actually secure our Socialist state, you will be more or less want greater gun control?

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Why would you need gun control under socialism?

fuck guns t b h

Tbh it can worked, Tito did nothing wrong.

Because some people are just shity people

if he is mentally fit, no reason to deny him access to guns.
Every citizen should have a gun.

It always baffles me how fast people go from "the USA is practically becoming a backwards shithole that has shit culture and massive cracks in society that millions fall through" to "The USA is a great example of why the average person shouldn't be allowed to own guns"

If you took away the 80% of guns owned by literally rich lolbergs, you would not have affected "gun violence" one bit.

Nope. Shit can go down in flames at a moment's notice. Proles must never be disarmed.

People having guns is what secures socialism, at least the way I and pics related see things happening.

Less gun control after the revolution. We need a constitutionally entrenched right to bear arms as well as a national Swiss style militia system. An armed proletariat in a socialist society keeps away both outside imperialists and internal revisionists.

Anybody who says otherwise is a crypto-lib.

You know, even if people are scared of insurgencies and rebellion and what not, if the people are armed then they can fight back regardless of whether or not the army and militias fail.


This. Gun control laws can't fix shitty american culture

Under capitalism, you have rights. Under socialism, you have duties.

That graph is a lie. They should add some African countries to that mix, instead of comparing the US to Europe.

Yep, if you broke down the US by demographics, white Americans would be close to Europe.

they can be shitty with a variety of tools that aren't guns

Under a tank, is where you should end up with this spooky shit.

What kind of crypto fascist bullshit is that? The role of the socialist state is to protect the freedom and prosperity of the people. The only duties you have is to ensure that such a society survives, but if that society doesn’t protect your freedoms then there is no point in having a revolution.

Exactly. And a socialist society with unarmed, untrained people will not survive. You yourself wanted Swiss-style militia service, no? Make it mandatory for men AND women, though.

It depends if having better living conditions and good healthcare that includes mental health is enough to stop needless violence.

Why would you want fascist sociopaths to have guns and undo everything?

Yes but that doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. Rights and obligations can coexist, and without rights then there is no point in revolution.

Wrong, the right of a man to defend youself should never be contested
And under socialism, disarming the people is a bad fucking idea

I do not trust "rights" as outlined on a piece of paper, as it reminds me that I need to be told I have rights and that the state can suspend them whenever it fucking wants.

The opposite is true actually. Without a codified model of rights and a system of checks and balances protecting them no guarantees of personal freedoms are secure.

Not even Africa, South American countries have the highest gun fatalities (not counting active war zones) but even there the US comes really close. There has to be a middle ground between disarming and daily gun fatalities.

Japan seems to have figured it out - you can buy a gun but you need to pass safety classes first, and after you need to keep your license up to date. They also have a cap on the total number of guns in circulation.

but this is based on current data, in a socialist society any decision made should be based on real circumstance and result, not 'inalienable rights' or 'tradition', be it socialist tradition or otherwise.
if people keep killing themselves and others by accident, then guns will be banned (at least where they aren't needed for actual utility)

You're adorable. :3c

Well ultimately the only true check is an armed populace, but within the context of a state operating according to its own legality, the only sensible structure is one in which the various mechanisms of the state keep each other from exercising too much power.

Ayo hol' up, son. We're not doing parliamentary democracy.

Nope, any government that isn't enthusiastically defended by its wholly armed populace doesn't deserve to exist.

You forgot the other line


I mean tbh Yugoslavia did it right: psyc checks and everyone actually had training at school on proper firearm useage.

>gun murders per 100,000 residents
rlly made me think

This. America would be like a typical developed country if you excluded the shooting (and getting shot) done by the bottom third of america's blacks.

Something tbh

The Anti-Gun argument falls apart when a bit of basic logic is applied

reminder the proles MUST always be armed

Then you fix the person. Rather than depriving everyone else from the means to protect themselves and their communities against organized violence.

Fucking hypocrite